25+ Star Wars Easter Eggs – Hidden References in Every Movie

star wars easter eggs

Star Wars has been in our pop culture radar for so long, that you’d think it hardly had any secrets left for its audience, let alone for its most fervent fans. With so many Star Wars movies and a universe so vast, there must be a few things that even the keenest of eyes would’ve missed like hidden (and not so hidden) references, nods and secrets that traditionally pop up throughout the saga.

Whether you’ve spotted them or not, here’s a little rundown of all the best Star Wars Easter Eggs Tell Tales Online have hunted down so far in the Galaxy far, far away…

A New Hope

1. Star Wars Poster

It’s quite difficult to spot, especially on the small screen, but if you looked close enough at the beginning of the movie, you might have been able to spot the Star Wars poster in the cockpit of Leia’s ship, the rebel blockade runner. Reddit user, WoodyMellow is convinced that this scene isn’t in the movie at all and that it was just a shot taken from a production still. Either way, it’s a still a fun reference for eager fans!

star wars poster new hope easter egg

2. 1138

Only true Star Wars fans would know that this a recurring reference in almost every movie. It first appears in A New Hope during Luke Skywalker’s mission to rescue Princess Leia, when he’s quizzed on where he’s taking Chewbacca. His response? Chewie’s a prisoner transfer from “cell block 1138”. “1138” is a nod to George Lucas’ first feature-length film, THX-1138. Apparently, Mark Hamill spontaneously decided to go against the original script and instead use this number in Episode IV. Turns out, he started a recurring trend throughout the saga!

luke cell block 1138

3. The Outrider

If you’re familiar with the Star Wars book, Shadows of the Empire, you would’ve noticed that as Ben Kenobi and Luke are on a hill staring at Mos Eisley, a ship flies over them in the upper right corner that purposely resembles Dash Rendar’s Outrider from the aforementioned novel. Bear in mind, that this little nod to the novel was only added in the A New Hope Special Edition.

outrider easter egg

The Empire Strikes Back

1.  Mickey Mouse Cameo

Did George Lucas foresee Disney’s ownership of Lucasfilm back in 1980? Maybe it was just the Force that made it happen? If you looked closely in the background during Skywalker and Vader’s battle at Cloud City, you might’ve noticed Disney’s signature logo – the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head just chilling there. Indeed, Lucas had a thing for Disney even back then!

star wars mickey mouse

2. Indiana Jones’ Bullwhip

It seems the creators were in a humorous mood on the set of The Empire Strikes Back! As the movie starts, Han Solo can be seen wearing a bullwhip on his utility belt – turns out, it was the same one used in the Indiana Jones trilogy! That’s not all! There’s yet another nod to the Indiana Jones franchise in the incinerator room on Cloud City! Keep an eye out and you might be able to spot something familiar amidst the decor – a box straight out of Raiders of the Lost Ark in which the Nazis carried the ark in. Those who are a fan of both sagas could enjoy this clever, fun nod to Harrison Ford’s other big Hollywood role.

indiana jones bullwhip
Paramount Pictures

3. 327

George Lucas sure likes to play on numbers! Like 1138, 327 is yet another recurring element in the Star Wars movie franchise. Referencing another early George Lucas movie (American Graffiti), this number is seen in A New Hope, the Expanded Universe, but also in The Empire Strikes Back – turns out the Millennium Falcon lands on Cloud City’s Platform 327!

Platform 327

Return of the Jedi

1. Ben Burtt’s Cameo

Remember the Imperial Officer, Colonel Dyer, who was killed by Han Solo in Episode VI? You may have turned a blind eye to this character, but in real life, he’s actually an integral character in the Star Wars universe – behind the scenes, at least! The actor playing Dyer, Ben Burtt is none other than the saga’s sound designer. He’s the dude who created all Star Wars sound effects including the Lightsaber swooshes and R2-D2’s bleeps!

ben burtt cameo

2. “So Long, Dickheads!”

While the crew of Admiral Ackbar’s ship cheered on after the Super Star Destroyer managed to crash into a Death Star, you could hear someone shout “So long, dickheads!” amidst the happy yelling. Don’t believe us, listen carefully, it’s there!

3.  Crowd-Surfing Stormtrooper

The Special Edition ending of Return of the Jedi saw galactic-wide celebrations following the death of the Emperor. It looks like the party was one heck of a wild one because keep an eagle eye out, and you’ll spot a crowd-surfing Stormtrooper in the crowd – awesome!

crowdsurfing stormtropper

The Phantom Menace

1.  E.T’s Species Appearance

This is probably one of the coolest Star Wars Easter Eggs in the prequels to date! George Lucas and Steven Spielberg got together for this special little cameo that got fans all giddy. Keep your eyes peeled during a shot of the Galactic Senate – you might spot three of E.T’s alien species chilling in their very own pod. It seems Grebleips might just be part of the Star Wars universe after all!

star wars e.t species

2. Darth Vader’s Breathing

Right at the end (the last 10 seconds) of the ending credits of The Phantom Menace, pay close attention and open your ears wide – you’ll hear Darth Vader breathing. We’re not kidding, it’s there and it’s as terrifying, brilliant and foreboding as it you’d expect.

