Teen Dramas: What is the hype?

The O.C, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and 90210 are amongst the most popular American teen dramas. All four each had and have exciting and gripping storylines that individually relate to most teenagers around the globe. But which one of these was the best? What is it about these series that grasp so many viewers?

There are undoubtedly many similarities and contrasts between these US teen dramas. There is always the drop-dead gorgeous cheerleader or prom Queen, while there is also the Hockey or Basketball hottie that every girl dreams of dating. You are also bound to meet the geek of the show who always ends up joining the ‘popular’ group and becomes socially accepted.

Brooke, Summer, Naomi and Serena were the main female characters in each of their shows. They all portray insecure teenage girls experiencing new changes and going through high school being the popular girl that every guy has or will date. You have Nathan, Ryan, Liam and Nate as the popular guys while there is Lucas, Seth, Navid and Dan who are the ‘geeks’ who gradually become ‘cool’ by hanging with the prevalent gang. Viewers identify with such common characters and storylines making these teen dramas so successful. It is the dramatic ups and downs of adolescent lives that teenagers watch and tend to share or identify themselves with.

One Tree Hill has got to be the most easily related teen drama that was shown. It portrays teenagers from middle class who do not tend to dress in designer clothing or attend masquerade or dinner parties. Gossip Girl contrasts One Tree Hill in the sense that we see high class and spoilt teenagers living in the ‘Upper East side’ being represented as ‘Manhattan’s Elite’. One Tree Hill also had intriguing storylines such as the shooting at school while 90210 focuses on the general love and hate storylines.

So what other teen dramas do we have in store? If there are any future programs, they are bound to have similarities with the current ones but we cannot help but watch them and tune in every week anticipating to see what happens next.



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Angela Stephanou

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