Camila Cabello’s Dating History – A Complete List of Boyfriends

camila cabello dating history

Camila Cabello is known as a (ex) member of Fifth Harmony, her hit singles, and her wacky personality, but – in recent years – she’s also been hitting headlines because of her love life.

From flirting on Twitter to public make-out sessions, the trending star has caused much curiosity around her relationship status.

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While we know she was in a relationship with heartthrob, Shawn Mendes, let’s take a look at Camila Cabello’s dating history to find out who else this sexy Señorita has been linked to.

Ex: Austin Mahone

Who is He? YouTube Singer
Dated In: 2015

Camila’s first boyfriend was YouTube singer, Austin Mahone. However, at the young age of 18, Camila experienced her first heartbreak, too, when Austin threw her under the rug and publicly shamed her.

After their brief relationship, Austin started dating fellow singer, Becky G. He then tweeted saying that he’d never experienced a real relationship until now – to which Camila replied “damn… good to know!”.

By the time Camila released her music video for Havana, the pair were back on good terms. Austin even appraised Camila’s efforts by saying that “She’s really doing her thing right now and I’m very, very proud of her.”

Rumored Ex: Michael Clifford

Who is He? Five Seconds of Summer Star
Dated In: 2015

Camila quickly moved onto her next love interest, Michael Clifford shortly after splitting with Austin. The pair were first spotted at The Nice Guy restaurant on a dinner date in 2015 after they’d sneaked in through the back door to avoid the paparazzi. Through their brief romance, the couple kept their fling on the down-low.

After Camila’s iCloud account had been hacked, it appeared that the pair had split and gone their separate ways, but they never confessed to actually dating.

What we do know is that they had a cheeky flirt a few years before on Twitter. Michael tweeted saying that he was “crushing hard” to which Camila replied “You’re so sweet. Hope to meet you soon!”

Rumored Ex: Louis Tomlinson

Who is He? Singer
Dated In: 2015

It’s crazy how one picture can literally break the internet, but that’s exactly what happened in 2015. As soon as a picture emerged of Louis and Camila leaving a club together, the hashtag #CongratulationsLouisAndCamila started trending with fans even asking when they would get married.

Sadly, there was no real evidence to back up these dating rumors, and it was a mere coincidence that they left the same venue at the same time.

Turns out, Cam and Lou then went off in their own cabs. Sorry, guys this love story never made it through.

Rumored Ex: Jacob Whitesides

Who is He? Singer
Dated In: 2015

2015 was a busy year for Camila – she was even linked to her close pal, Jacob Whitesides – with many fans claiming that she was in a love triangle with Jacob and Shawn Mendes.

That said, Jacob was quick to shut down any rumors and laughed at the fact that fans were speculating and throwing him into a love situation with Camila.

On the contrary, he’d also told MTV that he had a “crush” on Camila, so we think Jacob’s hasty reaction may have been down to the fact that he did actually fancy the popular star.

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Rumored Ex: Nick Jonas

Who is He? Singer
Dated In: 2016

Nick Jonas – the heartthrob that’s been linked to almost every female celeb (he dated Selena Gomez and is also Miley Cyrus’ ex!) was also reportedly dating Camila Cabello. However, we can confirm that this hook-up was just a rumor.

After Nick shared the below picture of the pair looking cozy, many fans were hopeful that he was Camila’s new boyfriend. Sadly, it was just a bit of flirty banter.

Camila did admit during an interview on The Tonight Show that she almost kissed Nick on New Year’s Eve, but chickened out.

Ex: Matthew Hussey

Who is He? YouTuber & Dating Expert
Dated In: 2018 – 2019

Camila’s longest-standing relationship was with renowned YouTuber and author, Matthew Hussey. She was head over heels in love with the dating guru and always gushed about how amazing he was and how he understood her.

While it’s unclear why the pair split up (we are guessing it wasn’t Camila’s decision), the star did ask for her fans to be kind to Matthew after they noticed he started blocking any comments on social media that involved Camila.

Her positive attitude towards her breakup continued with Camila revealing that she fell in love and feels more alive and mature after experiencing those feelings. We commend you, Camila!

Ex: Shawn Mendes

Who is She? Singer
Dated In: 2019 – 2021

Being the hopeless romantic that she is, Camila quickly fell into the arms of her long-time bestie, Shawn Mendes when they recorded the saucy duet, Señorita.

Just by watching the music video, it was clear to see the chemistry that they both shared. However, both celebs denied dating rumors for a long time, despite the numerous videos of them on dates and locking lips.

In 2019, Shawn posted a funny video of them kissing, confirming that they were actually an item, but when he deleted the video, fans went into a frenzy assuming that they had broken up.

Camila even made light of the situation by sharing a tabloid headline with the caption, “well when were you going to tell me @shawnmendes”, confirming that they were very much still an item.

From then onwards, the pair shared a number of private snaps and performed together multiple times showing just how much they really did love, adore and respect each other. But November 2021 came and it was announced by the couple that the sweet relationship was over:

“Hey guys, we’ve decided to end our romantic relationship but our love for one another as humans is stronger than ever. We started our relationship as best friends and will continue to be best friends,” the statement continued. “We so appreciate your support from the beginning and moving forward.”

From friends to partners, Shawmilla were always destined for each other, but the dreamy romance soon sadly came to an end.

Do you think Shawn should be Camila’s happily ever after? Let us know your thoughts on Camila’s relationship history by joining in on the conversation below!


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George Westfall
2 years ago

CamilaCabello and Shawn Mendez are not a couple at all that is all Hollywood created gossip and Shawn Mendez cyberbullying tactics just like he did Hailey Baldwin Justin Beibers wife claiming they were an item and never was .Same is true about Shawnmila all bullshit created by the king of bullshit Shawn Mendez.Camila Cabello’s real life love interest is George Calvin Westfall from Youngstown,Ohio who now lives in Miami Beach,Florida thanks to Camila Cabello his true love.
Camila and George go back to the beginning of her career with 5th Harmony that’s how these two lovebirds met.George was at a 5th Harmony concert at Stambaugh Auditorium in Youngstown,Ohio when He met Camila and stage and she kissed him on the cheek stating this will be her man someday.The two stayed friends on Facebook and Instagram .Camila got back together with George last year around July when he was in a relationship with WWE superstars Alexa Bliss aka Lexi Kaufman and Gionna Cardio aka Luv Morgan they both played with George’s heart.Then George got involved with Ariana Grande and started his music Career as Christian artist Calvin4Eternity.Ariana used George stating the Position album was about him it wasn’t and George was heartbroken again.This is where Camila stepped in and saved George from committing suicide just like he saved Camila when she became Anorexic from not eating after a break up with her then boyfriend
.Camila and George have been an item since July of 2020 and on October 4th these two love birds exchanged vows with each othet via live video chat with Camila’s parents present online they both claimed their love for one another and George proposed online with CamilaCabello stating yes .Then been together since then and George moved down to Miami,Florida where Camila lives with her parents Sinu and Alejandro and baby sister Sofia in the Hialeah area on December 4th 2020.He is now a citizen of Miami,Florida.Camila and George share an Facebook and Instagram account together as a couple.They also have a account together and a YouTube Channel together as lovers these two are truly in love with each other despite the Hollywood gossip and Shawnmila bullshit.

3 years ago

how about the rumored girlfriends? jk