25+ Lady Gaga Gifts and Ideas For Fans in 2024

lady gaga gifts

If you’re a Gaga fanatic, look no further!

We’ve rounded up a list of the very best merch that will knock the socks off any fan. From sweet perfume to uber-cool tees, these Gaga-themed gifts are suitable for Monsters of all ages.

So, whether you want to treat your bestie to a sleek new present, or are gathering ideas for your Christmas list, there’s no better way to get started.

Here are the 25 best Lady Gaga gifts…

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1. Eau de Gaga Perfume

This seductive fragrance oozes Gaga’s poise and sophistication, so if you want to walk in the celeb’s confident footsteps, this perfume is just what you need! With a sleek design, the bottle will look great on your nightstand.

Lady Gaga Eau de Parfum

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2. Lady Gaga Necklace

Forget friendship bracelets – this Gaga necklace is the new craze! With a dainty design, this cute necklace with heart details is great for any bestie. Why not treat yourself and get a matching piece, too?

gaga necklace

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3. Joanne T-Shirt

If you love the album art for Lady Gaga’s Joanne, why not wear it on your chest for all to see? This tee will make any outfit super cute. In true Gaga-style, pair this apparel with some ripped denim shorts and a straw trilby for the ultimate casual-chic look.

joanne tshirt

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4. Gaga USB and Keychain

Help your friend keep their storage and keys safe by gifting them this fun USB and keychain. The monochrome design will brighten up any set of keys and stand out on the household rack.

gaga usb keychain

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5. Sunglasses Set

Whether you’re playing dress-up or just simply want to rock a Gaga-inspired outfit, these shades and wrist-band are just the accessories you need! Once you throw them on, you’ll feel like Gaga on the cover of Poker Face.

lady gaga sunglasses set

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6. Lady Gaga Juniors Jacket

If you know someone who acts like Lady Gaga, buy them this uber-cool satin jacket that they can rock all year round. The versatile color is ideal as it can match with most outfits!

lady gaga jacket

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7. Gaga Toothbrush

If you have a daughter or niece that’s obsessed with Gaga, gift them this musical toothbrush that plays some of her hit singles – the perfect way to get a child (or even adult) to brush their teeth for two minutes without realizing.

lady gaga toothbrush

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8. Born This Way T-Shirt

Whether you like the slogan or love the hit single, Born This Way, you can gift your friend this t-shirt with a super strong message. Whilst you’re at it, you can even buy yourself one so you’re matching.

born this way gaga shirt

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9. Joanne Poster

Need some daily Gaga inspo? Hang this poster on your wall to remind yourself of Gaga’s unique style and persona, and to ensure that you always feel comfortable in your own skin, too.

joanne poster

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10. Lady Gaga Shirt

This pink and vibrant shirt is the one and only way for fans to profess their obsession with Lady Gaga. Depicting the star’s face loud and clear as well as her name, this affordable top makes a great gift!

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11. Little Monster Mug

Any Little Monster would be proud to sip tea or coffee from this mug! Dedicated to Gaga’s special fandom, this unique gift is ideal for any occasion and type of fan!

little monster gaga mug

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12. Lady Gaga Notebook

Whether you want to have the coolest book in class or simply want to jot down some tasks, this chic journal is just what you need. And if you’re buying this for a pal, you can add it into a gift basket with the other Joanne merchandise.

lady gaga notebook

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13. Chromatica Bag

Are you looking to treat someone to some impressive Gaga merchandise? Let them show off their love for their Mother Monster by wearing this colorful backpack dedicated to Chromatica – ideal for school or road trips with plenty of pocket space, too.

gaga chromatica bag

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14. Lady Gaga Skull T-Shirt

Do you want everyone to know just how obsessed with Gaga you are? If so, this illustrated tee will do the job! With a mixture of colors, it’ll go perfectly with any attire. When they want to be as controversial as Gaga, this shirt is the way to go!

gaga skull shirt

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15. Joanne Hat

If you want to imitate the Joanne album cover and give your best Gaga performance, then this hat is right up your street! The pink felt and adjustable sizing also makes this hat an ideal gift for any superfan.

gaga joanne hat

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16. A Star is Born Sweater

Did you love A Star is Born? Are you obsessed with Ally? If so, show your support for the 2018 movie by wrapping up during the cooler months with this super-cool sweater. What’s great is that the unisex color and design is perfect for any occasion.

star is born merch

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17. Gaga Logo Necklace

If this Lady Gaga logo is one of your faves, grab hold of this gold necklace symbolizing her Chromatica era. It’s subtle, yet stunning, as many people won’t know what the logo is.

gaga logo necklace

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18. Chromatica T-Shirt

If you know someone who’s obsessed with Gaga’ Chromatica album, you can purchase this graphic t-shirt so they can wear them while singing and dancing to her top hits!

gaga chromatica shirt

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19. Monster Paw Sweater

This inspiring sweater is more than just a piece of Gaga merchandise; the paw shows support for the LGBT community and is a must for anyone’s wish-list.

little monster paw sweater

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20. Lady Gaga Blanket

Wrap up warm and give your bed a major upgrade with this sleek Mother Monster blanket. It doesn’t just look good, but feels great too, as it’s made from soft and fluffy polyester.

lady gaga blanket

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21. Rain on Me Shirt

This simple t-shirt design is ideal for anyone with a minimalist dress sense. If you’re on the fence about what to buy your friend, this simple top is definitely in the safe-zone for any Gaga (and Ariana) fan.

rain on me shirt

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22. Lady Gaga Purse

Keep your valuables stored safely with this graphic purse – ideal for coins, phone, pencils or your Haus Labs cosmetics! The plus side? You don’t have to worry if it gets dirty as the material is machine washable!

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23. Lady Gaga Pillow

If your friend is low-key, but also obsessed with Lady Gaga, gift them this minimalist typography pillow that they can throw on their bed or couch. The simple colors will go with any type of bedding, too.

lady gaga pillow

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24. Little Monster Phone Case

If you want to show the world that you’re a true Gaga supporter, buy yourself one of these silicone phone cases to ensure you’re fully kitted out. The durable case will protect your phone from any unwanted scratches, too.

little monster phone case

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25. Lady Gaga Mask

Can’t seem to find any medical masks during the Covid-19 pandemic? Grab one of these material ones instead. Although they aren’t medically approved, the double-layers will help you stay safe and in style.

lady gaga mask

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26. Born This Way Bag

Looking to treat your bestie with the ultimate equality symbol? Let them show off their love for Gaga by sporting this useful bag. Not only is the message positive, but it’s also ideal for any shopping or beach trips!

lady gaga bag

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So, there you have it! The ultimate gift guide for any Gaga fan. Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas or just to show your appreciation, these awesome ideas will go down a treat.

Let us know which item you’ll be adding to your wishlist by leaving a comment in the section below!

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