Katy Perry’s Dating History – A Complete List of Boyfriends

kary perry dating history

Katy Perry may have sung about kissing a girl, but – in reality – has an impressive list of ex-boyfriends. From comedians to Hollywood actors and world-renowned DJs, the quirky singer has been involved with some of the most eligible bachelors throughout her love life.

To reminisce back on the popular star‘s ex-boyfriends and find out who stole and broke her heart, we’ve listed Katy Perry’s dating history below.

Ex: Justin York

Who is He? Guitarist
Dated In: 2002-2005

We’re opening the list with Katy’s first boy interest, Justin York. Their puppy love was sweet while it lasted, but didn’t run the course of an adult relationship. There’s no telling why it ended – chances are that they just grew apart.

Ex: Matt Thiessen

Who is He? Guitarist
Dated In: 2003 – 2005

Following a similar pattern, the pop princess dated yet another guitarist before her rise to stardom. This time, it was Matt Thiessen from Christian rock band, Relient K. While it’s not clear why the pair split, they still remain on good terms and speak fondly of each other. During a 2012 interview with SongFacts, Matt said that Katy is a “great person.”

Matt Thiessen

Ex: Johnny Lewis

Who is He? Actor
Dated In: 2005-2006

Before she became famous, Katy Perry dated actor, Johnny Lewis. However, after seeing how troubled the actor was, she called it quits in 2006. Six years later, Johnny Lewis murdered his landlord before committing suicide. Understandably, Katy was devastated by the news, and said that she noticed this narcissistic behavior, but was unable to help him during their short relationship.

Ex: Travie McCoy

Who is He? Singer
Dated In: 2007 – 2009

It seemed like Katy had found true love with a fellow musician when she met Travie McCoy – and while things seemed to go swimmingly for a while, the singer’s drug addiction became too much to handle. At breaking point, Katy couldn’t take it any longer and broke up with her beau via email. Travie holds no hard feelings, and later admitted that he placed drugs over their relationship.

Travie McCoy

Rumored Ex: Mika

Who is He? Singer and Songwriter
Dated In: 2008

After being spotted hanging out in London with pictures of Mika giving Katy a piggyback ride, it was rumored that Katy and Mika shared a short fling. It’s also suggested that Katy’s song, Small Talk is about the handsome star, but neither parties have never confirmed or denied the rumours.


Ex: Josh Groban

Who is He? Singer
Dated In: 2009

Katy Perry dated fellow singer, Josh Groban for a short while back in 2009. As they were both private and quiet characters, they mutually decided they were better off as friends. That said, in recent interviews, Katy has described Josh as the one that got away. Meanwhile, the two stars remain “good friends.”

Ex: James Valentine

Who is He? Musician and songwriter
Dated In: 2009

In 2009, Katy also embarked on a romantic encounter with Maroon 5’s lead guitarist. There wasn’t much press around their relationship, but it was rumored that Perry helped the band write the song, Old Piano. This gal sure has a thing for guitarists, wouldn’t you say?

Ex Husband: Russell Brand

Who is He? Comedian and TV Star
Dated In: 2009 – 2011

Katy Perry and Russell Brand met when they were filming a cameo for his movie, Get Him to The Greek. A year later, they were married with matching tattoos and seemed like the perfect match. Fast forward 14 months and the pair split over text. Katy admitted that Russell informed her of their divorce by an SMS – how thoughtful! The reason for their split is said to be Katy’s rise to fame – something that Russell just couldn’t cope with.

russell brand

Rumored Ex: Robert Pattinson

Who is He? Actor
Dated In: 2012

We bet you didn’t know Robert Pattinson was on Katy’s boyfriend list – well kinda. It was rumored that the good-looking stars had a short fling in 2012, after they were spotted having an intimate dinner date in Los Angeles. Sadly, it was fake news! The celebs are nothing but good friends and have always been there to support each other – even when they’ve been in relationships.

robert Pattinson

Ex: Baptiste Giabiconi

Who is He? Model
Dated In: 2012

Following her divorce from Russell Brand, Perry moved into new territory by dating famous model, Baptiste. They were first spotted on the FROW of the Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week in 2012, and the handsome model was said  to be head over heels.

Ex: Robert Ackroyd

Who is He? Guitarist
Dated In: 2012

The pop princess was also linked to Florence and the Machine’s guitarist in 2012. The pair were spotted hanging out at Coachella and in London during 2012, but nothing serious came of their short romance.

Ex: John Mayer

Who is He? Singer
Dated In: 2012, 2013- 2014

Just like Taylor Swift’s relationship with John, this high-profile romance was a bit of a whirlwind. After meeting in 2012, the pair dated for a while, but ended their relationship that summer. They then got back together in October, but called it quits again the next spring. Katy and John rekindled their romance once more before calling it quits for good in 2014. The reason for their parting is that they were two very different people, but Perry ranks her ex very highly, telling James Corden that he’s one of the best lovers she’s had.

Ex: Riff Raff

Who is He? Rapper
Dated In: 2014

After attending the VMAs together in 2014, there was much confusion of whether Katy and Riff Raff were an item. While the rapper thought they were casually dating, it appears that Katy saw it as a bit of a joke, and was mainly doing it to promote their song, This is How We Do.

Rumored Ex: Jared Leto

Who is He? Singer
Dated In: 2014

Following her split from John Mayer, it was rumored that Katy hooked up with fellow musician, Jared Leto at Coachella. Their dating history remains as a secret whisper for now, as neither party has confirmed the alleged romance. They would have made a cute couple, though…

Ex: Diplo

Who is He? DJ
Dated In: 2014

After meeting at Coachella, the pair shared a 7-month relationship together. While we don’t know the real reason for their split, Katy threw some shade at her ex-boyfriend by ranking him as the worst out of three of her ex-lovers on James Corden’s show (the ranking involved Orlando Bloom, John Mayor and Diplo). To fight back, Diplo tweeted saying that “he doesn’t remember them having sex”. That one’s gotta sting!

Fiance: Orlando Bloom

Who is He? Actor
Dated In: 2016 – Present

Katy’s current man is one girls dream about! She first met Orlando Bloom in 2013, but it wasn’t until 2016 that sparks really started to fly. After an on-again, off-again relationship, the pair have finally found their happy place and are set to tie the knot!

After proposing on Valentine’s Day (cute), the pair postponed their wedding but are very much in love. The star even recently announced her pregnancy! Bloom and Perry had their baby girl in August 2020, just a day before the release of her album, Smile!

From Russell Brand to John Mayer, Katy Perry’s dating history has included a mixed bag of partners. But after years of heartache, the pop star has finally found her prince charming in Orlando – and we can’t wait to see what her fairytale wedding will look like!

Katy’s relationship status is officially “committed”, but do you think she ended up with the best pick? Let us know by joining in on the conversation below.

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