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The epic saga that is Game of Thrones, adaptation of the best-selling book series, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin, has been one of, if not the most widely acclaimed TV shows in the world since its premiere in 2011.

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To celebrate the fantasy television show that has gripped the hearts of fans worldwide, we’ve concocted a list of the best moments the series has ever had to offer. So, buckle up and dive into a recap of the best Game of Thrones scenes from all seasons…

1. First Glimpse of the Wights

Season 1, Winter is Coming

An easy first pick is the first few minutes of the pilot episode. Members of the Night’s Watch venture beyond the Wall and encounter the zombie-like creatures that will become the pawn of the show’s overarching threat, the White Walkers.

Before being executed and killed by the horrific creatures with glowing blue eyes, the rangers are confronted by a terrifying dead Wildling girl. Although petrifying, this introduction helped underline the show’s horrific edge, distinguishing it from the likes of Lord of the Rings and other more polished fantasy stories.

2. The Royal Arrival
Season 1, Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming gave us a great introduction to the most important characters on Game of Thrones as well as the rivalries between the Starks and the Lannisters.

The episode saw the arrival of King Baratheon, his wife Cersei, the latter’s brother Jaime, and the male heir, Joffrey Baratheon meeting the Stark family who will almost all grow up to play crucial roles in the war for the Iron Throne. Jon Snow, Arya and co were once just wide-eyed kids meeting the King, unaware of the grim events that were about to unfold.

3. Bran is Pushed and Crippled for Life
Season 1, Winter is Coming

Yet another moment that cemented the show as a game-changer in the fantasy genre and television in general – Bran is pushed off the tower and crippled for life. Siblings, Cersei and Jaime Lannister are caught having incestual sex by a young and shocked Bran Stark, which leads Jaime to casually push the child from the high tower.

This moment closed the first episode with a breathtaking cliffhanger and it was the main turning point for the never-ending battle between the Starks and Lannisters.

4. Ned Stark’s Death
Season 1, Baelor

Despite being locked up and tortured by the Lannisters, we don’t think anyone saw Ned Stark’s death actually coming.

The early fan-favorite of the show led the first season’s plot-line and to see him executed following the orders of Joffrey in front of his children, was the first of many more shocking, disturbing Game of Thrones moments to come.

5. The Death of Viserys Targaryen
Season 1, A Golden Crown

One of the first most gruesome and satisfying deaths was the demise of Daenerys’ controlling brother, Viserys. In what is probably one of television’s most stomach-churning moments, Khal Drogo gives Viserys the ‘Golden Crown’ he asked for, by pouring hot melted gold onto his head, eventually burning him to death.

With Viserys being an obstacle to his sister’s destiny and an outright creep, his execution was by far one of the most pleasurable deaths in Game of Thrones.

6. The Mother of Dragons is Born
Season 1, Fire and Blood

Season 1 ended with a staggering scene that was much more fantasy-filled than the rest of the season. Daenerys emerged naked and unburnt from the flames of her late husband’s funeral pyre with a baby dragon on her shoulder, thereby claiming her game-changing title of Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons.

This was indeed a major event in the Game of Thrones timeline, changing history like never before and fulfilling what the Targaryen dynasty poses.

7. The Birth of Melisandre’s “Baby”
Season 2, Garden of Bones

In one of the weirdest and most disturbing moments in the entire series, the already-creepy priestess, Melisandre is taken to a tunnel on the coast by Stannis’ right-hand, Davos and gives birth to a shadowy creature.

Oh and it just so happens to look very much like the monster who stabs and kills a lead character in the next episode, no less…

8. Renly Baratheon’s Death
Season 2, The Ghost of Harrenhal

Pretty much any scene that involves magic counts as a best Game of Thrones moment. The death of the youngest Baratheon brother in the hands of Melisandre’s shadow-baby was definitely one of these moments.

Seeing the monster’s talons stab Renly to death in front of a shocked Brienne and Catelyn Stark and vanish in the blink of an eye was a gripping GoT moment, indeed.

9. Theon’s Betrayal
Season 2, The Old Gods and the New

Best friend of Robb’s and practically raised by the Starks, Theon is sent by the Stark heir to his native Iron Islands to convince his father Balon Greyjoy to join the North’s cause.

