10 ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Easter Eggs + Hidden References

far from home easter eggs

Following the ever-successful Homecoming, Spider-Man has swung his way back on our screens, folks! And during his web-crawling antics, he’s managed to drop off a few fun and hidden references to previous MCU movies and comic-books. From a sneaky Uncle Ben tribute (yes, he exists in the MCU!), to a hilarious nod at Captain America‘s shield, Far From Home has truly been a fun ride to sit through.

Prepare for a Spider-Man Easter Egg-bonanza, web-slingers!

Were you eagle-eyed enough to spot them? Check out the top 10 greatest Far From Home Easter Eggs we managed to hunt down…

1. Fallen Marvel Heroes Shout-Out

There aren’t many Marvel heroes who appear in Far From Home, but fans are treated to a little name-drop. During the high-school memorial video, we see names of the fallen heroes following the events of Infinity War and EndgameCaptain America’s name is also mentioned, although we know he’s not actually dead. We guess it was just The Avenger’s easy way out of explaining the old-man Cap thing.

iron man dead
Marvel Studios

2. Uncle Ben Reference

It’s been a long time since we heard or saw anything about Uncle Ben. Thankfully, in a hair-raising moment, we spot a tiny reference to Peter’s late uncle. As he packs his bag for Europe, imprinted on Peter’s suitcase are the initials, “BFP”. That could only stand for “Ben Parker”, right? And the “F”? It could be “Franklin”. This would pay tribute to the theory that Ben’s comic book design was based on Benjamin Franklin. Cool, right?

uncle ben far from home
Marvel Studios

3. Chameleon’s Cameo

The name “Dmitri” may be familiar to comic-book fans. Nick Fury’s backup guy is introduced, but hardly features in this movie. He could very well be Dmitri Smerdyakov, AKA Chameleon, the super-villain and member of the Sinister Six! Is this Far From Home Easter Egg teasing a new villain for future Spidey instalments? We hope so!

Dmitri Smerdyakov far from home
Marvel Studios

4. Spider-Man Comic Book References

Keep an eye out for random letters and numbers throughout the movie, because little do you know they have quite the comic-book significance. When the gang are in Venice, the serial code “ASM 212” is imprinted on a boat. This is clearly an Easter Egg for the comic-book, “Amazing Spider-Man #212”, where Hydro-Man first appears. Coincidentally, the group face a water monster later in that scene.

far from home comic reference
Marvel Studios

5. Peter Parker’s Important Birth Date

Look closely at Peter’s funny U.S passport and you’ll notice that his birthday is listed as August 10th. Turns out, this is the same date that the first Spider-Man comic-book was released – “Amazing Fantasy #15”. You’ve gotta love these sneaky little Marvel nods!

peter birthday far from home
Marvel Studios

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6. Captain America Nod

This moment was clearly some fun homage to none other than Captain America! When Happy sneaks Peter’s classmates into a safe room during Mysterio’s drone attack, he throws a shield at one of the ambushing threats. The shield obviously drops to the floor, because, well, Happy doesn’t have Super Soldier Serum. Still fun!

captain america shield
Marvel Studios

7. A PS4 Selfie Reference

Recognize that awesome selfie from somewhere? You’re right! When Peter is swinging through Manhattan at the end of Far From Home, he stops to take a selfie, giving the peace sign. This is a clear and super-cool reference to the PS4 game, “Marvel’s Spider-Man”, which lets gamers use the popular “Photo Mode”.

far from home selfie

8. JJJ Returns

J. Jonah Jameson makes a comeback during the mid-credits scene in Far From Home. This Easter Egg brought double the joy because not only does the iconic Spider-Man character return, but the actor who plays him is the same dude in Sam Raimi’s films – J.K. Simmons! This time round, JJJ runs The Daily Bugle which is a “controversial news website”.

far from home J. Jonah Jameson
Marvel Studios

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9. Captain Marvel Homage

An unexpected tribute to the Captain Marvel movie is handed to fans after the end-credits when it’s revealed that Nick Fury and Maria Hill were actually Skrulls the whole time. It all makes sense by the end of the movie and it explains why ‘Fury’ got so defensive when Peter brought Captain Marvel up earlier in the film.

nick fury skrull
Marvel Studios

10. Classic Spider-Man Costumes

Far From Home may introduce two new awesome Spider-Man costumes, but believe it or not, it also references a few classics from the past. His original homemade costume can be seen during the hallucination scene in Berlin, while his Iron Spider and Velocity suit from the PS4 game also appear.

spiderman costume far from home
Marvel Studios

There’s nothing like an Easter Egg hunt during a Marvel movie. Deadpool‘s done it, Thor got away with it, and now Spider-Man has tried to pull the web wool over our eyes. But, as true superhero fans, we’ve managed to snag each hidden reference, nod and cameo there was to find. Did we miss any? Let us know which Easter Eggs in Far From Home we may have skipped.

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