31 Best ‘Stranger Things’ Quotes of All Time

stranger things Quotes

Eleven hardly speaks but when she does, she comes out with the greatest one-liners. You can always rely on Dustin to bring the humor, and Jonathan to offer some wise words of advice. Heck, even Steve’s sayings are epic (epically cringe).

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The Stranger Things characters might be television’s most coolest and the show has some awesome Easter Eggs, but most of all, it presents some of the funniest lines and memorable sayings that go down in history.

So, whether you choose to use them as Instagram captions, in conversation with your friends, or as an insult (Dustin has loads of them), here are 31 of the best Stranger Things quotes to use in everyday life.

1. “Mornings are for coffee and contemplation.”

Jim Hopper – The Vanishing of Will Byers

A quote about: Coffee
Use this when: Someone tries to distract your coffee session. 

Nothing comes close to kicking off the day like a hot cup of joe. If you’re a coffee addict, just like Hopper, this famous quote should be your life motto. Like he said, caffeine is your best companion when you’re contemplating the day ahead. 

Mornings coffee and contemplation
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2. “She’s our friend and she’s crazy.”

Dustin Henderson – The Monster 

A quote about: Friends
Use this when: Your buddy embarrasses you. 

A great quote to use when your buddy is embarrassingly drunk. Or when they’re so blatantly bad at lying to your parents when covering your tracks. They’re crazy. It’s the perfect excuse. If it worked for a girl with superpowers, it will work on that friend who’s just beyond explanation…

dustin friend crazy
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3. “You shouldn’t like things because people tell you you’re supposed to.”

Jonathan Byers – The Weirdo on Maple Street

A quote about: Being yourself
Use this when: Reassuring a friend. 

That’s right, Jonathan. Never follow the crowd. These wise words from the Stranger Things ‘big brother’ have never been truer if you’ve been feeling pressured lately. Follow your own path…even if it leads to The Upside Down. Okay, we’re kidding. Don’t do that.

jonathan byers quote
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4. “Friends don’t lie.”

Eleven – The Bathtub

A quote about: Friendship
Use this when: Your friend tells you they watched Stranger Things 4 without you. 

This popular meaningful quote by Eleven may be some of the few words she uttered earlier on in the show, but they sure as heck matter. If you’ve ever been betrayed by a friend, use this slogan on them to set them straight.

friends don’t lie quote
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5. “If anyone asks where I am, I’ve left the country.”

Mike Wheeler – The Bathtub

A quote about: Alone time
Use this when: You just want time by yourself…and your cuddly bear. 

Hey, now you know what to say when you have to catch up on your favorite Netflix show! This funny Stranger Things line is useful when wanting some peace and quiet. More so, it’s an even better excuse to use when you’ve got yourself in trouble. Mike’s best quote thus far and one that we’ll always giggle at.

mike wheeler quote
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6. “Sometimes, your total obliviousness just blows my mind.”

Dustin Henderson – The Monster

A quote about: Ignorance
Use this when: Someone tells you they don’t like Dustin. 

This phrase by Dustin is perfect to use on someone who is so annoyingly ignorant. Like the awesome character himself, you can always see the bigger picture while everyone else remains oblivious.

dustin quote
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7. “I’m stealthy, like a ninja.”

Steve Harrington – The Vanishing of Will Byers

A quote about: Self-confidence
Use this when: Bragging to a girl. 

This may be one of the cheesiest lines coming from, well, one of the cheesiest characters. But it’s worth using if you want to impress a certain someone…or erm, make them run a mile. Still, it affirms your self-confidence, right?

ninja quote stranger things
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8. “Why are you keeping this curiosity door locked?”

Dustin Henderson – The Bathtub

A quote about: Curiosity
Use this when: Someone won’t give you their Netflix password. 