Instead, Theon changes alliances to gain his father’s approval by seizing Winterfell and having his sword fight teacher, Rodrik Cassel beheaded, a symbol of his dismissal for what Winterfell had done for him.

10. That Wildfire Explosion
Season 2, Blackwater

A visually stunning moment of the second season – the wildfire detonation that destroys Robert Baratheon’s navy to bits during the Battle of Blackwater counts among the most expensive scenes of the show, a highly justified cost for an unforgettable explosion.

The entire battle was insane to say the least, but watching the barrels of wildfire blow up with tremendous force and envelop the waters was by far, one of the best scenes from the show to date.

11. The Army of White Walkers
Season 2, Valar Morghulis

Serving as the season’s breathtaking cliffhanger, Samwell Tarly and other Night’s Watch pals are collecting what they need to make a fire when they hear the horn ring – something that hasn’t rung for thousands of years.

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Sam then beholds an army of living-dead folks, led by the terrifying White Walkers and their commandant, who has long grey hair as white as snow, piercing blue eyes, and a chilling glare that can send anyone into a cold sweat.

12. “Dracarys”
Season 3, And Now His Watch Is Ended

In what is one of the most epic and best scenes from the show, Daenerys justifies her claim to the throne by freeing the Unsullied from slave traders. She does so by uttering one word in High Valyrian to her dragon, “Dracarys”.

Suddenly, the dragon’s hot, fiery breath turns the slave trader, Kraznys into barbecued meat, before making Dany’s new army of Unsullied massacre the other traders.

13. Jaime Reveals a Good Side
Season 3, Kissed by Fire

A stepping-stone for Jaime Lannister’s character development, this moment was considered by most fans to be the one where their opinion of Jaime took a turn for the better.

As he confesses what made him decide to kill the Mad King who threatened to burn the world to the ground, the Kingslayer gains Brienne of Tarth’s sympathy, and that of the audience.

14. Jon Snow & Ygritte’s Kiss
Season 3, The Climb

The unlikely, beloved couple of Jon Snow and Wildling, Ygritte exchange a kiss on the Wall after barely surviving a race for their life.

This top scene was one of the few genuinely beautiful and happy moments the series had to offer and also stood as the last moment of happiness these two lovebirds shared…

15. The Red Wedding
Season 3, The Rains of Castamere

One of the most shocking, staggering and mind-blowing episodes of the series, The Rains of Castamere took television by storm. An anticipated, beautiful ceremony is turned into a brutal and unexpected massacre.

At Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey’s wedding, Lady Catelyn, Robb Stark, his pregnant wife, Talisa and his banner-men are killed by Walder Frey’s men. Seeing poor Talisa’s pregnant belly get slaughtered and Robb and Catelyn get butchered, left everyone thinking, what could possibly happen in Game of Thrones, now…

16. Ygritte Shoots Jon Snow
Season 3, Mhysa

A couple that never had it easy in this series was Ygritte and Jon Snow. In this memorable episode, the badass redhead shoots multiple arrows into her beloved to vent her fury after Jon proved his loyalty to the Night Watch by not killing an enemy of the Wildlings.

Easily the most epic lovers’ quarrel we’ve ever seen.

17. The Purple Wedding
Season 4, The Lion and the Rose

By far the most satisfying death of the show, Joffrey Baratheon’s demise sees the loathsome brat choking on poisoned wine during his very wedding to Margaery Tyrell.

Since no one in the Seven Kingdoms was rooting for him, it’s not hard to imagine that many wedding guests had to hide their glee. Watching Joffrey’s sour face turn purple from poison and then dying after a long agony in the arms of his mother was a relief, indeed.

18. The White Walkers Enroll a Baby
Season 4, Oathkeeper

In the fourth episode of that season, the White Walkers are seen up-close for the very first time as they turn a literal baby human into one of their own by poking it with its claw and turning its eyes icy blue.

We’re not sure if we found that scene compelling or bizarre, but with this show, these two feelings are rarely mutually exclusive.

19. Oberyn’s Death
Season 4, The Mountain and the Viper

“You killed her! You raped her!”. The most honorable, nice characters in the series are bound to be kicked off the chess board at some point, and Oberyn Martell’s death during his duel with the Mountain is no exception to the rule.

As his win seemed secured, Oberyn regrettably gets shoved to the ground by the giant and his eyes are crushed until his entire skull blows up. Definitely one of the most shocking and gruesome Game of Thrones scenes thus far.

