30+ Best DC Comics Gifts for Die-Hard Fans

dc comics gifts

Just like Marvel, DC Comics has countless badass superheroes to love, from Batman to Wonder Woman, and so many more….

And although the movies haven’t exactly always had as much success as the 789 ones Marvel has given us, we can’t deny that characters such as Catwoman or the Joker have had just as much impact on pop culture as any Avenger. Which, of course means that they’re among fan favorites when it comes to t-shirts, merchandise and other collectibles.

So without further ado, here are 32 of the best DC Comics gifts for your superhero-obsessed friends (or for yourself).

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1. DC Coasters

Looking for unique gifts for DC Comics lovers? These Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and The Flash coasters will look awesome on any coffee or dining table and will make you feel a little less ordinary while you’re sipping your favorite beverage.

DC coasters

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2. Wonder Woman Keychain

If you love Diana Prince, alias Wonder Woman, and if you want to feel that extra bit of strength and glory when you open your car doors or your flat, this keychain is the ideal pick. It also makes a cool gift for your girlfriend, wife or mother!

wonder woman keychain

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3. Superman Popcorn Machine

Popcorn makers aren’t the most heroic things on earth, but popcorn is an epic thing on its own, so it requires a popper that’s worth your time. This Superman mini stir popcorn popper is indeed your best pick for adventurous nights binge-watching your favorite DC films.

superman popcorn machine

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4. DC Comics Puzzle

Puzzles of lighthouses and beaches aren’t always exciting, but this puzzle of powerful DC superheroes will keep you hooked until the very last piece! Gather around this complex puzzle with your family and friends knowing that the result is a gorgeous artwork featuring the Justice League – AKA the best DC team! Avengers who?

dc comics puzzle

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5. Batman Lamp

Want to do your work in style? No better choice than this Batman-inspired lamp, which will make you feel like you can finish any task in time. Ideal merchandise for any fan that’ll make great decor in their office or bedroom!

batman side lamp

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6. Catwoman Figure

This Catwoman Funko Pop! Figure manages to be fierce and sexy all at once, just like Selina Kyle herself. Modeled after Michelle Pfeiffer’s seductive and fun take on the iconic role, this button-eyed doll will look perfect on any surface.

catwoman funko pop

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7. DC Comics Encyclopedia

Do you really know everything about DC’s characters? If you don’t, that’s okay, because this universe is huge and it would take anyone years to fully memorize it. This DC encyclopedia is the perfect companion to help you do exactly that. Get to reading and don’t forget to use the Batman lamp while doing it.

dc comics encyclopedia

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8. Green Lantern Shirt

Fans of Green Lantern will love this flashy green shirt that comes in all main sizes, with its logo that basically says: “I’m a superhero, what are you?”. Just don’t try and fly, we can’t guarantee that it’ll work.

green lantern shirt

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9. Aquaman Wallet

Ever dreamed of taking bank notes out of an Aquaman wallet? Your dream can come true with this sober but gorgeous wallet that bears Aquaman’s symbol. You can’t magically make Arthur Curry’s fortune appear in it, but it will definitely make you feel just as powerful.

aquaman symbol wallet

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10. DC Comics Shirt

This men’s shirt will make all of your nerdy friends jealous as you parade around town with all of DC’s heroes and villains reunited on your torso. It will also be perfect as a Christmas or birthday present to a brother or boyfriend who shares the same deep love for Superman & co as you do.

dc comics shirt

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11. Green Arrow Tank

This tank top with Oliver Queen on the front is always a good choice. Whether you pair it with jeans or shorts, anything with Green Arrow can never be a fashion faux pas. Don’t try shooting arrows in public though, we’re pretty sure that’s illegal.

green arrow tank

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12. Batman & Robin Shirt

It may not be the best Batman movie, but this shirt dedicated to the iconic duo is still the perfect gift ‘for him’ or your best friend. Get one for yourself too and you guys will have that extra thing in common to strengthen your friendship. Classic and stylish, this black shirt is great for those who like to have a little bit of DC escapism in their lives.

batman robin shirt

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13. Shazam Glass

Getting your daily intake of water is very serious business, and if you’re a fan of Captain Marvel (yes that’s his original name), this Shazam glass is the perfect way to drag you into getting your body sufficiently hydrated.

shazam glass

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14. Wonder Woman Coffee Machine

Anything that is superhero-themed is likely to give you wings and inspire you to be your best self. With this Wonder Woman coffee maker, the adrenaline rush is doubled! With its elegant black, golden and red colors, this is the perfect machine to get you through those days when you’d rather be watching cartoons than working on spreadsheets.

wonder woman coffee machine

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15. Harley Quinn Mug

Like Harley Quinn herself, this beautiful ceramic mug is rebellious and just a little bit unhinged – the perfect amount of motivation you need for that early morning daze. Just don’t fill it with poison to get into character!