Dustin’s quotes will always make you smile. They’re also some of the cleverest. The little lad used this quote on Scott Clarke, refusing to take ‘no’ for an answer. It’s a smart phrase best used when wanting to fish out information from someone.

curiosity door locked
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9. “This is not yours to fix alone. You act like you’re all alone out there in the world, but you’re not. You’re not alone.”

Joyce Byers – The Bathtub

A quote about: Loneliness
Use this when: Your friend tries to have a Stranger Things marathon all alone.

A heartfelt speech from mother to son. Joyce doesn’t want Jonathan risking his life alone to save Will. She uses this quote to convince him he’s not alone in this terrifying mission. It’s a great set of words to use when comforting a friend or family member in need.

joyce byers quote
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10. “I am on a curiosity voyage, and I need my paddles to travel. These books…these books are my paddles.”

Dustin Henderson – The Pollywog

A quote about: Books
Use this when: You’ve been reading for five days straight. 

This quote will ring true if you’re a book-worm who loves to travel through stories and imagination. Dustin used this excuse to a librarian so he could borrow more books and unscramble some Upside Down nonsense. You could definitely use it when your boy/girlfriend complains that you’re ‘reading too much’. #BookNerd.

dustin curiosity voyage
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11. “Bitchin’.”

Eleven – The Gate

A quote about: Being cool
Use this when: Wearing black eyeshadow. 

Eleven’s one-liner and catchphrase from season two might just be the best thing to come out of the show. It’s another word for ‘badass’ or ‘cool’. Or it’s just a term to use when you wear black eyeshadow.

Bitchin’ stranger things
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12. “Do you wanna be normal? Do you wanna be just like everyone else? Being a freak is the best. I’m a freak!”

Jonathan Byers – Madmax

A quote about: Being yourself
Use this when: Channeling your inner freak. 

Being ‘normal’ is never fun. Heck, you don’t want to be like everyone else. This is a great Stranger Things quote that will certainly inspire you to be yourself. Jonathan makes it okay to be a freak. Hands up if you’re a freak!

freak quote stranger things
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13. “Son of a bitch. You know, you’re really no help at all, you know that?”

Dustin Henderson – The Flea and the Acrobat

A quote about: Useless people
Use this when: Someone screws up the plan. 

If you ever feel as frustrated as Mr. Henderson, this savage quote fits nicely. Okay, these words are a bit mean, but sometimes, people really can screw things up and get under your skin.

funny dustin quote
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14. “You’re gonna slay ’em dead.”

Steve Harrington – The Gate

A quote about: Encouragement
Use this when: Your friend is about to battle some Demobats. 

Know someone who needs that extra push? Be that friend of motivation, just like Steve. He may be talking about slaying ‘Demagorgons’ and ‘Vecnas’, but you can always use this inspirational line when encouraging your buddy to ace an exam or smash a performance.

steve stranger things quote
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15. “I asked if you wanted to be my friend. And you said yes. You said yes. It was the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Mike Wheeler – The Mind Flayer

A quote about: Friendship
Use this when: Your friend buys you Eggos. 

Mike’s quotes are the sweetest. This may be one of the more soppier lines from the show, but there’s no denying how powerful the words are – especially if said to your BFF. If you hold a friend close to your heart, this line is for them. 

mike stranger things qutote
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16. “She will not be able to resist these pearls.” Purr

Dustin Henderson – Madmax

A quote about: Teeth
Use this when: Brushing your teeth before the first date. 

Just visited the dentist? Feeling fresh after brushing your pearls teeth? If, like Dustin, you’re proud of your pearls, remember to utter these funny words! And don’t forget to *purr* in the same disturbingly funny way that Mr. Henderson does!

resist pearls dustin
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17. “If we’re both going crazy, then we’ll go crazy together, right?”

Mike Wheeler – Trick or Treat, Freak

A quote about: Madness
Use this when: You start seeing Vecna at the window. 