20. Ygritte’s Death
Season 4, The Watchers on the Wall

Although Ygritte was as charming as she was annoyingly smug, the Wildling’s death in Jon’s arms was definitely one of the saddest scenes in the entire show. The beloved red-head was killed by Olly (who also ends up killing Jon) and expires after whispering her trademark line, “You know nothing, Jon Snow”.

We shed a few tears watching the brave Jon Snow break down over the death of his love. It was possibly one of the only couples we’d been rooting for on the show…

21. The Death of Tywin Lannister
Season 4, The Children

In a scene that is as ironic as it is powerful, Tyrion Lannister kills his own bully of a father, Tywin with a crossbow as the patriarch sits on the toilet. Fans felt relief watching Tyrion finally get revenge for years of torment from his father.

“You’re no son of mine”, the old man tells him as he meets his death. One thing this show has proved for sure is that there is nothing more complicated than family.

22. Tyrion Meets Daenerys
Season 5, The Gift

Fans of the show waited for this moment since the beginning of time. Tyrion finally meets the Mother of Dragons and the two become BFFs in no time.

Although at first, she wants to kill the little Lannister, eventually she decides to make him her adviser – Tyrion sure does have a way with words, after all!

23. The Battle at Hardhome
Season 5, Hardhome

This iconic episode goes down as one the top and phenomenal moments of Game of Thrones. When Jon and Tormund go to Hardhome to convince the Wildlings to join their fight against the White Walkers, their squabbles are interrupted by a swarm of wights and walkers.

Snow avalanching in waves, hordes of the undead versus giants in battle, and finally a one-on-one fight between Jon and the White Walker, the battle at Hardhome definitely made us forget how to breathe for a while. We also met the Night King who had his piercing blue eye on Jon. Winter came early.

24. Little Shireen’s Death
Season 5, The Dance of Dragons 

In one of Game of Thrones’ most heart-wrenching scenes, poor Shireen is unknowingly led to her death in front of a cold, emotionless crowd. Whatever love Stannis had for his daughter, he watched it burn on a pyre along with Shireen’s still living body.

Our hatred for Stannis grew a little stronger in this season as we watched him sacrifice his daughter for the chance to be king. This scene which faded out with the sounds of Shireen’s wailing screams was one of the most disturbing, but most memorable to date.

25. Dragons vs Sons of the Harpy
Season 5, The Dance of Dragons

The stadium of Daznak’s Pit erupts in violence and terrorism when Sons of the Harpy attempt to kill Daenerys and her group. When the enemies surround Dany, she summons her dragons and triggers a battle like we’ve never seen before.

Drogon flies into the stadium, biting people and setting them on fire. Most of the harpies disperse at the sight of the gigantic, scaly creature and at long last, what we have been waiting for finally happens – Daenerys, the Mother of Dragons mounts Drogon and rides to safety, leaving the rest of her party to stare after her in awe.

26. Arya Becomes a Faceless Man
Season 5, Mother’s Mercy

After months of watching Arya train at the House of Black and White, we finally saw her become a Faceless Man, and she chose the right victim to show off her skills.

Meryn Trant was on Arya’s kill list because he killed her old swordmaster friend, Syrio Forel. To our surprise, Arya is disguised as one of Trant’s young victims; she takes off her face and stabs Meryn in both eyes, pierces him in the chest, and finally slits his throat. This was the first of many BADASS Arya moments to come…

27. Cersei’s Walk of Shame
Season 5, Mother’s Mercy

Yet another satisfying scene to watch was Cersei’s infamous Walk of Shame. As punishment for her crimes, the Sparrows cut Cersei’s hair and make her walk through the town naked with Septa Unella behind her chanting, “shame, shame, shame.”

As she walks all the way to the castle, her bare feet bleeding, the crowd insult Cersei, and throw things at her. As gratifying as it was to see the Queen at her most vulnerable, we did feel some kind of sympathy for her, to say the least.

28. Jon Snow’s Death
Season 5, Mother’s Mercy

It’s safe to say that season 5 of Game of Thrones brought the most incredible moments, especially one of the most shocking and saddest, too – Jon Snow’s death.

