Ariana Grande’s ‘Positions’ Songs Ranked – Worst to First!

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Throughout Ariana Grande‘s previous albums, we heard her cry over break-ups, blush about boyfriends and champion through traumatic events. Now, ladies and gents, the dainty star is channeling her inner seductive diva and singing about lust and sensuality.

In her sixth studio album, Positions, Ariana is more than just a dangerous woman, she’s risque-ier than ever before and ready to tell you exactly how steamy she feels. Indeed, it’s not what you expect from the princess of pop, but somehow it’s worked.

Here’s our review of Positions songs ranked from worst to first (including Deluxe tracks)…

18. Shut Up

Before any Arianators tell us to shut up, we have to make it clear that this is not actually a bad song. The string-heavy instrumental in particular is beautiful and Ariana’s lyrics really shine light on her sense of humor. We’ve ranked the album opener as our least favorite track on Positions simply because it’s nothing compared to the album’s more impressive follow-up songs.

17. Love Language

Although we like the change of pace when Love Language comes into play, we can’t help but feel this track is a bit of a let down. Ariana channels her inner disco diva and delivers an up-tempo hit that at times feels slightly awkward and out of place on this album.

16. Someone Like You

Someone Like You is the first out of the five Deluxe tracks from Positions, and it truly is a sweet tender moment. Twinkling dings and cool clicks, this mellow track is a decent addition to Ari’s album, although not the best.

15. Test Drive

This is yet another Deluxe track and we have to admit, as listenable as it is, Test Drive sounds a lot like every other hit on this album. Certainly groovy and a beat you want to bop your head to, Test Drive is a satisfactory release, but overall, nothing new from Ariana.

14. Six Thirty

Six Thirty is another cute but cheeky track from the dainty diva. In fact, it sounds a lot like Pete Davidson from Sweetener. While we’re loving the clever lines like “Are you down like six thirty?”, we just feel this is one of the monotonous records on the album. Fun fact? Turn on the Positions music video at 0:57 and you’ll notice the clock pointing 6:30!

10. Main Thing

A romantic ode to her beau, Main Thing is an enjoyable Deluxe track that’s definitely on replay. A song that we’re going to be singing along to in no time and one that will have us jamming to on the daily.

9. Just Like Magic

Before the song’s even started, Ariana’s ooos and aaas already give you all the feels. This record gives listeners all they need to believe and manifest their desires over a soothing rhythm that yes, sounds just like magic.

8. 34 + 35 / 34 + 35 Remix

If you’ve done the math, it’s pretty clear from the title, that this hit is going to be an ode to sex. Despite its bubblegum pop instrumental and Ari’s innocent vocals, 34 +35 is actually a lust-filled baby-making song with explicit lyrics (“Just give me them babies…can you stay up all night? F**k me ’til the daylight”) that will certainly drop jaws. We all knew Ariana was a Dangerous Womanbut we never expected to hear a kinky song like this from her!

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7. Nasty

That iconic whistle tone is welcomed once more, this time in the sensual track, Nasty. As the title suggests, this song is one of Ariana’s sexiest yet with steamy lyrics and a background beat that’s enough to make any fan want to get hot and heavy

6. Worst Behavior

This might only be two minutes long, but there’s no denying its worthy spot in this ranking. In fact, we’re super stoked over this Deluxe song. Giving us old school R&B flavors and a slick rhythm, Ari’s soothing and sexy vocals make Worst Behavior a favorite on Positions.

5. Obvious

Obvious is certainly a bop. A sweet bop that’s yet another shout-out to her fiancé, Dalton Gomez. With sweet lyrics like “Never thought I’d believe in love again…I knew you were the real thing when you walked through the door”, this is a number that will definitely have us hitting the replay button.

4. POV

Combine Ariana’s heavenly whistling vocals with a smooth and twinkling instrumental and you get the dreamy POV. This is certainly going to be a favorite among Arianators as it’s most familiar and reminiscent of Ariana’s signature sound. POV doesn’t need a few listens to truly realize it’s beauty, it’s immediately treasured by all listeners. At least we think so.

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3. My Hair

Crooning about a lover running their hands through her iconic ponytail, Ariana hilariously sings “usually don’t let people touch it, but tonight you get a pass.” My Hair is undeniably a diamond track on Positions and for that reason we’ve ranked it in third place. There’s something different in Ari’s voice throughout this jazzy and sensual hit, making it even more of a standout track. Don’t even get us started on that immaculate whistle register at the end! Funky and fabulous – two words that describe this song and Grande’s hair.

2. Positions

We’ve already bumped and grinded to this song and heard it over and over, yet, it never grows old or gets boring. Positions is the second best song on the album and will probably be a favorite from Ariana’s entire discography. A pop R&B song that was destined to be a radio hit from the get-go. Excuse us as we hit the replay button.

1. Safety Net feat. TY Dolla $ign

We don’t know about you, but we’ve fallen head over heels in love with Safety Net. Featuring TY Dolla $ign, this haunting and hypnotizing hit is hands down the best song on Positions. Ariana and TY’s harmonies sound magical, with each of their vocals adding that extra special touch over the soothing and melodic instrumental. Safety Net is hair-raisingly beautiful and undeniably one of the greatest tracks Ari ever did conceive.

With racy R&B records and the occasional bouncy pop banger, it’s safe to say that Positions is a collection of decent songs from Ariana Grande. What’s your best and worst song on Positions? Let us know in the comments below!

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This post was originally published in October 2020.


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3 years ago

I’ve found something to like on every Ariana album, some more than others, but great songs on every one nonetheless. But this album is hot garbage. The production value sounds like it was rushed, the audio isn’t blended nearly as well. The lyrics are trite and basic. And I don’t care who you are, an album where half, if not more, of the songs contain explicit sex content is not okay. No one needs to know that you constantly ready to be on all fours for your partner.
But I suppose every artist eventually has a not great album they create more for themselves than the public.