23 Harry Potter Costume Ideas for Halloween

harry potter costumes

Many things in this magical world are uncertain but if there’s one thing that doesn’t take a Divination crystal ball to figure out, it’s that Harry Potter will never go out of style.

Whether it’s the never-ending theories or ongoing release of Potter merchandise, the saga of the boy-who-lived is here to stay.

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So, to celebrate the everlasting power of the Wizarding World, here are the best Harry Potter costume ideas and fancy dress tips that you might want to check out for your next Halloween party or cosplay event!

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1. Harry Potter Costume

Harry Potter himself is always the best idea for a Halloween outfit, especially when you don’t want anything too difficult, but want to be easily recognizable! Put on this 100% polyester Gryffindor adult costume, draw a scar on your forehead, put some fake glasses on, and you’re ready to go! You can also cosplay any other Gryffindor characters in this outfit, so what more could you want?

harry potter costume
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2. Harry Potter Accessories

A perfect DIY set to complement your Harry Potter costume, this Kangaroo wizard tie and black glasses will make you look just like the Chosen One. Easy to put together with a Harry Potter robe, just beware you don’t run into a Dark Lord at whatever Halloween party or Comic Con you’re headed to!

harry potter accessories
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3. Dumbledore Costume

Being Dumbledore might require a century’s worth of wisdom, but you can also turn into your favorite old wizard with this simple deluxe Harry Potter costume! Complete with its elegant long grey robe, cloak and quirky hat, you’ll feel sixty years older wearing this, and for once that will feel like a compliment!

dumbledore costume
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4. Dumbledore Wig

The perfect accessory to add to your Dumbledore outfit, this long grey wig will make you the wisest of them all — while also making you look like Gandalf – win-win! Made of high quality synthetic fibers attached to a breathable mesh liner, this wig will be your favorite thing for many Halloweens and Harry Potter cosplays to come.

dumbledore wig
Warner Bros.

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5. Voldemort Costume

The perfect costume when your friend comes dressed as Harry Potter! The trio’s infamous nemesis is a perfect pick to terrify people around you, particularly kids when they come treat or tricking at your door and you really don’t feel like giving away that candy. Included: the evil lord’s signature long black cape and a spooky mask that will make you startle when walking past a mirror.

voldemort costume
Warner Bros.

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6. Hagrid Costume

Hagrid is the soft, over-protective giant we all want as a friend, and now you can turn into his doppelganger with this lovely long brown coat and its assorted shirt. This outfit will no doubt make your friends want to ask you for stories by the fireplace. Just get yourself a beard and platform boots to make you look 8 ft 6, and you’ll be all set this Halloween!

hagrid costume
Warner Bros.

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7. Hagrid Wig

The perfect choice for anyone who bought the Hagrid costume, this thick brown wig and beard are a must to look precisely like the kind giant. No matter your gender or height, there won’t be a soul who will wonder who you came dressed up as this Halloween.

hagrid wig
Warner Bros.

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8. Professor McGonagall Costume

She might seem a bit tough at first, but we all know Professor McGonagall only wants what’s best for her students. You might make the perfect teacher, too, with this dark green ensemble inspired by the beloved character. It’s unlikely you’ll ever make a better impression!

Professor McGonagall Costume
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9. Death Eater Costume

Ah, one of the small pleasures of life – dressing up as a member of an organization that wants to take over the world and turn it into a wasteland. No Harry Potter-themed party will ever be a challenge for you if you get your hands on this simple, yet kickass Death Eater outfit, which comes with a hooded robe and terrifying mask. A Halloween costume for the bravest!

death eater costume
Warner Bros.

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10. Luna Lovegood Costume

It’s difficult to find a kinder character in the Harry Potter universe than Luna Lovegood. If you think you can channel her immense generosity and quirky personality, then jump on this Ravenclaw girl’s signature outfit and you might just start saying strange yet infinitely wise things to everyone.

Lovegood Costume potter
Warner Bros.

