Justin Bieber’s ‘Changes’ Songs Ranked – Worst to First!

bieber Changes Songs Ranked

R&Bieber is back, ladies and gents! After a five-year hiatus from music, Justin Bieber has stepped back onto the scene, bringing with him a charming fifth-studio album.

Changes was released on Valentine’s Day, and rightly so, as this record is a sweet ode to his wife, Hailey. Bieber’s ex-girlfriends are officially behind him – no longer is he crooning about heartbreak, but his newfound romance instead. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, this top-selling male singer sings about love and his mental health battles over impressive R&B melodies.

But what is the best song on Bieber’s newest album? And which track deserves the skip button? Here’s a list of Changes songs ranked from worst to first…

16. Take It Out on Me

Don’t get me wrong, just because it’s been ranked as the worst song on Changes, it doesn’t mean Take It Out on Me is a bad song – it just doesn’t match the strength of its fellow tracks. It’s a clean, head-bopping R&B song with lyrics that prove just how much the star cares for his wife, Hailey. I mean, he’s willing to be her “punching bag” – yeah, that’s what love is

15. Running Over – Feat. Lil Dicky

Listen carefully and you’ll notice that the middle of Changes really starts to get monotonous. Running Over is one of the few collaborations on the record, this time with Lil Dicky and let’s just say, it’s worth skipping. It’s not terrible – it simply sounds like a demo track that Biebs decided to include after last minute decisions.

14. Forever – Feat. Post Malone & Clever

With guest appearances from Post Malone and Clever, it’s only expected that Forever would be good. But it’s not great. Its thumping beat, catchy chorus and Post’s signature-style verse just about makes it decent. Let’s just say that without the features, this song would not be here Forever.

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13. Habitual

Habitual is deliciously silky and smooth. It’s the track that we chill to and certainly the one we dedicate to our lovers. Despite it being okayish and one of Bieber’s said “favorites” on the album, it’s just not that memorable and it kinda drags eventually. That’s not to say it doesn’t have a spot on our playlists, though.

12. Available

Available is a sweet and soulful number on the album that really lets Bieber’s vocals shine. While it’s certainly a keeper, it’s probably not the greatest on this record. It’s mediocre and it’s bound to slip the mind once the album’s over.

11. Get Me – Feat. Kehlani

Bieber’s smooth vocals intertwined with Kehlani’s blissful tone is what sets this song apart from its fellow tracks. Despite Kehlani’s feature, we hate to say it, but Get Me is pretty bland and we can’t help but zone out whilst listening.

10. Second Emotion – Feat. Travis Scott

When the beat drops, you can’t help but bop your head. When Bieber delivers the chorus, you can’t help but sing along. Second Emotion is probably one of the best R&B deliveries on the album. As if Justin’s verses weren’t good enough, Travis Scott then adds that extra special touch which helps the song elevate in our ranking.

9. That’s What Love Is

It’s always a joy listening to Bieber’s delightful riffs and runs. But it’s even better when we listen to him wear his heart on his sleeve. The singer usually sings about breakups and heartbreak (usually over his ex-girlfriend, Selena), but now, he’s all loved up and settled down. That’s What Love Is is a sweet and tender ode to his wife that we actually can’t get enough of. With some of the sweetest lyrics, it also gives us some of the best Bieber quotes.

8. At Least for Now

As soon as you press play, this song has a way of sending shivers down your spine – it’s beautiful. The production may be minimal, but that gives all the more reason to listen to Justin’s impeccable voice. At Least for Now is heartfelt and emotional, and gives Bieber a chance to sing about sensitive issues – oh and that falsetto? WOAH!

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7. Come Around Me

Come Around Me is one of our favorite songs on Changes. It oozes mellow-R&B and it features some of Bieber’s best vocals yet. This might just be the naughtiest track on the album (other than Yummy) with lyrics like “Do me like you miss me”. But anyway, it’s totally worth pressing play and getting in the dreamiest of moods.

6. All Around Me

Some may say this one’s a drag, but for us, it’s one of the best on the album. It opens the record perfectly and sets the right mood. Those guitar strings, Bieber’s treacly vocals and the overall soothing melody is enough to keep us listening until the end.

5. E.T.A.

The album’s brim full of R&B flavors, but one of the tastiest is E.T.A. It’s a hit we’re always going to chill to and sing a long to. It may be a little repetitive at times, but that sultry guitar is certainly going to keep us listening over again.

4. Intentions – Feat. Quavo

Even after hearing this once, it was still stuck in our heads. This catchy number is addictive indeed. Sweet lyrics, an infectious beat and a chorus that keeps you singing over and over again, Intentions is certainly a standout moment on Changes.

3. Yummy – Feat. Summer Walker

We decided to rank both versions of Yummy as one track. The rendition with Summer Walker in particular though, is superb. While the lyrics may be a little on the controversial side, it doesn’t stop us from keeping this song on repeat. Yummy is a solid R&B banger that reintroduced Bieber to the music scene perfectly.

2.  Changes

Something beautiful always results when it’s just Bieber and his guitar (Love Yourself was a DREAM!). This might just be the singer’s most vulnerable moment on the album as he croons about hardships and anxiety. But that’s what makes it beautiful. Changes hears the popular star sing with all his might and showcase exactly what makes him the beloved singer that he is.

1. Confirmation

This might not be of popular opinion, but we think that Confirmation is the best song on Changes. Justin is at his best when he’s singing a love song, or ballad to be exact. The warm and smooth melody along with Bieber’s hair-raising vocals are  enough to make us listen to this song for the rest of our lives. In fact, don’t be surprised if this becomes everyone’s new wedding song!

It’s obvious that Bieber has come a long way since his Baby days. His latest mature sound is enough to welcome new Beliebers into his fandom, while his sincere lyrics might make the haters think twice about their hostility against the controversial star.

There certainly are some favorites on this album that every listener will keep, but we’d like to know which songs you’ve fallen for. Let us know how you would rank the songs from Changes in the comments below…

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