20 Cool Wonder Woman Facts Every Fan Should Know

wonder woman facts

If there’s one superheroine we can never get enough of, it’s Wonder Woman – a demigoddess with superpowers whose ultimate goal is to bring peace to humanity.

Diana Prince isn’t just a feminist icon in the DC Universe and beyond, she also represents everything we love about superheroes – kindness, courage, strength, and the charisma to go with it.

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Whether you’re more familiar with the comic book version or with the films led by Gal Gadot, here are 20 cool Wonder Woman facts that might just leave you speechless.

1. Wonder Woman’s First Comics Were Banned

In 1942, “Sensation Comics” (in which Wonder Woman was the lead feature) was considered obscene by the National Organization for Decent Literature due to her revealing outfit and how much of the superheorine’s body was visible. Ah, the 40s…

wonder woman old comic sensation comics
wonderwoman | Instagram

2. The Wonder Woman Creator Also Made the First Lie Detector

You read that right! American psychologist William Moulton Marston didn’t only come up with this fantastic character and her intricate lore, he also made history by inventing the first polygraph test. A film called Professor Marston and the Wonder Women was made on both his breakthrough and process of creating Wonder Woman alongside his wife and the woman they lived with, Olive Byrne.

3. Dr. Psycho Was Inspired by the Creator’s Enemy

Diana’s enemy, Dr. Psycho was inspired by a professor that creator Marston knew and didn’t like very much. The reason behind this aversion? Hugo Münsterberg was convinced that women shouldn’t vote nor make any important decisions that might influence society. This is also a mindset reflected in Dr. Psycho’s efforts to keep Wonder Woman from participating in the war.

4. Wonder Woman’s Island Forbids Men

Wonder Woman was born and raised on an island invisible to humankind called Themyscira, a place where Amazons live and train without a single man in sight. Just like the movie, the comics make it clear that the Amazons are accustomed to living among themselves and aren’t especially fond of the opposite gender (or of humankind as a whole).

comic book wonder woman near fire
wonderwoman | Instagram

5. Wonder Woman was the First Ever Superheroine

When she first appeared in the early 1940s, Wonder Woman was the first major superheroine in mainstream media, which also includes Marvel. This might explain why she is the first character that comes to mind when you think of a female superheroine – she’s probably been around longer than your grandmother.

6. She Was the First Female of the Justice Society

Wonder Woman was the first ever female member of the Justice Society, an organization of superheroes that preceded ‘Justice League’ in the comics. This group of super vigilantes was created by Gardner Fox and not by William Marston, but we’re glad he didn’t stay in charge for long as he made Wonder Woman the alliance’s secretary and never let her save the world with the rest of the gang.

7. Wonder Woman and Superman Were a Couple

In the comics, Superman and Wonder Woman were an item circa 2012. Although Diana is generally paired up with Steve Trevor in the romance department (and even Batman!), she had a brief fling with the famous kryptonian in an issue of ‘Justice League’. Can you imagine the super-babies this duo would make?

wonder woman and superman fighting
Rob Thurman via Flickr

8. She was Almost Given Another Name

This piece of trivia might just blow your mind. Indeed, back in the day, our favorite heroine almost went by another name. William Marston nearly called her “Suprema, the Wonder Woman”, but was convinced by his editor to give her the moniker we now know and love. Can you hear our sigh of relief?

9. Etta Candy Exists in the Comics

Etta Candy isn’t just a quirky sidekick the movies came up with. If you think the witty woman we meet in the first Wonder Woman movie was just a character Patty Jenkins included for comic relief, you are mistaken. Etta is also present in the comics and is a regular, hilarious companion in most of Diana’s adventures.

10. There Are Other Wonder Women

Although Diana Prince is the one we usually associate with this name, it is more accurate to think of Wonder Woman as a title that different heroines can claim when the world demands it. Indeed, characters such as Nubia, Donna Troy, and even Queen Hippolyta, have temporarily become the iconic supheroine in the comics.

11. The Wonder Woman Franchise is Banned in Lebanon

Crazy, controversial, but true. In 2017 during the movie’s release, Lebanon was in conflict with Israel, which is Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot’s home country. The actress has famously served in the military, has been crowned Miss Israel, whilst being vocal about her love for her motherland. Due to this, Lebanon decided to drop the DC movie from all theatres. Wonder Woman 1984 has also sparked controversy and divided fans.

wonder woman movie poster
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12. Diana Prince has a Sister

Wonder Woman’s sister, Nubia first appeared in the comics in 1973 and has been a regular ally of the heroine ever since. In the original issues, Nubia was Diana’s long-lost twin sister. She was another Amazon molded from clay by Queen Hippolyta who was taken from her crib by Mars, god of war, and subsequently raised to hate other Amazons. Thanks to Diana’s persuasion skills, she eventually joined the good guys again.