3. 2001: A Space Odyssey Reference

At Watto’s junk shop on Tatooine, among all the mechanical parts is the pod from 1968’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. How did Watto manage to get his hands on this awesome prop? Perhaps Star Wars and 2001: A Space Odyssey also took place in the same universe.

space Odyssey star wars egg
LucasFilms | MGM

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Attack of the Clones

1. Javva The Hutt

Let’s be honest, you probably avoid the end credits to any movie (unless it’s Marvel’s post-credit scenes, of course!). But if you’ve somehow taken the time to do so, you would’ve noticed that a character in this movie is credited as “Javva The Hutt”, yet he never appears anywhere. This is actually an affectionate nickname given by the crew to Michael Smith, a man who ran the Lucasfilm’s in-house cafe and brought coffee to the crew and actors on set!

jabba hutt

2. Homer Simpson’s Cameo

One of the scenes in Attack of the Clones easily has one of the most out-of-place secret cameos you could find in the prequels. In a scene where the clones are about to attack Count Dooku, you can see that one of the ships has a pilot none other than… drum roll…Homer Simpson! Yes! We don’t know what made Lucas feature this super-random Easter Egg but we’d sure love to see the moment he came up with such an aloof idea with everyone just gleefully agreeing!

attack clones star wars homer simpson

3. Anakin’s ForSHADOWing

A bone-chilling scene that couldn’t be missed- right before Anakin leaves the Lar’s homestead to find his mother on Tatooine, Padme comes up to him. As they’re deep in conversation, a shadow appears on the wall and it appears to be quite clearly that of his destined final form, Darth Vader himself. Yep, we have chills too.

anakin darth foreshadow attack clones

Revenge of the Sith

1. Jett Lucas’ Appearance

It looks like George Lucas likes to keep it in the family! During a scene in which Bail Organa is heading to the Jedi Temple, the Clone troopers ask him to leave when a teenage Jedi appears and kills them. This was only Jett Lucas, George’s adopted son who had already made an appearance in Attack of The Clones by then. George’s daughter, Amanda also made a cameo as Senator Terr Taneel!

jett lucas star wars cameo

2. George Lucas’ Cameo

Talking of George Lucas and cool cameos, not only did his family make a brief appearance, but the very man himself did, too! Keep an eye on background characters and you’d have noticed Lucas dressed as Baron Papanoida in all his blue-faced glory! What makes this secret cameo even better? The girl next to him just happened to be Lucas’ daughter, too!

george lucas star wars cameo

3. Millennium Falcon Sighting

That’s right! In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, the Millennium Falcon can be spotted in Revenge of the Sith! The famous light freighter can be seen docking during the scene when Anakin and Obi-Wan take Palpatine to the Senate. So, what was it doing there? As confirmed in the Expanded Universe, the Falcon was actually known as the Stellar Envoy back then!

Millennium Falcon Revenge Sith

The Force Awakens

1. Kylo Ren’s Scar

A grandson following in his grandfather’s footsteps. During the phenomenal scene in which Rey and Kylo duel in The Force Awakens, Kylo receives a scar across his face that in no doubt reminded fans of the scar that Anakin himself received just before he had turned full Darth Vader.

kylo ren anakin scar

2. Billie Lourd’s Cameo

It was awesome having Carrie Fisher return to the Star Wars saga but it was even cooler seeing her family join the set, too! Unbeknownst to some, Carrie’s daughter, Billie Lourd acted as a minor character in the Resistance headquarters. To make things even better, she wore Leia’s icon buns from the original trilogy. Another fun Star Wars fact? Billie actually originally auditioned for the role of Rey!

bille lourd cameo

3. Millennium Falcon Roasting

There seems to be a habit of roasting the Millennium Falcon in the Star Wars franchise. When desperate for a ship, Rey says of the Millennium Falcon that “garbage will do”, in the same way Luke Skywalker roasted the poor ship by calling it a piece of junk in A New Hope.