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11. Luna Lovegood Glasses

Let’s be honest, Luna Lovegood’s Spectrespecs are the best glasses in existence (sorry, Harry!). You might be happy to know that you can also wear them whenever you fancy dressing up as the quirky witch. Go for this pair and you’ll probably never wear your regular glasses again (except if they’re prescriptions, then wear them, of course!).

luna lovegood glasses
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12. Professor Snape Costume

After Voldemort, this is the best Harry Potter Halloween costume you can get your hands on! Although we now know that Snape was never truly a bad guy, it doesn’t take away from his ominous attitude throughout the movie, and this is something you can challenge yourself with. This jacket suit and cape will make you look like the Potter baddie in no time. Even better, it comes in several different colors, including blue, black and brown.

snape costume
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13. Professor Snape Wig

This is the element you were missing to get that perfect Snape ensemble on track! This short black wig is incredibly realistic as it’s made of real hair and it’s incredibly comfortable. After getting this, it’s unlikely you’ll want to wear any other fancy dress item again.

snape wig
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14. Hermione Wig

Hermione is not only the most intelligent witch of her class, it’s also undeniable that she has the best hair in all of Hogwarts! So, if you already have the same brains and sassiness, grab this beautiful wig and you will definitely pass that difficult O.W.L test easily!

hermione wig
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15. Hermione Costume

If you already have the wig, then this women’s Gryffindor costume is the key to the perfect Hermione look! The Hogwarts robe comes with the Gryffindor colors and embroidered crest, shirt front, sweater, skirt and necktie. You’ll have everything you’ll need to channel the Hermione Granger that lives in you.

hermione costume
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16. Ron Wig

Remember that particularly wild haircut Ron had in the Goblet of Fire? You’ll agree that Ron was at the peak of his hair game then, so if a wild red mane is what you need for your Ron costume this Halloween, go for this lovely redhead wig that is 100% high temperature fiber! You can get Harry’s Gryffindor robe listed above to make up for an outfit.

ron weasley wig
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17. Bellatrix Wig

Bellatrix is one of the most evil baddies in the Harry Potter universe, so we can understand if you don’t want to give party guests a heart attack. That being said, this Bellatrix wig will definitely get you some admiring looks as it is a rather well-done reconstitution of the witch’s own wild black and white curls. One of the most frightening Harry Potter costume ideas, if you ask us!

bellatrix lestrange wig
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18. Dobby Mask

Another sidekick we can’t get enough of! Dobby might be a little bit scary at first sight, but he remains one of the most lovable and adorable characters of the movie franchise. And what better way to honor the house-elf than by getting this lovely latex mask for yourself or faithful friend! This is one of the best Harry Potter costumes no one will ever forget!

dobby mask
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19. Draco Malfoy Wig

What’s a Harry Potter character costume party without someone fancy dressed as Draco Malfoy? Get your hands (or head) on this wig and match it with a Slytherin robe (displayed below) to truly give someone a fright this October. Although not half as scary as other villains in the franchise, this Malfoy hair accessory will make you look just the part.

draco malfoy wig
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20. Ravenclaw Costume

Ravenclaw is an underrated Hogwarts house. Don’t you wish you could be a clever, wiser-than-your-years, creative wizard like Luna Lovegood or Ollivander? If yes, here’s the perfect outfit which comes with its hooded robe, sweater, dickey and necktie! This Harry Potter costume idea is available in both adults, women’s and kids size for the whole family.

ravenclaw costume

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21. Slytherin Costume

Alright, maybe this isn’t the house you’d like to end up in, but if Slytherin students do have one admirable trait, it is their ambition! And hey, we’ve already established that sometimes it is fun to dress up as one of the bad guys. Hesitate no further and jump on this beautiful complete Slytherin uniform that will make you one of the most cunning attendees at any themed party.

slytherin costume

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22. Hufflepuff Costume

It’s difficult to imagine a more adorable house than Hufflepuff. Hard work, patience and devotion are one of the many positive traits this house boasts of, and you might just make a perfect Hufflepuf yourself! ‘How?’ you might ask. Well, we have the perfect Hufflepuff uniform for you, and it’s nothing short of cute with its beautiful yellow edges and emblematic badger.

hufflepuff costume

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23. Sorting Hat

Even if you’re not assigned to Gryffindor House, this Sorting Hat should still be apart of your Halloween outfit. This has got to be one of the funniest and most unique Harry Potter costume ideas out there. You can move through those trick or treat crowds shouting “Gryffindor!” or “Slytherin!”

sorting hat costume

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There’s something truly magical about the Harry Potter universe and one way to honor the legacy of the wonderful Wizarding world, is by embodying its most memorable characters.

Which Harry Potter character costume will you be wearing this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!

Mischief managed!

This article was originally published in April 2020.


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