Justin Bieber’s ‘Justice’ Songs Ranked – Worst to First!

justice songs ranked

Just over a year after the release of his 2020 studio album, Changes, Justin Bieber has spoiled Beliebers again with his sixth LP, Justice

Inspired by the tragic events of the last year, Justin says this album will be about providing comfort, healing and ultimately, justice. Preceded by the singles Holy, Lonely, Anyone and Hold On, the album features 16 tracks for fans to wrap their ears around. 

So how did the album stack up? Here’s our review of Justice songs ranked from worst to first. Do you agree with us?

16. MLK Interlude

I mean, there’s not much to say about this one and that’s why we’ve ranked it as the ‘worst’ track on the album. Obviously, a beautiful and powerful message that’s fit for the current landscape we now live in. As the album’s only interlude, it does a good job of serving as a palette-cleanser on this long, 16-track album.

15. As I Am feat. Khalid

The album’s first of many collaborations (8 out of 16 tracks are collaborations, to be precise), sees Justin enlist songster Khalid on this sweet, mid-tempo track about finding that one person that loves you ‘with the good and the ugly’.

As I Am is definitely not bad, but somehow feels like it could easily belong on one of Justin’s My World albums (actually, it somehow reminds us of Stuck In The Moment due to the heavy bass in the chorus). Overall, we just expected bigger things from a song with two of the industry’s best pop male musicians.

14. Love You Different feat. BEAM

Another collaboration – the song’s title is Love You Different, but this track isn’t really too different at all. The last 30 seconds are kind of interesting because of BEAM’s layered vocals, but apart from that, Love You Different just blends in with the rest of the tracks.

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13. Unstable feat. The Kid LAROI

Unstable is one of the darker songs on the album (“Sometimes I think I overthink/I start to feel anxiety/There were times I couldn’t breathe”), but, in line with the project’s overall spirit, the takeaway message is still a positive one (“Yeah you loved me when I was unstable / Never judged me when I was unable to love myself / Trust myself”).

Although at this point it’s no secret, it’s still heartbreaking to hear of Justin’s struggles. The Kid LAROI serves as a welcome addition, sprinkling a little bit of an emo/R&B flavor to the song.

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12. Hold On

Hold On starts off in a euphoric and atmospheric way, and you almost feel like the track is going to soar and become some ethereal, magical power ballad. However, the drop comes in, and it quickly becomes more of a ‘standard pop bop’. It’s not bad by any means, but that chorus doesn’t really stand out for us – sorry Beliebers!

11. Ghost

The production on this cut is definitely one of the most interesting on the album, as it transitions from fast-paced drums, bass and synth, to a simple acoustic guitar. Ghost comes in roughly around the middle of the album, and its ranking here is also somewhere in the middle – playable, listenable, but not a knockout standout.

10. Somebody

Seemingly inspired by the ongoing 80s music trend, Somebody is kind of like a more chilled-out, sentimental version of Somebody To Love, a.k.a. hands down one of Justin’s best songs ever (“Everybody needs somebody/Somebody to remind you/That you’re not alone).

Ryan Tedder’s name is listed as a songwriter, and we can easily sense his fingerprints on this. The chorus drop is nice, but also a little predictable. Somebody is a great song, but not the best in this collection.

9. Anyone

Anyone is a show-stopping pop ballad, and a huge declaration of love for Bieber’s wife, Hailey. This song is worthy of being used in a movie soundtrack like The Greatest Showman, and might be the most vocally impressive on the album (those high chest and falsetto notes – yesss Justin). We must admit that we find some of the lyrics a bit cheesy, but we still love the sentiment. 

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8. Deserve You

Serving as the second track, Deserve You kicks the album into high gear with its slinky, easy groove. Inspired by the 80s sound that’s so popular on the radio these days (looking at you, The Weeknd and Dua Lipa), where Deserve You succeeds is the slight tropical vibe scattered across the song, making it still a light and breezy affair, despite its darker-sounding tones.

7. Holy feat. Chance The Rapper

Okay, everyone knows this song already (I think we’ve all sang the song’s main riff at least once – “Holy, holy, holy”). Ranked as the seventh best song on Justice, Justin experiments with a more blues/gospel style and it pays off due to the use of a lively gospel choir and the song’s religious-like messaging. It’s always great to hear a playful, cheerful Justin and here, he sounds fully content with life. 

6. Die For You feat. Dominic Fike

We spoke a little a bit about Justin being influenced by 80s music and the recent wave of songs like Don’t Start Now and Blinding Lights, and that influence is palatable here, on Die For You. Actually, it sounds quite a lot like the Miley Cyrus/Dua Lipa duet, Prisoner.

Still, it’s a highly enjoyable affair with a simple chorus and memorable vocals. Shout out to the pre-chorus that features a beautifully simmering bass-line before the drums kick in. We wouldn’t be surprised if this one was a single – it’s extremely radio friendly. 

5. Off My Face

A delicate guitar intro starts off the album’s fourth track, providing us with one of the most sweet, romantic moments on the record (“’Cause I’m off my face/In love with you/I’m out my head/So into you”), as Justin compares the feeling of being in love to being intoxicated (“Your touch blurred my vision/It’s your world and I’m just in it/Even sober, I’m not thinking straight”). Another personal snapshot into Justin’s happy married life, Off My Face is a definite highlight. 

4. Peaches feat. Daniel Caesar, Giveon

We’re applauding out loud and swaying our arms with this one. While the album leans mostly into the pop genre, Peaches is such a breath of fresh air for its downtempo, classic R&B sound.

This is perfect to listen to at home because it’s so chill and vibey (we’re already singing “I got my peaches out in Georgia/I get my weed in California”). Plus, we love when Justin sounds confident and relaxed like this. 

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3. 2 Much

The album’s opener starts softly, with a romantic piano supporting Justin’s buttery vocals. Justin is at his lyrical finest here (“Don’t want to close my eyes / I’m scared I’ll miss too much / Don’t want to fall asleep / I’d rather fall in love”), and it makes us swoon. It’s very clear that he’s in awe of his wife, and we love to hear it. 2 Much is understated, but perfect.

2. Loved By You feat. Burna Boy

There’s no doubt that this tropical-sounding jam is catchy, but what we love about Loved By You is the way Justin delivers his lines with that groovy, rhythmic syncopation. It just makes us want to dance immediately! In the second-best song on Justice, Justin is channeling major Caribbean vibes, and using that confidence and swagger to full effect.

1. Lonely feat. Benny Blanco 

One of the most emotionally vulnerable and sombre songs in all of Justin’s discography, Lonely is already widely known for its haunting pre-chorus (“What if you had it all/But nobody to call/Maybe then you’d know me”), as well its distinctive yodelling-style hook (“I’m so loo-ooo-ooo-nely”). 

Lonely is a bit of an exception on an album that’s so universally positive and uplifting, and it’s a bit unsettling that it’s the last track on the album. However, it’s undeniable that Lonely is officially the best song on Justice (and maybe one of his best songs ever) due to its personal nature, delicate vocals and moving instrumentation. We have to credit Benny Blanco as well for helping to create this masterpiece.

On Justice, Justin Bieber uses his music to uplift listeners and spread messages of hope and positivity. The result is similar to his previous effort, Changes – a slick, well-produced record with enough pop bangers and personal ballads to keep his fans happy. Justice provides us with some misfires, but also gifts us pop gems that will keep us listening for a while.

What did you think of our ranking? Did Justin do himself Justice on this album? Let us know in the comments below!


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