Millennium Falcon garbage

Rogue One

1. Godzilla & Monsters Tribute

Saw Gerrera’s cave has Easter Eggs that only a few people, particularly movie geeks, would have spotted. The paintings on the wall are a tribute to the early movies of Rogue One director, Gareth Edwards. Some of the art included homage to his reboot of Godzilla and his 2010 movie, Monsters.

monsters movie
Protagonist Pictures

2. C-3PO and R2-D2 Cameos

Although a pretty random cameo, it was fun and nostalgic to say the least! Unless you weren’t paying attention, it was super easy to spot this awesome Easter Egg in Rogue One. As the Rebel fleet prepare to leave for Scarif, iconic characters, C-3PO and R2-D2 make a brief but obvious cameo. It wouldn’t be a Star Wars movie without them…

C-3PO R2-D2 rogue one

3. Red and Gold Leaders

Remember the Red and Gold Leaders in A New Hope? Well, the two pilots make a brief appearance in Rogue One looking exactly as they did 40 years ago! Fun fact? The characters were actually CGI’d into the movie by implementing unused footage discovered in the archives at Skywalker Ranch!

red gold leader rogue one

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The Last Jedi

1. Princess Leia’s Outfit

When she appears in a white gown to knock down Poe in The Last Jedi, Princess Leia’s outfit seems like a purposeful throwback to the first time she appeared in the original trilogy in an equally snow-white gown. She also uses the exact same type of blaster she was using in A New Hope. Oh the feels!

princess leia DDC blaster

2. Luke and the Two Suns

At the end of The Last Jedi, Luke is making one with the Force and stares at the suns in the sky. This is clearly a symbolic, spine-tingling callback to one of the first shots of Luke walking on Tatooine in A New Hope as the two suns shine above him.

Luke Two Suns

3. “I Have a Bad Feeling About This”

In case you didn’t already notice, this famous quote has been inserted into every Star Wars movie including The Last Jedi. Although it wasn’t so clearly audible in Episode VIII, it was in fact confirmed by director, Rian Jonson that BB-8 said it when talking to Poe. Turns out that the droid mentioned “I have a bad feeling about this” in droidspeak.

bb8 and poe

Solo: A Star Wars Story

1. Solo’s Dice

Before we crack this Easter Egg open, let’s take it back to A New Hope. Inside the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon between Han and Chewie, was a pair of hanging metallic dice. It might have only looked like a quirky prop, but devout fans will now know that they were particularly important to Han’s backstory. In the very first scene of 2018 movie, Solo, Han is seen hanging these very same dice in his speeder. Between the two movies, these same dice were also in The Last Jedi to symbolize Han’s absence.

solo story dice

2. Han Shot First

Whilst dueling with Beckett, Han shoots the antagonist just as he’s talking. This is an obvious reference to that notorious time in A New Hope when it was debated whether it was Han or Greedo who had shot first in the cantina. Thanks to this Solo scene, it was revealed that Han was the one who in fact, unsheathed his blaster first and after all, still maintains that “anti-hero” persona that so many fans stuck by. Writers, Lawrence and Jonathan Kasdan confirmed that this was a deliberate reference, and that the script specified – “There can be no question that Han shoots first.”

Han Shot First

3. Lando’s Pronunciation of “Han”

Solo references the way former Lando actor, Billy Dee Williams pronounced “Han” in The Empire Strikes Back by having Donald Glover pronounce it wrong as well, which almost seems like an intentional jab at the young man. Don’t feel guilty, we find this hilarious as well, and ultimately, it makes their friendship even better!

lando han


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The Rise of Skywalker

1. “I Know”

No Star Wars fan can forget Han Solo’s iconic reply to Leia when she told him she loved him. Well, these very same words were uttered once again in The Rise of Skywalker. When Kylo Ren sees a memory of his dad, he tries to get his words out but struggles to say them. Assuming he was about to say “I love you” or “I’m sorry”, Solo replies to his son by saying, “I know”, just as he did to Leia in The Empire Strikes Back.

han solo kylo ren

2. Rey, Luke & the Sunset

Luke’s iconic scene when walking towards the double sunset in A New Hope was redone by his trainee, Rey, at the end of The Rise of Skywalker. This was a perfect way to end the saga, depicting just how much the last Jedi was following in her mentor’s footsteps.

luke skywalker sun

3. Chewbacca’s Medal

Die-hard fans got exactly what they’d been waiting for, for over 40 years at the end of Episode IX. Chewie finally got his long-awaited medal! As you may recall at the end of the original saga, everyone but the Wookie was awarded a medal. Well, as a super-satisfying Easter Egg in the popular 2019 blockbuster, Maz Katana finally hands Chewie his gong – probably as a way to shut those complaining fans up!

chewbacca medal rise skywalker

And there you have it! With such a supply of amazing Easter Eggs in Star Wars movies, it’s difficult to imagine the fan-base will ever run out of things to discuss! What did you think of these? Were you able to spot them on first viewing, during future marathons, or had they completely flown over your head? In the latter case, we won’t hold it against you. It takes an eagle eye to uncover most of them, and it seems that is precisely what the directors wanted…

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