40 Celebrities Without Makeup

celebrities without makeup

Not a day goes by without scrolling past a ‘perfect’ selfie of Kim Kardashian or a ‘flawless’ photo of Beyoncé while checking our Instagram feeds. We’re so used to seeing our favorite stars plastered with makeup, we sometimes forget that underneath it all, they too, are ordinary, normal-looking people.

Newsflash! Celebrities also have pale skin and dark circles under their eyes! It’s just that we don’t see it often enough to believe it.

These famous faces are constantly covered in makeup, we hardly get to see what’s underneath all that powder and lipstick. But we’re about to bring these fresh-faced stars to light. Feast your eyes on these photos of 40 celebrities without makeup…

1. Kim Kardashian

It’s great that makeup muse, Kim Kardashian allows herself to be seen without any makeup on. To be quite frank, the KKW Beauty queen looks a whole lot better makeup-free!

Kim Kardashian’s No-Makeup Looks

2. Demi Lovato

A fresh-faced Demi Lovato looks ravishing without any makeup on. Their flawless skin and cute freckles make us envious of the makeup-free look. 

3. Taylor Swift

Taylor doesn’t mind showing-off her untarnished beauty on Instagram, either! The Evermore star is totally youthful-looking without all that slap on!

4. Rihanna

If it isn’t red lipstick, then it’s purple lipstick. Rihanna, the Fenty Beauty icon regularly experiments with her look, so seeing her lay low on the makeup is quite a shocker for us.

5. Megan Fox

This blue-eyed stunner is blessed with natural beauty. Megan Fox doesn’t need eyeliner, blusher or concealer to take a selfie – she’s comfortable in her own unblemished skin!

megan fox with no makeup
meganfox | Instagram

6. Kylie Jenner

We hardly see any stars with no makeup on – especially this one! Since launching her own skincare line, we’ve had a chance to see what’s under Kylie Jenner‘s usual layers of makeup and we are absolutely loving her glowing skin! 

More Photos of Kylie Jenner With No Makeup

7. Lady Gaga

Who’d have thought we’d ever see Lady Gaga with no makeup on? Loud outfits, bright wigs and funky makeup aside, the Chromatica superstar looks great when she’s stripped back!

8. Beyonce

Does Beyoncé ever look bad? Even without makeup, Queen B looks flawless. In fact, she doesn’t look that far different from her stage look! Perhaps it’s Beyoncé’s healthy diet or her extreme workout routines that keep her looking this young! #Jealous

9. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez looks like she hasn’t aged a day! The 51-year-old looks as fresh as a daisy without makeup on. Clearly, the mom-of-two’s skin is literally to die for!

10. Nicki Minaj

She may be wearing eyeliner in this photo, but it’s a rarity to see Nicki Minaj not totally caked in makeup. The rap queen looks like a breath of fresh air in this selfie, straight out of the sea!

11. Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner needs no makeup to look stunning. The model-of-the-moment has natural beauty and a gorgeous complexion! Her adorable freckles should totally get more praise!

12. Keke Palmer

Keke was brave enough to upload this bare-faced picture to the Gram and we love her for it! She proves that celebrities have imperfections – just like the rest of us! 

13. Celine Dion

This top female artist looks radiant in this snap without makeup and in comfies. In fact, we prefer this look to the overly made-up, on-stage Celine Dion.

14. Victoria Beckham

Using her natural glow to promote her skincare range, Victoria Beckham makes us all envious of her perfect skin with this stunning makeup-free selfie. 

15. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez isn’t afraid to show off her flaws and all! She posted this selfie revealing that she gets unwelcome spots and red blotches, too. 

16. Cardi B

Cardi B usually tends to flaunt a full-glam look on Instagram, but this time round, an unrecognizable paparazzi snap of her walking around town without an ounce of makeup on went public and we love it! 

17. Ariana Grande

This darling dainty diva looks ever so young without any makeup on. Ariana Grande sure looks pretty even when she isn’t glammed up for the cameras.

Ariana Grande Before and After – Her Drastic Makeover

18. Gwen Stefani

Who needs to be caked in glam when you look this good naturally? Gwen is a natural beauty and looks perfect without her signature red lip in this no makeup selfie. 

19. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is like fine wine – she literally only gets better with age and looks gorgeous in this snap of her working on the popular TV series The Morning Show.

20. Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys decided to ditch makeup for good and only walks around with a natural look and we are here for it! She looks absolutely gorgeous without an ounce of makeup on her face.

21. Zendaya

The model/actress would look flawless in any outfit and lighting. While we are used to seeing her on the red carpet, we are thankful for this natural image, too.  

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22. Bella Hadid

We are usually used to seeing the supermodel with heaps of makeup on, so we are super grateful for this natural snap showing Bella’s beautiful eyes and cute freckles. 

23. Halle Berry

Halle Berry shared this authentic snap as she went into quarantine, reminding us that it’s okay to let yourself go once in a while. It’s safe to say we’re left admiring her flawless complexion.

24. Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber is a supermodel who isn’t afraid to flaunt her natural looks and we can’t get enough! She looks breathtaking in this cute pic and we’re sure her hubby Justin Bieber would agree! 

25. Christina Aguilera

Yet another celebrity that only seems to get better with age. Christina Aguilera is the ultimate inspiration as she’s featured barefaced on the cover of PAPER magazine. 

26. Jessica Alba

Another celeb that has followed down the natural route with a makeup and skincare line is Jessica Alba. We can certainly see the great effects of her Honest Beauty range in this picture. 

27. Priyanka Chopra

This lucky lady looks radiant and she poses makeup-free with her hubby Nick Jonas, proving that celebs also have an uneven skin tone.

28. Sofia Vergara

Let’s face it, Sofia Vergara will look gorgeous in literally any photo. Doesn’t she look even younger without all that slap on her face? 

29. Tyra Banks

The queen supermodel Tyra Banks is the ultimate barefaced inspo. She looks just as beautiful without an ounce of makeup on, reminding us that models go without makeup, too. 

30. Blake Lively

Blake Lively is known to not take herself too seriously and we love that she shares everything with her fans, including this gorgeous makeup-free selfie. 

31. Kristin Bell

Kristen Bell looks like a doll in this adorable close-up. We admire that she points out some of her flaws in the caption, too – “When I take my braided hair out at the end of the week, this is what I get. And I am INTO IT.”

32. Adele

We are used to seeing Adele with full glam and false lashes, but we are also loving this stripped-back image of the superstar.

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33. Madonna

Here’s a snap of Madonna on an every day basis and we are in awe! Her skin looks so youthful and smooth.

34. Kesha

Yet another celebrity with no makeup! Kesha looks unrecognizable in this candid photo. That said, her freckles and features look super cute!

35. Cameron Diaz

It’s rare to see this Hollywood star without makeup! Cameron Diaz doesn’t look a day over 30 in this flawless selfie! If only we could all look this good. 

36. Perrie Edwards

Little Mix are always dolled up since winning The X Factor, so seeing Perrie stripped back in this snap is admirable. She’s the ultimate icon in this barefaced selfie where she shows off her gorgeous freckles and full brows.

37. Chrissy Teigen

John Legend shares a sweet post admiring his filter and makeup-free wife. Chrissy Teigen sports the most beautiful glow and rosy cheeks in this cute post.

38. Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish has the most beautiful features and isn’t afraid to show them off without makeup. She often shares posts of her makeup-free proving that she doesn’t need to wear glam to feel good. 

39. Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa looks absolutely stunning for someone who only “slept two hours” (caption – “I  slept 2hrs last night”). If that were us, we would definitely have panda eyes and red skin! 

40. Mariah Carey

Although Mariah usually looks extremely dolled up, the iconic diva looks just as good without any makeup on too. 

Needless to say, all these leading ladies look beautiful without makeup. In fact, the majority of them look better without their painted faces on. It’s actually the prettiest we’ve ever seen them.

It would be great to see more celebs looking natural on a regular basis, wouldn’t you agree?

Who do you think looks best? Let us know what you thought of these celebrities without makeup in the comments below!

There are sections of this article that were written by Angela Stephanou.


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