Harry Styles’ Pets – A Complete List of His Animals

harry styles pets

It’s untold if Harry Styles has a pet nowadays. I mean, he’s so busy making music, posing in groovy suits, and well, making sure he looks hella great – there probably isn’t any time to cuddle up to a cat or pet a puppy in his celebrity schedule.

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But whether or not he has a pet at home to keep him company, there’s no doubt that this singer has a special love for animals.

While Harry Styles’ pets haven’t been widely publicized, we have found out some juicy (or shall we say furry) details about his childhood animals and even random dogs that he’s shown love to over the years…


He may not have a pet now, but it’s certain Harry had a dog while growing up. Everyone meet Max, a border collie/lurcher cross that the Styles’ family owned back in the day.

Apparently, Harry had a close bond with the adorable pooch, and would even join him in his basket as a child. Gemma Styles, Harry’s sister, told Another Man,

“Max was a grey speckled puppy with a curly tail and multicoloured eyes, from a litter of pure black. I chose him out of affection for his weirdness and we adored him.

When Harry was probably only one year old he’d be laying on the floor with Max, or join him in his basket, all blond hair and giant blue eyes, then would suddenly take his dummy out and pointedly shove it in the dog’s mouth instead, like something out of The Simpsons. Max looked somewhat puzzled but just sort of let him get on with it.”

Gemma Styles
max harry styles dog
annetwist | Instagram


Turns out, dogs and cats aren’t the only pets that celebrities like to curl up to. Indeed, Harry once owned a hamster called…”Hamster”, reports Heat World. Call it an unimaginative pet name if you will, but we have to admit, the duo “Harry and Hamster” must have sounded real cute in the Styles household.

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Before fame, Harry obviously stayed with his family and the cat that lived under the same roof was Dusty. Also known as Molly, darling little Dusty still lives to this very day and is looked after by Harry’s mom, Anne Twist.

According to Fandom, Harry used to talk a lot about Dusty during his X Factor days and even went as far as to make a social media page for her, which was soon deleted once people found out.

dusty harry styles cat
annetwist | Instagram


Dotty is yet another of Anne Twist’s cats, so by definition, she’s Harry’s, too. This adorable moggie looks ever so similar to Dusty from her black and white fur to her signature little ‘dot’ on her nose! Who knew Harry had twins in the (fur) family?

dotty harry styles cat
annetwist | Instagram


Harry’s mom likes to post a lot of photos of her cats online, and we totally see why – they’re purrfect! Evie is one of three kitties living in the Twist/Styles household. Her white coat and adorable patches of black certainly make her one of a kind!

evie harry styles cat
annetwist | Instagram


We bet Harry is fond of this precious little moggie! Unlike her cat sisters, Maybe is pure black, with distinct green eyes. We can tell just from her pose that this majestic kitty is a proud member of the Twist/Styles family – and rightly so. How do you think her name is pronounced? “Mayb” or “May-be”?

maybe harry styles cat
annetwist | Instagram

Seen as Harry doesn’t have any pets of his own right now (at least that we know of), the least we could do was hunt down some special moments of Harry with other animals – that he clearly wished were his pets!

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There’s a lot of talk online that Colin was once Harry’s very own doggy, but that’s far from the truth. In fact, Tell Tales has found out that Colin actually belonged to Ben Winston, the producer behind a number of One Direction’s projects and music videos.

Harry and Ben spent a lot of time working together, and clearly, ‘bring your pet to work day’ was occasionally the case – Harry has posted many photos of Colin on his Instagram feed, which means he certainly had a soft spot for the pup.

colin harry styles dog
harrystyles | Instagram

Hersh & Bear

There’s not much said about this cute pooch, except that Harry met the pup while hanging out with the girls who run the London Loves LA clothing line. What we do know, is that Harry found this ball of fluff adorable and worthy enough of an Insta pic.

The Watermelon Sugar star certainly has a weakness for dogs if he takes the time to show them off on Instagram – his feed is pretty quiet or boring otherwise.

Hersh Bear harry styles
harrystyles | Instagram


Let’s just say Harry passes the sniff test! Here he is with a fan’s dog named Patrick! This photo was shared online by Laurenh_23 with the caption, “My ex aunt just met Harry Styles and he wanted a picture with her dog?”.

Just know that if you ever meet Harry whilst walking your dog, bear in mind that he’s not interested in you, but probably your puppy instead. He can’t help himself! But hey, neither would we if we laid eyes on this beautiful tail-wagger.

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Yet another moment that confirms Harry’s undying obsession love for doggies! It was only recently that this photo started doing the rounds on Twitter! Why is it so awkward you may ask? Well, the situation kinda is!

Harry apparently helped a complete stranger by offering to watch his Labrador while the man went inside a restaurant. Bordering on creepy? No! Harry was just being kind as always.

If this sweet list wasn’t enough, here’s some added humor for you – a young Harry as a dog himself!

harry styles as a dog
annetwist | Instagram

Harry’s not a pet-parent just yet, but it’s pretty obvious that this star is dog-obsessed. They really are a man’s Harry’s best friend!

We would love to learn more about Harry Styles’ pets, so if you know anything more about his fur-babies, spill the beans in the comment section below!


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