When you feel like the madness has got the best of you, confide in a friend. They can ‘go crazy’ with you. Yet another sweet quote about friendship by Mike and one that can be shared with any close buddy of yours.

crazy together mike wheeler
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18. “It’s called code shut-your-mouth.”

Erica Sinclair – The Spy

A quote about: Sarcasm
Use this when: Telling a friend the secret code to silence. 

Erica may not be a central character, but her one-liners are nothing short of epic. She’s the sassiest, smartest and most sarcastic Stranger Things character and we guarantee we’ll be using her badass quotes from here on.

erica sinclair quote
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19. “Nobody normal ever accomplished anything meaningful in this world.”

Jonathan Byers – Madmax

A quote about: Being different
Use this when: You’re proud of your friend. 

Jonathan’s wise words couldn’t be truer. I mean, take one look at Eleven. She’s definitely not normal, but she can pretty much save the world. If you know someone who’s feeling a little demotivated, this quote is great to use.

stranger things jonathan quote
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20. “You tell anyone I just told you that and your ass is grass.”

Steve Harrington – The Monster

A quote about: Keeping secrets
Use this when: You tell your friend how much you like Steve’s ‘hairy chest’. 

What better way to threaten someone when you’ve just revealed your top secret? If you’re worried they might spill the beans, hey, why not use Steve’s funny threat? It’s one way to keep them shtum…

steve harrington quote
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21. “You can’t spell America without Erica.”

Erica Sinclair – The Sauna Test

A quote about: Erica?
Use this when: Reminding everyone how cool Erica is. 

Okay, you can’t really use this quote in real life – unless your name is Erica, duh. If so, you should feel pretty lucky. Sharing your name with this iconic character is something to be proud of. Erica is the true star of the show, can we all agree?

erica sinclair quote
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22. “There’s more to life than stupid boys, you know.”

Max Mayfield – The Mall Rats

A quote about: Love
Use this when: Your girl’s heart is more broken than Vecna’s abandoned Creel house.

Probably the truest, realest and wisest quote from Stranger Things. Like Max said, boys pretty much suck, and if you’ve recently gone through heartbreak, this line about love will persuade you to move on and live your best life.

max stranger things quote
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23. “You’re just jealous because I have another older male friend.”

Dustin Henderson

A quote about: Older friendships
Use this when: You have an Eddie and Steve in your life. 

These words came out so so wrong, Dustin! But they’re great to use on your ‘Steve’ friend, especially when an ‘Eddie’-like buddy comes along. Of course, remind them you are quoting Dustin from Stranger Things, because they’ll probably start to worry…

dustin steve funny quote
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24. “I’m fine, OK? I mean, as fine as someone who’s hurtling toward a gruesome death can be.”

Max Mayfield – Dear Billy

A quote about: Dying
Use this when: You’ve started feeling Vecna’s wrath. 

Great words from Max that you can use when you’re on your deathbed. Okay, okay, this is all sounding a little demoralizing now. But if there’s one way to stay positive when an evil, undead villain called Vecna is coming for you, it’s this.

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25. “I like boobies. You like boobies. It’s boobies.”

Steve Harrington – The Hellfire Club

A quote about: Erm, boobies?
Use this when: Talking about your erm, interests? 

Let’s be real, Robin and Steve bring all the humor to the show! They possibly have the greatest friendship out there. And this honesty is exactly what a friendship needs. I mean, he’s not lying.

steve robin line
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26. Lucas: “When’d Steve get so hairy?” / Dustin: “Right? I keep telling him he needs to tame that jungle, but he claims the ladies dig it.”

Lucas & Dustin – The Dive

A quote about: Hairy chests
Use this when: Convincing everyone that Steve’s chest is beautiful. 

Stranger Things 4 is definitely the darkest of the series, but it brought some of the funniest moments and lines. This dialogue between Lucas and Dustin had everyone cracking up. Apparently, the ladies ‘dig’ hairy chests. Is that an 80’s thing?

steve hairy quote
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27. “My fingers are like arrows. My arms like iron. My feet like spears. Resist and I’ll end you.”