In what was the most unexpected scenes of the show, cornered, unarmored and helpless, the men of the Watch take their turns stabbing Jon to death, with Ollie delivering the final blow to the heart. We don’t know about you, but this death scene gave us a few sleepless nights…until season 6, of course.

29. Jon Snow’s Resurrection
Season 6, Home


We’ve never felt more relief watching a television show as Melisandre resurrected Jon back to life. The King of the North finally got a second chance at life after the Red Woman worked her magic on his lifeless body. Just this scene alone, of Jon’s eyes opening wide and gasping for air is classed as one of the best ever moments of Game of Thrones.

30. Jon and Sansa Reunite
Season 6, Book of the Stranger

It’s been a long time coming since the Stark family came together again and FINALLY, after six seasons of separation, we saw the two Stark siblings reunite.

We were on the verge of tears watching Jon and Sansa come face to face again and sharing a heartwarming embrace. One of the best bits by far.

31. Hodor’s Past Revealed
Season 6, The Door

“HODOR!” – simply iconic. This top scene was undoubtedly one of the greatest moments. When Bran, Meera and Hodor are met by the army of the undead and the Night King, things turn into chaos. Hodor holds a door to prevent the walkers from barging through, but he’s ultimately left to die.

As sad as this scene was, we also learned about Hodor’s past. In a gut-wrenching realization, we learned that Hodor lived for one purpose only… to hold the door and protect Bran when this fateful moment finally came.

32. The Battle of the Bastards
Season 6, Battle of the Bastards

The show’s biggest villain was pitted against its greatest hero throughout an epic battle of chaos and mayhem and boy, what an epic showdown it was!

The Battle of the Bastards that sadly saw little Rickon die, brought one of the finest war scenes to television. Horses collided and bodies were smashed throughout this grueling battle that was so powerfully directed and put together – this Game of Thrones fight scene truly gave us an insight into the horrors of war.

33. Ramsay Bolton’s Death
Season 6, Battle of the Bastards

In the penultimate episode of season 6, Jon Snow finally manages to get his hands on Ramsay Bolton, the man who tortured his sister and killed his younger brother.

Punch after punch, we squealed with excitement as Ramsay’s smirking face was pounded in but things got even better when Sansa got her REAL revenge on the Bastard – releasing Ramsay’s very own hounds, the savage dogs rip into Bolton and eat the man alive in a gruesome, yet thrilling scene.

34. The Sept Burns Down
Season 6, The Winds of Winter

You can always rely on Cersei to arrange an explosive death. In the finale of season 6, wildfire envelops the Sept, killing the entire Tyrell family and the High Sparrow.

All but Cersei were devastated to see Margery die, in the otherwise visually stunning scene.

35. Arya Kills Frey
Season 6, The Winds of Winter

Once again, Arya disguises herself to kill yet another enemy on her kill list – Walder Frey, the one and only villain who helped arrange the massacre of The Red Wedding.

Posing as one of his servant girls, Arya finally avenges her mother’s and brother’s death by slitting his throat. We don’t know about you, but we definitely breathed a sigh of relief…

36. Bran’s Vision
Season 6, The Winds of Winter

In one of Bran’s revealing visions of the past, he discovers the truth about Jon’s parentage – that Lyanna Stark died after giving birth to hers and Rhaegar Targaryen’s son, AKA Jon.

Not only was this scene revolutionary to Bran, but also to fans, who for so long, suspected the R+L=J theory.

37. Jon and Dany Meet
Season 7, The Queen’s Justice

I’m sure fans’ squeals of happiness echoed through the entire globe after seeing Dany and Jon finally meet.

Although their encounter was cold and awkward at first, it was still epic seeing two of the show’s greatest characters come face to face. They may not know that they’re related, but we certainly do and that’s what made this scene even greater!

38. Olenna’s Confession
Season 7, The Queen’s Justice

After keeping this secret in the dark for years, fans were finally pleased to hear Olenna confess that she killed Joffrey at The Purple Wedding.

Someone who wasn’t so impressed however, was Jaime Lannister – before giving her a death by poison following Cersei’s orders, Olenna’s last words to Jaime were “Tell Cersei I want her to know it was me”. MIC DROP!

