Jennifer Lopez – 20 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About the Star

jennifer lopez facts

Having been in the spotlight for over a decade, we’ve grown to love everything about J.Lo. From her incredible dance moves, awesome acting skills, and killer vocal to her warm and open personality.

Through her honesty and sincerity, we’ve discovered many intimate details about the popular star. From J.Lo’s failed marriages, heartbreak and devastation, the big bootied diva has shown true strength and always risen on top.

Her courage and strength is something she’s always bared on her sleeve. Yet, here are a few Jennifer Lopez facts you might have not known about the Latina until now…

1. She was a Backup Dancer for Janet Jackson

When she was trying to make it as a dancer, J.Lo found herself a great gig as a backup dancer for Janet Jackson and even appeared in her video for That’s The Way Love Goes

Janet loved her dancing skills so much that she wanted Jennifer to tour with her, but J.Lo pulled out, determined that she would make it on her own. She definitely wasn’t wrong there!

2. Jennifer Founded Her Own Production Company

Having true entrepreneurial spirit from the get-go, the superstar decided to create her own production company called ‘Nuyorican Productions’, with manager, Benny Medina.

As anything she sets her hands on, the company was a success and since 2000, Nuyorican has produced seven films (that she also starred in) including The Second Act, Bye Bye Birdie (the live-action remake), and the most recent film, Hustlers.

3. She Loves a Bit of Reality-TV

You might have thought that J.Lo winds down with a captivating documentary, but the truth is that she just enjoys a bit of reality TV. Believe it or not, her favorite show is actually Mob Wives.

Although, she’s not one that shies away from the camera herself, having been a judge on the panel of American Idol and World of Dance.

4. J.Lo Completed a Triathlon in Less Than 3 Hours

Here’s a fun J.Lo fact! While you might go for a calm walk in the park for fun, Jennifer takes on mega triathlons and smashes them! In 2008, she completed the Nautica Malibu Triathlon including a ½-mile swim, 18-mile bike ride, and 4-mile run in two hours, 23 minutes, and 28 seconds.

Those dancing sessions clearly paid off, proving just how athletic the star really is.

5. She Established a Non-Profit Organization

Jennifer’s accomplishments go a long way. Like many other celebs, she is a philanthropist and feels strongly about giving back. So much so, that she created the Lopez Family Foundation in 2009 with her sister, Lynda Lopez.

This organization mainly focuses on giving women and children the help that they need. This important fact shows just how caring Jennifer is.

6. J.Lo Was the First Latin Actress to Earn Over $1 Million

Jennifer Lopez secured the big bucks in her first leading role as Selena, becoming the first Latin actress the receive such a high paycheck. She did such a good job at playing the late singer that she even received a Golden Globe nomination – marking the start of a highly successful acting career.

jennifer lopez beauty
jlo | Instagram

7. She Was Arrested at a Club in 1999

During her romance with Diddy, the singer found herself in a sticky situation when she was at a nightclub during a shooting. When police arrived at the scene, the celeb couple were both found with a stolen gun. Lopez’s charges were later dropped, but Sean Combs found himself in trouble with the law.

8. She’s the Only Woman Voted Twice for ‘Sexiest Women of the World’

J.Lo is the only woman to have been voted twice as one of the Sexiest Women of the World and we can clearly see why; with natural beauty and a curvaceous figure, the star has been an inspiration for girls and women across the world.

jlo body
jlo | Instagram

9. Jenny From The Block Went to a Private School

Want a little secret into Jennifer’s childhood? This piece of juicy trivia might surprise you! Although she’s from the Bronx, J.Lo actually received private education and went to an all-girls high school. So, although she saw how rough life could get, she was kept quite sheltered as a child.

10. She’s a College Drop Out

Although she received such a great education, Jenny didn’t want to follow through when it came to college. At the age of 18, the strong-minded girl decided that dancing was her passion and travelled to New York to make her dreams come true.

This decision left her homeless after a huge fight with her mom and J.Lo found herself sleeping at her dance studio for a couple of months.

11. She’s Had Three Failed Marriages

Being a true hopeless romantic, Lopez has had her fair share of relationships and heartbreaks. Her first marriage to Ojani Noa lasted less than a year, while her second marriage to Chris Judd lasted just nine months.

Her fate had seemed to change when she met fellow singer, Marc Anthony, but after giving birth to her twins, the superstar felt something wasn’t right and pulled the plug on her seven-year marriage. Even her almost-marriage-to-be with Alex Rodriguez was called off after three years!

Here’s to hoping her marriage with Ben Affleck is for forever!

jennifer ben affleck
jlo | Instagram

12. J.Lo Always Wears Hair Extensions

If you’ve always wondered how J.Lo always sports a thick head of hair, here’s the truth: she has sewn-in hair extensions. The good news is that you can adopt the same J.Lo inspired hairstyle now you know that she has help from a few rows of natural hair extensions.

13. She Began Singing and Dancing Aged 5

At the young age of 5, Jennifer was set on singing and dancing, and by the age of 7, she was already touring New York with her performance school. To help boost her confidence, her parents encouraged her to put on shows at home and create her own choreography. 

It seems her talent started way back into her childhood!

14. Her Mom is a Renowned Gambler

J.Lo’s mom, Guadalupe Lopez is a renowned gambler. While we don’t know just how bad her addiction is, we do know that she once won $2.4 million from a slot machine at the Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City from a $3 bet. But who knows just how much she had lost before, and how much since then…

jlo mom
jlo | Instagram

15. The Actress Turned Down the Role of “Sara” in Hitch

J.Lo was originally asked to co-star alongside Will Smith by playing “Sara” in Hitch, but she turned down the role. We are not too sure why, but we bet she’s kicking herself now as the film went on to make over $361 million in box office sales.

16. J.Lo’s Beauty Regime Includes 8 Hours Sleep Per Night

If you’re dying to find out what Jennifer’s trick is to flawless skin, then you’ve come to the right place. According to the star herself, she has to get a mandatory eight hours sleep per night, and could snooze for ten hours if she’s lucky!

17. Jennifer Got Paid Millions For the First Images of Her Twins

Here’s an interesting fact about J.Lo! In 2008, Jennifer got paid a whopping $6 million for People Magazine to get the first exclusive photos of her twins, Max and Emme. The intimate snaps were taken in J.Lo and Marc’s house and gave an insight into their lives as parents to their newborns.

jlo children
jlo | Instagram

18. There’s a Hidden Intimate Tape of J.Lo and Ex Ojani

Although J.Lo’s marriage to Ojani was short, the aftermath of her separation wasn’t. Trying to make some money off the back of his divorce, he claimed to have a tape of the star in skimpy outfits and was threatening to release it.

However, before he even tried, the entrepreneur slapped him with a $10 million lawsuit if he even dared. I think we all know how that ended, with Ojani walking away with his tail between his legs.

19. She Doesn’t Drink Alcohol

Although the star is always pictured out partying, Lopez revealed that she actually doesn’t indulge in alcohol. She simply holds a glass to do a toast, but would rather sip on a healthier beverage. Another secret behind her glowing skin!

jennifer lopez selfie
jlo | Instagram

20. J.Lo’s Kids Have Strict Rules

To try and keep some normality in her family life, Jennifer Lopez dedicates her entire Sunday to her children. This means that on Sunday fun-day (as she calls it), her twins aren’t allowed to tap into their electronics, but rather they get the experience of exploring nature and other activities with their mom.

Despite her failed romances, Jennifer Lopez has shown us that if you persevere with your love life and career, you can find true happiness and success.

Let us know what interesting fact about Jennifer surprised you the most in the comments below…


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