Murray Bauman – The Nina Project

A quote about: Threats
Use this when: Getting ready to attack your high-school bully. 

Dearest Murry, please stay funny forever. His iconic quote when preparing to battle Uri can be used in any attack! There’s nothing more threatening than this. Well, kinda…

stranger things murray quote
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28. “When you’re different, sometimes you feel like a mistake. But you make her feel like she’s not a mistake at all. Like she’s better for being different.”

Will Byers – Papa

A quote about: True love
Use this when: Your buddy questions whether his girl feels the same.

Will had to persuade Mike that Eleven is utterly in love with him (or pretty much tell him that he’s totally obsessed with him) and that he shouldn’t worry. These words were super powerful, there’s no denying they had us a little teary eyed. Especially when Will started crying and Mike was oblivious.

will byers stranger things quote

29. “Mike, don’t stop, okay? You’re the heart. Okay? Remember that. You’re the heart.”

Will Byers – The Piggyback

A quote about: Support
Use this when: Your friend needs to show his/her lover more attention.

If it weren’t for Mike’s supportive and sweet words to El in the season 4 finale, she probably would’ve died. Am I right or am I right? Sometimes, you just have to encourage and push that special someone, because it’s *you* who makes them feel like they can do anything in this world. Including saving it from Vecna.

will heart quote stranger things 4

30. “I love you on your good days, on your bad days. I love you with your powers, without your powers. I love you for exactly who you are. You’re my superhero.”

Mike Wheeler – The Piggyback

A quote about: Unconditional love
Use this when: Your hubby/wife feels bad about failing to wash the dishes.

Mike and Eleven really do have that unconditional love we all dream of. If you’ve got a lover who constantly puts themselves down, try saying this quote to them. It’ll truly make them feel like a superhero.

mike eleven love quote

31. “You can do anything. You can fly. You can move mountains. I believe that, I really do.”

Mike Wheeler – The Piggyback

A quote about: Motivation
Use this when: The Duffer Brothers tell you they can’t give you season 5 until 2024.

If Mike can motivate Eleven to beat Vecna with these encouraging words, we’re pretty sure you can use them on someone to do just about anything. Even on The Duffer Brothers when they tell you we have to wait another two years for more Stranger Things…darn it.

mike eleven stranger things line

These quotes from Stranger Things surely turned your frown upside down, am I right? They’re enough to make you smile until Will Byers next vanishes.

What more lines will we hear from the show? As the seasons go by, we’re sure to list more sweet sayings by Mike and witty comments from Dustin. Be sure to find the best ones right here!


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Damion D.
1 year ago

How many children are you friends with? – Robin Buckley

dakota thompson
2 years ago

friends dont lie but boyfriends lie all the time -eleven -max

3 years ago

i love theml

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3 years ago

“I dump your a$$” – Eleven/Jane
“I’m sorry but you ate my cat” – Dustin
“nEvEr EnDiNg StOrY” – Suzie poo and Dusty bun
“He likes it cold” – Will
“Three inches” Hopper
“*slurp*” – Alexie
“How was the pull out?” – Murry
“I may be a Sh!tty boyfriend but I am a damn good babysitter” – Steve
“HoW mAnY tImEs DaD i DoN’t Do DrUgS” – drunk Steve

3 years ago

I love mike

4 years ago

“Is that a new zit?” – lucas sinclair

4 years ago

Maybe im a mess, maybe im crazy, maybe im out of my mind… but, god help me i will keep these lights up until the day i die, if i think there’s any chance that will is still out there – joyce

4 years ago

That was pig latin dingus -Robin

amiah sinclair
4 years ago

You forgot, Ahoy ladies! didn’t see you there! Would you guys like to set sail on this ocean of flavor with me, I’ll be your captain…I’m Steve Harrington

-Steve Harrington