Johnny Depp’s Dating History – A Complete List of Relationships 

johnny depp dating history

It comes as no surprise that one of the most handsome bachelors in Hollywood has had plenty of gorgeous women by his side over the past 20 years.

What is surprising, however, is the amount of failed marriage attempts that Johnny Depp has been through. From two broken marriages and three engagements, it seems like this stud just hasn’t found the one for him.

Let’s dive in and find out why the popular celebrity just hasn’t struck lucky in love. From occasional girlfriends to numerous wives, here’s a list of Johnny Depp’s dating history…

Ex: Lori Allison

Who is She? Makeup Artist
Dated In: 1983-1985

Johnny Depp’s first love was with makeup artist, Lori Allison. The pair married when Depp was just 20-years-old and enjoyed a short, two-year marriage before deciding to break up.

Their split was cited to be caused by irreconcilable differences, but despite parting, they have remained friends ever since. Lori has even defended Johnny in the press recently claiming he’s one of the softest people she’s ever known and said that he would never hurt anyone.

Ex: Sherilyn Fenn

Who is She? Actress
Dated In: 1985-1988

A failed marriage didn’t put Johnny off love – just a few months after splitting with his first wife, the famous actor found comfort in a fellow actress, Sherilyn. They met on the set of a student film named Dummies and eventually starred together in Twin Peaks.

Seeing wifey potential in Sherilyn, Johnny decided to pop the question to his girlfriend, but sadly this wasn’t the fairytale romance he dreamed of and the two famous faces broke up in 1988.

Ex: Jennifer Grey

Who is She? Actress
Dated In: 1989

Another one of Johnny’s ex-fiancés is none-other than Dirty Dancing star, Jennifer Grey. While this has never been confirmed, it’s been widely rumored that Johnny asked Jennifer to marry him.

Whether it’s true or not, their romance didn’t even last a full twelve months – what a shame!

Ex: Winona Ryder

Who is She? Actress
Dated In: 1989-1993

Not one to hang around, Johnny quickly found a new love interest in another famous actress whom he met on the set of Edward Scissorhands. Following his usual pattern, Johnny also proposed to Winona.

Their relationship history remains famous until this day thanks to iconic photoshoots and a shocking tattoo! Johnny must have truly felt the Stranger Things star was the one as he got a tattoo saying ‘Winona Forever’.

Sadly, this Hollywood relationship ended in 1993, but the tattoo was still going strong. So, to fix the ink, Johnny changed the wording on his ink to ‘Wino Forever’. Ouch!

Rumored Ex: Juliette Lewis

Who is She? Actress
Dated In: 1993

Depp had a short-lived romance with his What’s Eating Gilbert Grape co-star in 1993, but some believe that it could have been strictly professional. Others think that Depp was a rebound for Juliette who had just come out of a failed engagement with Brad Pitt.

Whatever the circumstances were, Johnny and his ex-girlfriend appear to be on mutual terms and were even pictured together in 2016.

Ex: Ellen Barkin

Who is She? Actress
Dated In: 1994

In 1994, Depp tried a different dating strategy and found a new girlfriend in Ellen Barkin who is 9 years his senior. The actress had just separated from her then-husband, Gabriel Byrne and used Depp to get over the split. Four years later, the pair met again on the set of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and have remained friends ever since.

Ex: Kate Moss

Who is She? Supermodel
Dated In: 1994-1998

The most popular power-couple of the 90s was none other than Kate Moss and Johnny Depp. She was 11 years his junior when they first met and was just starting to peak in the fashion world. Following the same ‘party’ lifestyle, the pair seemed destined for each other, but it seemed that they both had fiery personalities; so much so, that Johnny once trashed a hotel while Kate Moss was in the room.

Despite their arguments, Moss admits that Johnny took care of her.  She really trusted him and his opinion and spent years trying to get over the heartache of their split.

Ex: Vanessa Paradis

Who is She? Actress/Singer
Dated In: 1998-2012

Johnny and Vanessa first met when he was in love with Kate, but they both crossed paths again years later in the lobby of Hotel Costes in Paris. As soon as Johnny laid eyes on Vanessa, he knew that she was the one for him.

A year after dating, the pair welcomed their first child, Lily-Rose into the world and three years later, they also had a boy, John Christopher. It seemed like the non-marriage thing was really working out for Depp.

Sadly, in 2012, the couple called it quits and Vanessa later revealed that it was largely due to their hectic schedules. The duo never spent quality time together, which caused the downfall of their relationship.

Ex: Amber Heard

Who is She? Actress
Dated In: 2012-2016

Johnny was back on the marriage train in 2015 when he wed Aquaman actress, Amber Heard in an intimate ceremony in the Bahamas. The couple seemed perfectly fine until Amber filed for divorce in 2016, claiming that Johnny physically abused her.

The couple clearly had a very toxic relationship and after months of ugly legal battles and media attention, Johnny decided to sue Amber for defamation in a very public court trial in 2022. Finally, after the jury’s verdict, it was announced that Amber Heard was liable for defamation. 

Ex: Polina Glen

Who is She? Go-Go Dancer
Dated In: 2017 – 2019

The most recent lady in Johnny’s dating timeline is Polina Glen. After having met in 2017, the pair became official in 2019 following his divorce with ex-wife, Amber. However, the public pressure of their relationship became too much for Polina to handle and she decided to call it quits with the Hollywood star and move back to Russia.

Polina felt that Johnny was distracted with his ongoing feud with Amber and she didn’t have any interest in being in the limelight.

Despite Johnny’s prestigious movie roles and fame, it seems like he has been unlucky in the love department and hasn’t been able to find the girl of his dreams. But, we are still hoping he’ll find his happily ever after.

What do you think about Johnny’s love life? Should he have tried to make it work with Kate Moss? Were he and Winona the perfect couple?

Let us know your thoughts about Johnny Depp’s dating history in the comments section below.


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Karen Backus
1 year ago

Why is it that if your a older woman you are made to feel unattractive and not worth the time of a relationship. Johnny needs a woman that will appreciate him and love him for who he is not for what he has.someone who will laugh and enjoy life with him. Go find your paradise Johnny❤️

1 year ago


1 year ago

I hear he was datin someone new

2 years ago

I think he & I should meet. Haha. Are you able to make that happen?

2 years ago

I do believe that Polina glen was someone who wanted to make it big in Hollywood, California but she did not have what Venessa or the others had to make it big in Hollywood that is why it did not work for her. She wanted her fame and name as a dancer.
If she wanted to love to marry and stay with Mr. Depp she could of stay on the sly.

She font have any looks and you can see that she doesn’t have any of that look at me to bring in the crowd of people. If you love ❤️ someone you can even stay hidden and be there for him. I see deceit in her. Like the was turning out to be another amber heard .

3 years ago

Rumours abound that Johnny Depp married in early 1990s Sebastian Bach of Skid Rows first wife ballerina Lavina Kymille still circulate,though Sebastian Bach claims she was still undivorced..Many more claim he purchased the West Hollywood former Dracula star Bela Lugosi mansion for her not Amber Heard since the Canadian vocalists hidden exceptionally beautiful yet sinister wife Lavina who is Romanian Royalty.