15+ Hilarious Leonardo DiCaprio Memes on the Internet

leonardo dicaprio memes

Whether it was DiCaprio’s several Oscar snubs, or the hilarious moment he got smacked in the face by a volley ball, the iconic actor has been turned into a meme and a laughing stock for years on end.

When he finally received the award for Best Actor at the 2016 Academy Awards, everyone thought the internet would give poor Leo a break from being ridiculed. But he just couldn’t catch a break.

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Four years, and a few movies later, and Leo is still the inspiration for several funny memes.

Just for laughs, we’ve picked out the funniest Leonardo DiCaprio memes online. Prepare yourself – the internet can be a mean, mean place…

1. This moment in Wolf of Wall Street can be turned into pretty much anything. But those who work hard on leg day will appreciate this hilarious version…

leo dicaprio wolf street meme

2. When his own movie fitted perfectly for an Oscar joke…

catch me if you can oscar joke

3. Little did young Leonardo know that in the future, his favorite little bear would come back and bite him…

The Revenant meme

4. This might just be the real reason why Jennifer Lawrence slipped at the Oscars…

leo dicaprio jennifer lawrence

5. This photo caught of Leo was embarrassingly turned into a joke. He would have had a great time with Star-Lord, to say the least.

leo dicaprio gun meme

6. Years later, and Leonardo is channelling his inner Jack Rose… 

leo dicaprio french girls meme

7. In 2016, literally everything Leo done was turned into a hilarious Oscar meme…

leonardo dicaprio searching for an oscar

8. Leo’s face says how desperate the actor was for the gong…

Leonardo DiCaprio Oscars funny

9. Everyone deserves to be looked at the way Leo looks at this cookie…

leo dicaprio cookie meme

10. Thankfully, Leo ended up nabbing the Oscar, so we didn’t have to worry about this happening.


11. Leo getting hit by a volleyball is literally all of us when our alarms go off on a Monday morning…

leo dicaprio volley meme

12. Now we know what happened to Jack Dawson all those years after Titanic sank…

leo dicaprio global warming meme

13. Every year that passed without DiCaprio winning an Oscar became another year for endless jokes and internet memes.

leo dicaprio oscar meme

14. Following that embarrassing Steve Harvey moment, fans couldn’t help but come up with this joke…

leo dicaprio steve harvey

Despite the several funny memes and jokes, 2016 was very much Leonardo’s lucky year. After performing phenomenally in The Revenant, he managed to steal the award for Best Actor, and rightfully so!

leo dicaprio holding oscar joke

These were the best memes to come out of his anticipated Oscar win…

15. It was only a matter of time before his win was mocked using a Titanic reference, right?

leonardo dicaprio speech joke

16. The Revenant… The Departed… Aviator… Wolf of Wall Street  – Leonardo’s had years to prepare for his Best Actor award… 

dicaprio oscar speech meme

17. And after years and years of mockery, Leo finally won his well-deserved Oscar, and sneakily gave the middle finger to the Academy for all those years of waiting…

dicaprio middle finger meme

There might just be more Leo DiCaprio memes on the internet, than movies in his IMDb list. Nevertheless, as serious as we take the talented heartthrob, we can’t help but chuckle a little every time we see his face. What was your favorite joke from this list? Let us know in the comments!

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1 year ago

My favourite is the last one, it is well deserved; both for the academy AND for Leo.

I’ve seen another one of Leo where it’s like “Politicians before they get elected *Cue Leo from Great Gatsby*
After they get elected *Cue Leo Django*”