13. Wonder Woman is Bisexual

Here’s a fun fact about Wonder Woman that you probably never knew! In 2016, comic book writer Greg Rucka confirmed that Diana Prince is bisexual, which will surprise exactly no one given that she grew up on an island exclusively inhabited by women.

14. She Has Extra Special Powers

Wonder Woman isn’t only super-strong, super-fast, and a skilled warrior. Oh no, there is more to the powerful DC hero – the demigoddess also has healing powers and an enhanced sense of taste and smell, not to mention divine wisdom. Raise your hand if you suddenly feel incredibly inadequate.

classic wonder woman art
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15. She Can Wield Thor’s Hammer

We’ve already spoken about Marvel and DC’s relationship but did you know this interesting crossover fact? Wonder Woman is strong enough to wield Mjolnir! Marvel fans know that being able to carry Thor’s famously difficult-to-use divine weapon is a sign of incredible strength and worth, a challenge that Diana has easily overcome in the comics. Who’s surprised?

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16. Diana’s Tiara is a Weapon

The tiara Diana wears in the movie is merely seen as an heirloom given to her by Antiope, whereas in the comics it was initially a weapon Wonder Woman could throw at her enemies like a boomerang. Its metal is so sharp that it once cut Superman’s throat and incapacitated him! The tiara’s embedded gauntlets could also deflect bullets and it wielded her Lasso of Truth.

17. Many Famous Actresses Almost Took on the Role

Before Gal Gadot was chosen by Patty Jenkins, many renowned actresses were considered for the role including Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale, Michelle Gellar, Eva Green, and Kristen Stewart. It was eventually the Israeli actress, then still relatively unknown, who was selected to wear Diana’s gauntlets.

gal gadot dressed as wonder woman pouting
gal_gadot | Instagram

18. Cobie Smulders Voiced Wonder Woman

Cobie Smulders, who famously plays Maria Hill in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, voiced Wonder Woman in the acclaimed The Lego Movie. This is quite ironic given that many Wonder Woman fans hoped she would be cast as Diana Prince before it was announced Gal Gadot had gotten the role.

19. Wonder Woman was Into Bondage

The first issues of Wonder Woman were really, really into bondage. Like a lot. Marston often put the Amazon in situations where she had to free herself from chains and ropes, something that his publishers were not huge fans of. Still, the psychologist insisted on the idea that it was the perfect way to show how strong Diana was. Well played William, well played.

20. The Director Had a Rocky Relationship with Warner Bros

Patty Jenkins made history by being the first female director to helm a movie about a female superhero (we did say there was more than one Wonder Woman, didn’t we?). But with this rewarding opportunity came a few battles behind the scenes.

In an appearance on Marc Maron’s podcast, Jenkins revealed, “…they wanted me to walk around on set as a woman, but it was their story and their vision. And my ideas? They didn’t even want to read my script… I was like, ‘Women don’t want to see that. Her being harsh and tough and cutting people’s heads off, that’s not what— I’m a Wonder Woman fan, that’s not what we’re looking for.’ Still, I could feel that shaky nervousness [on their part] of my point of view.”

So, there you have it, folks! 20 interesting facts about Wonder Woman, a superheroine who has endured the test of time since the 1940s and will certainly continue to inspire little girls all over the world for years to come.

Fans of Diana Prince and of the DC Universe, rush to the comment section and tell us any other Wonder Woman facts you think we forgot to mention!


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Scott E Medine
2 years ago

Many people say and claim Diana is a Demi-Goddess, but by definition she is not, she is a goddess. In the original story, she is molded from clay and Zeus breathes life into her. She is therefore a goddess as there is nothing human about her. In the George Perez comics, she bequeathed powers from Gaia, the strength of the earth, Aphrodite, beauty and love, Hermes, flight and speed, Artemis her accuracy, knowledge of the hunt and of the animals which gives her the power to communicate with animals, and Athena, wisdom, strategy and tactics. She id several thousands of years old and has been trained in almost a Spartan sense as a warrior during that time, She is quite possibly the most formidable member of the Justice League.