Miley Cyrus’ ‘Plastic Hearts’ Songs Ranked – Worst to First!

plastic hearts songs ranked

It’s official. Miley Cyrus has gone from pop princess (an extremely controversial one at that) to rock queen. Her newfound self is belting out rock anthems and unveiling a fierce commanding vocal that non-fans of the singer will be surprised to hear.

Smilerz have always known the superstar had an inner rockstar and now is their chance to hear 12 tracks brim-full of that very genre. Miley has done a fantastic job on her latest album, and we don’t know about you, but we’re super stoked about this new era.

While we love Miley’s seventh studio album, as usual, we still have to reveal our favorite hits from the record. And so, here’s our review of Plastic Hearts songs ranked from worst to first…

12. Night Crawling feat. Billy Idol

For some Smilerz, this is going to be a smash hit, but it just doesn’t cut it for us. While the electronic, psychedelic and thumping production is up to par, overall, Night Crawling is a little too dark and dizzying. Very Billy Idol merged with a touch of Bob Dylan, this hardcore track is our least favorite on Plastic Hearts. It would do great as a Halloween soundtrack, though.

11. Golden G String

This isn’t a bad song per se, it’s particularly sweet, rather. Golden G String just doesn’t really compare to its fellow tracks is all. A perfect album closer, Miley closes the curtains with a tender, Taylor- Swift-sounding track that at one point definitely references Donald Trump – “the old boys hold all the cards and they ain’t playin’ gin”. With country twangs and mellow vibes, Golden G String is a decent song on the album, just not a fave.

10. WTF Do I Know

Other than Night Crawling, this may be the loudest and most triumphant song on Plastic Hearts. Clearly inspired by the likes of Avril Lavigne, Miley stomps and chomps over thumping drums and bristly guitars in WTF Do I Know. Singing about one of her past lovers, probably Liam Hemsworth, Miley snarls through lyrics like “You want an apology? Not from me / I had to leave you in your own misery.” This one’s a bold move, and we kinda like it.

9. Bad Karma feat. Joan Jett

Press play and you might just find yourself sitting at a dive bar, or singing along to a jukebox with your girlfriends in a cowgirl hat. Bad Karma is the grooviest track out of the bunch with a sexy vibe, especially with that iconic breathy “uh-uh” playing throughout.

8. Hate Me

Hate Me starts rolling and you instantly get a sense of old Miley. This is very reminiscent of the star’s signature sound (pre-Bangerz days), what with its twinges of pop-rock. It may just be the safest track on the album, but it still stands out in our opinion.

7. Prisoner feat. Dua Lupa

Now this is a collaboration we never knew would work so well. Miley and Dua Lupa have strong vocal chemistry here as they blend their two smoky tones and deliver a disco-rock banger that makes you want to hit the dancefloor. Anyone else getting Olivia Newton John’s Physical vibes here?

6. Never Be Me

Miley gets brutal and honest in Never Be Me as she croons lyrics like “But if you’re looking for stable, that’ll be never be me / If you’re looking for faithful, that’ll never be me”. The popstar’s vocals are much softer in this emotional ballad as she sings with her heart on her sleeve over synth melodies and echoing drums. Miley’s grown up a ton and this record pretty much proves it.

5. Gimme What I Want

The young artist merges pop with rock in this super sexy hit that hears her asking a lover to “give it” to her. Miley showcases that awesome smoky tone and the beat is fierce enough to make you want to rock it out in your bedroom. Gimme What I Want is catchy and addictive, and certainly a highlight on Plastic Hearts.

4. Plastic Hearts

And so the title track ranks at fourth place in our list of the best and worst songs on Miley’s seventh studio album. The singer’s rough and raspy voice is epic over the iconic 90s rock n roll rhythm in Plastic Hearts. This super catchy record is definitely a favorite among Smilerz and deserves a spot on any pop-rock fan’s playlist.

3. High

High reminds us of Lady Gaga’s Joanne era – stripped back, vulnerable and vocally exquisite. Indeed, those who ever deemed Miley ‘talentless’ only have to listen to this emotionally driven performance to realize she’s far too good at what she does. The blusey song is enough to give you goosebumps. For that reason it’s our third favorite song on Plastic Hearts. 

2. Angels Like You

Once again, Miley gives a poignant performance in what is probably her best ballad ever, Angels Like You. From the acoustic guitar, to Miley’s soaring voice, this track hears the star singing to a lover, probably Liam (“I brought you down to your knees / Cause they say that misery loves company”), professing her inability to stay in the relationship. Sounding very much like an Aerosmith hit, this emotional song is truly special. We almost ranked it as the best song on the album.

1. Midnight Sky

We know it’s predictable, considering we’ve heard this song so many times already, but we can’t help but adore it. Indeed, we’ve ranked Midnight Sky as the best song on Plastic Hearts. Although it’s reminiscent of music from the 80s, at the same time, this record is incredibly unique – especially in 2020’s music charts full of bubblegum pop and reggaetón. A great vocal and a flawless disco rock beat – Miley is a perfect fit for this genre, we don’t know why she didn’t do this earlier.

Plastic Hearts proves that the new, reinvented Miley is a far cry from her wild days as a bubblegum (and crazy) popstar. The hits are mature, they’re raw and to be honest, they’re unrivalled. We’re super impressed and we can’t wait to hear more.

What would you rank as the best song on Plastic Hearts? Let us know if you agree with Tell Tales’ ranking in the comments below…


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