12 Richest DC Characters – Ranking their Net Worth

richest dc characters

When you think about superheroes, the maximum amount they can withdraw at the ATM is rarely the first question you ask. After all, superheroes are here to save the world, not buy football teams.

Yet, the DC universe is ripe with heirs and wealthy tech geniuses who use their money to accomplish their goals, whether it’s to save the world or watch it burn to a crisp.

You get it: money makes the world go round even in the world of superheroes, and the following characters know this better than anyone else.

Here’s a list of some of the richest DC characters and their net worth…

Information gathered from our research, assumptions and CBR.

12. Batwoman

Net Worth: Unknown

This one is tricky because there are two different Batwomen in the DC universe, both named Katherine Kane. However, in spite of the different paths they take in their respective narratives, they have one huge thing in common: both of them are rich and use their money to invest in the tech they need to save Gotham from criminals.

Though the exact net worth of this character is never mentioned, it’s safe to say it’s pretty close to the billion in both versions.

11. Mr. Terrific

Net Worth: $1 Billion

Like many characters in the DC Universe, Mr. Terrific, born Michael Holt, doesn’t have any superpowers per say. His intelligence and ability to pick up the most complicated skills in no time are what make him so unique, as well as numerous gadgets and a high tech costume that enable him to be as efficient against baddies as a certain Bruce Wayne.

Holt is also an Olympic gold medal winner and has a handful of genius inventions on his curriculum. But if these things already made him quite a bit of money, it’s truly Holt Industries, his high tech company, that eventually turned him into a billionaire. Mr. Terrific might be last on this list, but it’s a list we’d like to even be last on.

10. Ra’s Al Ghul

Net Worth: $1 Billion

When you’re almost immortal, running secret organizations left and right, and stealing jewels and antiques worth thousands when you get the time, your bank account can only be overflowing.

Ra’s al Ghul is a busy supervillain who probably enjoys ruining people’s lives more than spending his coins, but at least he doesn’t have to worry about paying the bills. One of many wealthy villains in the DC Universe, Ra’s is also one of countless anti-heroes who aren’t exactly using their wealth for good, unlike his arch enemy Batman.

9. Wonder Woman

Net Worth: Unknown

Diana Prince is yet another character whose net worth is a mystery, but for a very simple reason – she is not human and she was not raised in our world. But if we were to estimate her worth, we’d say that being part of Themyscira’s royal family and having Zeus as a father shouldn’t exactly make you poor.

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Not to mention that she works alongside Batman and Superman, and it would only make sense that her many years of saving the world have earned her more money than she already possessed to begin with. We’re thinking well in the billions, but she won’t brag about it.

8. Booster Gold

Net Worth: Unknown

With a name like this, you can only imagine what we’re about to say. Although his exact net worth is a mystery, the ex-athlete who came from the future (also known as Michael John Carter) has simply been using his time travelling abilities to amass wealth.

And to be fair, we’d do the same if we could cheat the national lottery on a daily basis.

7. Maxwell Lord

Net Worth: $3.8 Billion

Supervillains are often wealthy, but few are as wealthy as Maxwell Lord. Though he was already born in a silver cradle thanks to his businessman of a father, Lord expanded his wealth by creating his company Checkmate.

That, and he has a nasty habit of concocting evil plans and controlling people’s minds thanks to his psychic powers. No, we would not want to meet this guy either, but props to him for being so dedicated to the villain lifestyle and for being very honest about it.

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6. Blue Beetle

Net Worth: $5 Billion

Ted Kord is yet another DC hero with a scientific background whose intelligence has been useful in kicking supervillains’ butts with the best of weapons. After inheriting Kord Industries from his father, where he used the gadgets created by the company for his superhero job, he eventually sold it all to Wayne Enterprises and chose to do nothing but save the world.

It’s rare to see someone so selfless in the DC universe, so let’s give him a standing ovation.

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5. Ozymandias (Watchmen)

Net Worth: $7 Billion

Dubbed the smartest man in the world, Adrian Veidt was born into a wealthy family and yet woke up one morning and decided to donate his entire inheritance to charity. Yes, you’ve read that right. All of it.

A move that was clearly meant to prove he could become rich on his own since his bank account got even fuller once he started building his empire from scratch. After that, he’s only been using his wealth and company to do good things… until he murdered just about three million innocent people in New York (look into it, it’s jolly).  Apart from that, what a chap.

4. Green Arrow

Net Worth: $7 Billion

Just like Bruce Wayne, Oliver Queen was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but has proven time and time again that he knows how to use this privilege wisely. Armed only with his combat skills, a bow and some arrows, Olly manages to beat up bad guys every night while also running Queen Industries.

If this list proves anything, it’s that everyone in the DC world can multitask like a med student.

3. Lex Luthor

Net Worth: $75 Billion

Superman’s arch enemy is known to use his insane wealth in the most immoral ways, especially to thwart Clark Kent’s plans to save the world. But the self-made billionaire and inventor also has many other “hobbies” he can invest his evil genius in, such as philanthropy, politics, power… you name it.

There’s not a single field Lex Luthor has left untouched, so we’re quite glad he’s just a fictional character and not ruining our lives.

2. Batman

Net Worth: $80 Billion

No, Batman isn’t the first on this rich list. We’re shocked too, but $80 billion is still an okay sum if you ask us. Born into generational wealth, Bruce Wayne already had a large head start in life, but it’s his leadership at the head of Wayne Enterprise that really made him a tech billionaire and practically crowned him king of Gotham.

Being Batman is merely his side-job, and a secret one at that, but his money allows him to build the coolest gadgets when he needs them to protect his city. We’d love to see his daily schedule but we’re pretty sure it would give us a headache.

1. Aquaman

Net Worth: $150 Trillion

This is probably unexpected if you don’t know many facts about Aquaman, but just like Wonder Woman, being royalty can never hurt your financial situation.

Being King of Atlantis, the aquatic hero literally owns 70% of the planet’s surface and most of the oceans you know are also his. That also includes the depths humans haven’t explored yet, but we’re quite happy to stay in the dark about what’s in there. Indeed that officially makes Aquaman wealthier than Batman and the richest DC character of them all.

In fact – Aquaman is richer than Tony Stark! Check out our list of the richest Marvel characters, too!

If the insanely wealthy DC characters on this list all have something in common, it’s their entrepreneurship and their ability do about a hundred things at once without batting an eyelid.

From lucky heirs who decided to help save the world to self-made geniuses who use their intelligence for better or for worse, there isn’t a single hero on this list whose bank account isn’t staggeringly full.

But not all of this gold is used for good, so let this be a cautionary tale about how great and terrible money can be…

We’d love to get a Batmobile though.


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2 years ago

The Richest Being in all of existen is Lucifer Moriningstar(dont need to explain because you should know why)
the second is Vandal Savage then Aquaman

2 years ago

Vandal Savage should be the top of this list. He’s existed since before the concept of commerce and has amassed an immeasurable amount of wealth.

3 years ago

Why there’s no Amanda Waller? Death Stroke?