Little Mix’s ‘Confetti’ Songs Ranked – Worst to First!

confetti songs ranked

Mixers can breathe a collective sigh of relief because the girls from Little Mix are back with their brand new album, Confetti. Their sixth studio outing in just nine years, Confetti places Jade, Perrie, Leigh-Anne, Jesy back at the top of the pop game and solidifies them as one of the world’s biggest and most consistent girl groups.

Their first collection of songs since they departed Simon Cowell’s label Syco and signed with RCA UK, listeners are holding their breath to excitedly find out – will this new anticipated album be any better than their last, LM5?

Well, we think the newly independent gals outdid themselves with this one, delivering yet another ridiculously polished, infectious, delicious pop album. Here’s our review of Confetti songs ranked from worst to first…

13. My Love Won’t Let You Down

Little Mix does really great ballads when given the right song (Secret Love Song, anyone?) but as much as we wanted this to be a tearjerker, it’s just a little bit boring and mopey on the whole. There are some good lyrics, but it just takes a bit too long to get going. Sorry, Mixers – something had to be last!

12. Rendezvous

One of the album’s many urban-leaning tracks, Rendezvous is super 1990s/early 2000s with its Destiny’s Child/*NSYNC sound. It’s a cool track and we love the rap-like parts, but the chorus is a little anticlimactic for us. It starts off on one level and doesn’t really get to soar by the end of it, either.

11. If You Want My Love

Carrying on with the 90s pop spirit, this one definitely reminds us of It’s Gonna Be Me by *NSYNC. It’s a statement piece, and we love Leigh-Anne’s adlibs over the main melody towards the end, but we’re not dying to hit that repeat button either.

10. Gloves Up

So many flavors on this album. In this one, they channel a little bit of Rihanna in the beginning and then some Katy Perry (in Rise) in the chorus. It’s also a little similar to Power, which was a single off the Glory Days album. I’m sure Mixers will appreciate this empowering anthem – it definitely makes us feel like a straight up boss.

9. Sweet Melody

When we first saw the title of this song we thought it would go something like Love Me Like You or something that at least sounded sweet, but nope – this is actually one of Little Mix’s darker tracks and has a real urban groove. A little bit more reminiscent of the girls’ earlier work, such as DNASweet Melody is a strong track on this album.

8. Breathe

Love the stomping sounds, love the sentimental lyrics, love the singable chorus. Breathe does a pretty good job of closing the album, and we appreciate that the girls get to flex their vocal abilities again here, as well as their more sensitive side. Breathe is definitely going on our playlist.

7. A Mess (Happy 4 U)

Man, a break up is never easy – especially when your lover moves on and is happy with someone else (“She in the same cute tee / That you bought me”). The girls capture that emotion really well in this bittersweet track. We have to say though, we wished the chorus wasn’t such a switch up from the verse. The first verse is so beautiful and delicate and the big drums of the chorus just throw us off a little.

6. Happiness

Jesy’s vocals really shine on this one right from the get-go. Again, Happiness reminds us of an R&B track from the 90s, and hey – we’re here for the throwback! The beat is sick and we also love Perrie and Jade’s adlibs at the end of the song.

5. Confetti

Carrying on with the urban theme from the previous track, Sweet Melody, this track opens with a DJ Mustard-esque beat and sees the girls being just straight up baddies. Definitely more R&B influenced than most of the album, Confetti is a headbanger of a power anthem. We live for it!

4. Not a Pop Song

Whew, these girls are bringing the edginess and attitude! What we love about Little Mix is that they’re never afraid to cross genres and push the boundaries, and that’s what they’ve done with this song. Quirky lyrics, a whimsical melody line and anthemic-like choral vocals definitely make this a memorable entry on the list. Also (possibly) a message to their previous label? We love the girls being a little shady.

3. Nothing But My Feelings

Daaaamn, the girls are bringing out their swag on this track. It’s a little Cher Lloyd, a little Ariana Grande, but also very Little Mix. Jesy’s trademark cutesy vocals are gorgeous here, and we loved the harmonized chorus. Oh, and the song is also deceptively really sexy (“I’m laying here / In nothing about my feelings / Thinkin’ bout our shadows on the ceiling / Waiting for you”). Get it, girls!

2. Holiday

Okay, who didn’t bop to Holiday when it came out? This song is the definition of a summer jam. Breezy, slinky, sexy and vocally impressive, Holiday is still somehow so underrated and should have made a bigger mark on the charts. We absolutely adore Jade’s whispery vocals on the pre-chorus and Perrie’s bombastic voice on that catchy, golden hook. A bona fide album highlight that’s ranked as the second-best song on our list.

1. Break Up Song

We love love love this song! Straight from the first beat, Break Up Song is the perfect 80s retro throwback with a modern pop upgrade. Kind of like a more euphoric version of Shout Out To My Ex, the girls really pull out all stops in this perfect album opener. And don’t get us started on that catchy chorus – Break Up Song is unavoidable. To be honest, we thought this song was easily the best song on Confetti.

So that wraps up our ranking of Little Mix’s new album, Confetti. The first half of the album was no doubt a little stronger than the second half, but there’s definitely a song for every Little Mix fan on this album.

Now it’s time to hear from you! What was your favorite song? Tell us how you would rank every song on Confetti in the comments below…

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2 years ago

i disagree with this! Sweet melody, nota pop song, confetti,and if u want my love, should totally be at the top but i understand and agree that not a break up song should be first

Your name
3 years ago

NO <3
1. A mess (Happy 4 u)
2. Gloves up
3. Rendezvous
4. Happiness
5. Confetti
6. Sweet Melody
7. My love won't let you down
8. If you want my love
9. Nothing but my feelings
10. Breathe
11. Break up song
12. Not a pop song
13. Holiday

3 years ago

I agree with Mir and Right. But it is your taste.

The only thing that I agree with is that Holiday and Confetti are in the top five.

Break Up Song is more basic than Holiday and the weakest lead single and weakest break up song of theirs. But each to their own.

I don’t have a favourite song but I think Break Up Song and Not A Pop Song are the least favourite songs on the album.

3 years ago

yes, he should

3 years ago

Uh uh! Redo this!