39. The Lannisters vs Drogon
Season 7, The Spoils of War

Season 7 treated us to this outstanding scene that saw Drogon injured and Jaime Lannister almost wiped out for good. In what is one of Daenerys’ most powerful scenes yet, she rides Drogon as he burns hundreds of Lannisters to the crisp and Dothraki men rampage through the human barbecue, slaying anyone who’s left behind.

This magnificent scene kept us at the edge of our seats when Drogon was ultimately shot but just when we thought he was going to call it quits, he lets out dragon fire, almost completely reducing Jaime to ashes.

40. Jon Meets Drogon
Season 7, Eastwatch

In what was one of the most beautiful scenes of the season thus far, Jon met Drogon.

In a stunning shot, Jon takes off his glove to pet the scaly giant and the creature appears to warm to Jon, almost as if he was his, urm, cousin or something. *wink wink*

41. Dragons vs White Walkers
Season 7, Beyond the Wall

The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones, season 7 was a heart-stopping, knockout highlight of the season thanks to this spectacular scene. During their trip beyond the wall, Jon, Jorah, and co are faced with a grueling battle against wights and walkers.

As an alarmingly huge army of the dead surround the group, they end up trapped on a frozen lake and facing them is none other than the Night King. The scene becomes even more nail-biting as flaming swords slash and punches are thrown and wait for it…Dany and her dragons come to save the day, burning the wights to smithereens.

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42. Viserion is Killed, then Resurrected
Season 7, Beyond the Wall

Amidst the chaos beyond the wall, our hearts stopped as we watched the Night King shoot Viserion dead. The dragon dove uncontrollably downwards, hit the surface of the icy lake, and drowned slowly into the water.

Fans were drowning in tears and had to come up for some air for what happened next – The Night King may have resurrected Viserion but he wasn’t what he used to be – seeing those icy blue eyes open sure gave us the heebie jeebies. Viserion was officially the ice dragon.

43. Arya Kills Littlefinger
Season 7, The Dragon and the Wolf

Just when we thought Sansa was turning against her sister, there was a plot twist! Instead, Lord Baelish is brought to the Great Hall to answer for his crimes.

Before we know it, Arya comes strolling in, takes out her dagger and slits his throat. Just like that- Littlefinger is dead. That’s got to be one of the greatest plot twists of TV history.

44. Jon and Dany Hook-Up
Season 7, The Dragon and the Wolf

Cue to the awkward aunt-nephew sex. They really went all the way! This has been classed as one of GoT’s greatest moments, not because of Jon Snow’s backside, or because we finally got to see these two legends get together. But for the revelation we got to hear whilst the two got freaky between the sheets – Bran’s voice-over confirmed a long-suspected theory…

Jon is not a bastard, he is the heir to the Iron Throne!

45. The Wall Falls Down
Season 7, The Dragon and the Wolf

It’s been eight long years of hearing “winter is coming”, but finally, we think it’s actually here! In the finale of season 7, our skin crawled as we watched hundreds and thousands of wights march nearer to the wall as the Night King rode Viserion, lighting up the dark sky with bolts of ice fire shooting from its mouth.

After standing for thousands of years, the dragon takes down the Wall in a matter of seconds with his blue flame and the Walkers make it past the Wall, bringing Winter closer than it’s ever been before…

46. Jon Discovers the Truth
Season 8, Winterfell

It took two whole seasons to finally let Jon Snow learn the truth about his parentage. In the season 8 premiere, Sam Tarly tells his friend that he is son to Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Just when everyone is ready to bend the knee to Daenerys, Jon discovers that he is the rightful air to the throne.

Seeing Jon’s shell-shocked face as he hears the news and stands in front of his mother’s very own statue gave us serious goosebumps.

47. Arya Kills the Night King
Season 8, The Long Night

At long last, someone finally stuck a dagger into that awful ice king! After a grueling (and very expensive) episode watching the North battle the white walkers, and just when we think the Night King is about to slaughter Bran Stark, Arya appears out of nowhere and strikes a weapon into his chest, killing him once and for all.

It was a moment no one saw coming and one that put Arya on a higher pedestal than any other Stark character this season.

With the series now over, there is no doubt that Game of Thrones has become a cult classic of modern television, rallying fans across the globe and radically changing the stakes for high-concept television shows.

What did you think were the best moments from the show? Make sure to leave a comment on what you think are the most awe-inspiring, disturbing, and best Game of Thrones scenes below…

This article was originally published in October 2017.


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