Ariana Grande’s ‘Yours Truly’: Album Review


ariana grande Yours TrulyWe’re totally adoring Ariana Grande right now for her stunning vocals and exceptional music.

The ex-Nickelodeon teen actress has showed us that acting is not the only merit Grande is gifted with. Singing is an understatement. This 20-year-old possesses some seriously beautiful powerful pipes and she’s laid them bare in her debut album Yours Truly.

Yours Truly offers today’s music industry some well-missed 90’s-esque pop R&B tunes. The thirteen-track LP gives listeners a taste of what the music market is undoubtedly missing. With Grande’s number-one hit single The Way featuring on the album, it’s evident we were to expect more of this magnetic pop/R&B sound that is promised to stand-out in the charts.

Grande’s vocal delivery on the album reminds us somewhat of a young Mariah Carey and also recalls Carey’s first two 90’s albums. However, the songstress’ heavily Mariah influenced songs are accepted and she is not doted as a cheap wannabe but in fact a fresh contribution to music today.

Baby I is the closest thing to Mariah on Yours Truly but is a great asset to the album what with its pop/R&B tone and girly lyrics. It’s definitely one of the faves. This opposes to Grande’s Popular Song which features Mika. The bubblegum sugary sweet pop track is not one to compliment in our opinion but may target the younger fan base.

Honeymoon Avenue is said to be by the starlet herself the song on the album that “strikes a personal chord,”. It’s one of the ballads on the album that hands over a dose of lovey dovey pop. Grande goes retro with the track Tattooed Heart and sounds very 50’s-esque while Better Left Unsaid heads for the dance-genre, deviating from the 12-tracks of pop and R&B.

Lovin’ It is another remarkably great song on the album that gives hints of Mary J Blige’s Real Love. Like we said, the album is very 90’s and Lovin’ It pinpoints just that. Piano showcases Grande’s soft and soothing voice which is sang over a modern kinda rhythm whilst Daydreamin’ is very Marilyn Monroe.

We rate You’ll Never Know for its dance floor singalong beat and Almost Is Never Enough for Grande’s strong-featured vocals.

Overall, Yours Truly is a pretty-darn good album to be released by a fresh artist in the industry. Ariana is headed towards big things and may just be the female equivalent of Justin Bieber. We rate the album with a 4.5/5.  

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