Katy Perry’s ‘Smile’ Songs Ranked – Worst to First!

katy perry smile songs ranked

Bubblegum pop and cheesy lyrics are the epitome of Katy Perry‘s career, and now with the release of her fifth studio album, the artist gets a pass for it once again. Delivering just that in Smile, Katy’s latest work is chock-full of many sweet – but also a few sour flavors.

There are tracks that aren’t as bright as fireworks, and others that do indeed make you smile. So, if you want to know what our thoughts are on the popstar’s latest record, here’s our list of Smile songs ranked from worst to first…

12. Teary Eyes

We may get backlash for this one, but #sorrynotsorry, Teary Eyes is the worst song on Smile (ouch, we can already hear the sounds of the Katy Cats’ nails scratching on a chalkboard). It’s just a little too electro-pop for us and it lacks that delicious pop ingredient that Katy usually serves us. Although we think the hook is too repetitive, Teary Eyes will still be a fave among dancing fans and probably a big radio hit in Europe.

11. Harleys in Hawaii

A tropical track with island vibes is always appreciated in the summer, but this one’s a little mundane to be considered a favorite. That’s not to say we won’t be singing this whilst lounging on a sun bed with a cocktail in hand. With cute wordplay and a promising chill-vibe, Harleys in Hawaii is still a sweet spot on the album to say the least.

10. What Makes a Woman

The more mellow track on Smile, What Makes a Woman is an ode to all females and a strong message to womanhood. Totally distinct from its fellow songs, this folksy record is cute, but it remains as that. All in all, although it finishes quite abruptly, What Makes a Woman offers a positive message to end the album on.

9. Champagne Problems

Katy sings to her man, Orlando Bloom in this sultry, poptastic hit. Truly embracing the ups and downs of a relationship, the best-selling female singer wears her heart on her sleeve and sounds great over a funky disco beat. Champagne Problems is one we’re going to sing to as it grows on us overtime.

8. Resilient

Katy said that she wrote this album when she was “coming through one of the darkest periods of her [my] life”. Resilient is proof that she has indeed overcome her demons and is now in “full bloom” – yes, that’s a cheeky reference to Katy’s fiance, and we love it. Although it’s a little unmemorable, this is an uplifting track and its wispy sound is quite soothing, so we can’t say it’s the complete worst.

7. Cry About It Later

Fans going through it will certainly be crying about it later as they swing and jive along to this upbeat, thumping track. Cry About It Later is the heartbreak track of the summer with an addictive chorus that almost makes us feel drunk on “champagne on ice” already.

6. Tucked

Although they’re not as sweet as those in Teenage Dream, we’re still tucked up and floating in clouds of cotton candy throughout this one. We’re in true Katy Perry territory here and she does indeed give us her signature sound. The only downfall about Tucked is that it can it end up falling a little flat overtime. Despite this, we’re still fans of the tongue-n-cheek lyrics and summery feeling it gives us.

5. Daisies

Daisies is one of the rare moments on Smile where we actually hear the stunning Katy Perry vocals we’ve all grown to love. Titled after her baby girl, Daisy Dove, this mushy, yet sweet song is delightful, empowering and euphoric all wrapped in one. It’s a beautiful production overall and it will certainly be added to our playlists this summer.

4. Not the End of the World

Katy Cats – rejoice! The Dark Horse era is reignited once more for a short, but fantastic three-minutes in Not the End of the World. This triumphant song is one to boost moods and exhilarate listeners who are feeling down in the dumps. Katy sounds flawless and the instrumental is certainly addictive. Turn the volume up loud, Not the End of the World is the adrenaline rush you’ve been looking for.

3. Smile

Smile is the most joyous track on Katy’s latest discography and it ultimately does make you grin from ear to ear. The superstar sounds confident, energetic and rejuvenated in this bouncy feelgood bop that we can’t help but nod our heads to. Smile oozes Katy Perry’s signature style and is all kinds of cute, so for that reason it’s ranked as our third best song on the album.

2. Only Love

This tender track was so close to being ranked as the best song on Katy’s latest record, simply thanks to its heartfelt personal lyrics and gleeful sound. With a chorus that makes you clap your hands and an overall production that gives you goosebumps, we’ve had to place Only Love at second best in our ranking.

1. Never Really Over

Never Really Over isn’t just officially the best song on Smile, but possibly one of the greatest in Katy’s entire discography. The cheerful, yet heartbreak song is a glistening gem among this 12-track album and stands out for being wonderfully infectious and catchy. Katy’s powerful vocals, the iconic tongue-twister for a chorus and its overall fun delivery will keep this song in our hearts for a long time.

A great deal better than her previous album, Witness, Smile is certainly a collection of tracks that will have fans beaming. But as usual, we had to list these songs in order of greatness, and well, we’re pretty sure some Katy Cats aren’t going to agree. So, feel free to let us know how you would rank the songs on Smile in the comments below…


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3 years ago

I finally found a website with a good list! It’s like you can read my mind.

3 years ago

Harleys In Hawaii as the 2nd worst?! Don’t make me laugh please