harley quinn mug

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16. DC Logo Shirt

Simple and classy, this shirt is a must-have for any die-hard DC Comics fan. Featuring elegant drawings of Batman, Harley Quinn, the Joker, and many more, plus the unbeatable logo that we all know and love, you’ll struggle to find a better testimony of your love for comic books.

dc comics t-shirt

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17. Superman Robe

Who hasn’t dreamed of getting out of the shower feeling like they’ve been flying around the city saving innocent people’s lives? No one, that’s who. This robe is the perfect gift to make the life of your loved ones, or your own, a little bit more epic after your daily bath.

dc comics superman robe

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18. Women of Action Book

Want to catch up with all the amazing women who exist in the DC universe? This book will tell you everything you need to know about Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and more, whilst also bringing you some lesser-known facts about the fantastic real-life ladies who helped create them. You’re already hooked, aren’t you?

women of action dc

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19. Batman Dad’s Mug

All dads must have a dad mug, this is practically law. And what perfect gift for a dad who likes superheroes than this black and yellow mug? Awesome merch with enough swag to spice up your father’s morning! He’ll thank you for choosing something stylish, but stop him before he tries beating up burglars in your city.

batman dad mug

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20. Robin Duck

This cute duck dressed like Batman’s famous sidekick, Robin isn’t for entertaining those superhero-obsessed children at bathtime. Tubbz’s ducks are actually collectibles and great gifts for adults who just want to feel like kids again! Life’s too short, no judgement.

robin duck

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21. Wonder Woman Watch

Keep up with your busy schedule just like Wonder Woman herself with this beautiful white and golden watch that will go well with absolutely any piece of clothing. An epic accessory to remind you that you’re no ordinary person, but a deity!

wonder woman white watch

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22. Aquaman Keychain

If you loved the Aquaman movie, this small silver trident will have you trying to dive into every body of water you see like the king of Atlantis himself. Beautiful and practical, this special DC Comics merchandise will go perfectly with any set of keys, or just hang fashionably from your backpack.

aquaman trident pewter keychain

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23. Batman Clock

Make sure to never lose track of time with this Batman clock that is just as badass-looking as the superhero himself. Bearing the colors of Bruce Wayne, black and yellow, this clock will make any home look ten times more adventurous… and punctual!

batman logo clock

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24. The Flash Light

This cute glowing figurine is so adorable, that you might be tempted to buy it several times over to light up your room in the most badass way. Although he is known to run faster than light, this Flash figurine will not run out of your bedroom, but it will certainly make it look cozy as hell.

the flash light dc

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25. The Joker Hat

We don’t have to debate it, the Joker is the best DC villain out there, period. And if you’re a fan of Batman’s arch enemy, what better way to scare the Bruce Wayne fans by walking around with this gorgeously designed Joker hat? Pair it up with a mischievous grin and you’re ready to go!

joker snapback hat

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26. Nightwing Shirt

This Nightwing t-shirt comes in enough sizes to gift to your entire family. Simple but practical, this clothing will make you look like you know what you’re about and certainly not afraid of the dark.

wingman shirt

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27. DC Blanket

What better way to profess your love to DC than by getting this lovely blanket covered in your favorite superheroes? The Flash, Batman and Superman are here to make you feel just a little bit more epic every time you close your eyes. Treat this piece of DC merch to a loved one or yourself!

dc comics blanket

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28. Batman Mirror

Fancy feeling like you could save the world every morning as you get dressed? This glorious Batman-themed mirror is cool enough to look amazing in any bedroom and will be a lovely addition to any DC collector’s treasure trove. Just don’t let it get to your head!

batman mirror

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29. DC Shot Glasses

These DC mini glasses will give color and action to your wildest parties. With a different full wrap design for each glass, you can choose whether you want to drink with Wonder Woman, Superman or Batman…

dc comics shot glasses

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30. Wonder Woman Robe

If Diana Prince is a warrior, let’s remind ourselves that she is also descended from Zeus. And divine blood calls for divine clothing – which is exactly what this smooth silky Wonder Woman robe will bring to your peaceful evenings and breakfasts.

wonder woman robe

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31. DC Monopoly

Let’s be honest, playing Monopoly can sometimes get a little too competitive and complicated. But this DC-themed version will make it much easier to understand the rules and not lose your mind at the first round. Get your friends around a table and dive in!

dc monopoly

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32. Batman Blanket

This quirky blanket will make you look just like the caped crusader while you’re chilling on your sofa or doing Batman reenactments in your bedroom. Whether you want to use this comfortable blanket to unleash your creativity or simply take a power nap, the sky’s the limit!

batman throw sleeves

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There you have it! DC gifts for your friends or yourself so that not a day goes by when you don’t feel like the most powerful person on earth. From Wonder Woman to Robin, Batman to Catwoman, the best DC characters are all there, ready to make your surroundings worthy of a summer blockbuster.

Find more gifts and merch dedicated to superheroes and movies (even Marvel) at Tell Tales’ pop culture shop!


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