Little Mix – Who Ranks as the Best Singer? 

best singer in little mix

The band with the killer vocals, smooth dance moves and powerful personalities have stunned us with their talent ever since they won The X Factor in 2011. They were the first and only girl group to ever win the show and from there onward have gone on to sell over 50 million singles and albums worldwide.

The Confetti stars have been in the limelight for a number of reasons, from Jesy’s online trolling to Perrie’s heartbreak when she got dumped by fellow artist Zayn Malik by text, but mainly for their superior talent, as each member brings something unique to the group.

As Perrie once said, “there isn’t a lead singer at all”, so with that in mind, we’re about to undergo a vocal ranking and uncover who is the most talented and worthy of the Little Mix crown. Let the debate begin!

1. Perrie Edwards

With the much stronger and powerful vocal of the band, it’s no surprise that Perrie has ranked as the best singer in Little Mix.

Throughout the years, the blonde bombshell has stunned us with her harmonic vocals, falsettos and the occasional soprano. She truly has a powerhouse voice, which has led songs such as About That Boy and No More Sad Songs.

In most recent events, Perrie stunned us even further by recording a video during lockdown, which showed off her musical theater skills.

Who knew that the star could take on Broadway, too? It seems like there’s nothing that the triple-threat can’t take on.

With the ability to sing low, belt out operatic tones and even hop across genres, it goes without saying that Perrie Edwards has the biggest range in the mix.

2. Jade Thirwall

Jade’s vocal abilities are just as incredible as Perrie’s – with a sweet falsetto and tone, she offers great value to the group. Her great control makes her stand out from the rest of the band and this amazing ability can be heard throughout songs like Secret Love Song Pt. II and Wings.

Jade’s tone merges well with Perrie’s deeper vocal and her soft sound blends perfectly with Jesy’s raspier tone. In fact, during the band’s harmonies, it’s Jade’s voice that shines the most.

Jade’s emotional delivery is always on point – she definitely has the ability to sing with passion. If the song is sad, as a listener, we feel it too and believe every word that she sings.

3. Jesy Nelson

Jesy has received lots of criticism from the press and public regarding her position in the band, making her feel like an outsider. She may have left the band in 2020, but that doesn’t take away her Little Mix status – she’ll always be apart of the band in our eyes.

Jesy is not only a strong dancer (probably the best in the group who performs with the most power), but she also has great vocals that often go unnoticed.

Ironically, you recognize a Little Mix song instantly once Jesy’s iconic riffs and runs are heard.

Jesy is able to control her raspy and soulful voice, singing with great passion every time. Her voice can be compared to ‘salty and sweet’ – she has the ability to sing softly and sweetly, but also fiercely and powerfully. In Secret Love Song for example, we get a glimpse of Jesy’s vocal ability, with controlled low notes and a powerful falsetto.

It goes without saying that Jesy has a brilliant and probably one of the most recognizable voices not only of Little Mix, but of our generation.

4. Leigh-Anne Pinnock

Despite being in last place, Leigh-Anne also has a beautiful voice and is a vital part of Little Mix. Like Jesy, she sometimes goes unnoticed and deserves a lot more credit.

Leigh-Anne doesn’t just come across as the sweetest girl of the brunch, but she also has a sweet and soft voice with amazing middle-register notes.

We get to hear her angelic tone in The Cure where she gets the opportunity to hit the high notes on-pitch and on her own. Besides singing beautifully, we’ve also seen Leigh-Anne’s rapping talent, too in Going Nowhere.

Ranking the Little Mix singers is extremely hard as they each bring something unique to the group. In both style and personality, each member is special in their own way, which is why they work so well together!

As cliche as it sounds, they are indeed a little mix of fabulousness.

Who is your favorite Little Mix singer? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below!

Once you’re done debating, let us know how many of these facts about Little Mix you know!


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3 years ago

I think they all have good voices but I can’t stand how often Leigh-Anne does that growling. It fits in some songs but not in others and it’s just really overdone. Every once in a while is okay but she constantly does it and it makes her seem like she can’t sing as well.

Jack Frost
3 years ago

“In fact, during the bands harmonies it’s Jade’s voice that shines the most.” That’s not a FACT that’s an opinion

cassie roxane
3 years ago

Leigh-Anne and jade like they totally rock and they look like me and my friend bryah .

3 years ago

But I obviously love all 4 of them, their are amazing singers

3 years ago

Me too I just love Leigh Anne

3 years ago


3 years ago

Leigh-Anne, Jade

Greetia Hou'asia
3 years ago

Woow..I love them all. They have their own unique wayvof singing and dancing, so to me no one is first or last❤❤❤ little mix

3 years ago

Leigh-Anne then jade

3 years ago

Jade and Leigh-Anne are SO GOOD AT SINGING!! I LOVE THEIR VOICES!! Everyone else is also amazing but I have to say Jade and Leigh-Anne are my favorites!!