Little Mix’s ‘LM5’ Songs Ranked – Worst to First!

lm5 songs ranked

5/5 for powerful lyrics of self-love, sisterhood and strong statements about girl power! Largely influenced by R&B, Latin and Pop, with moments of “YASS GURLS”, but also “NOPE NO WAYS”, Little Mix’s fifth studio album is certainly a record to get Mixers bouncing off the walls, crying a few tears and singing to their heart’s’ content.

But have the band raised the bar and outdone the perfection of Glory Days? From Woman Like Me, to The Cure, here’s a list of LM5 songs ranked from Worst to First (with the exception of The National Anthem, The Cure Stripped and Only You)

15. Wasabi

Wasabi definitely turns the heat and spice up on the album with its electronic and sassy sound. From what I’ve read, Mixers are calling it a bop, but for me, I hate to say it, it’s an annoying bop. #Sorrynotsorry. It’s a tune that you can twerk to and the chorus is catchy and all, but after a while, Wasabi leaves a bitter taste – it becomes a little irritating – there, I said it. Where’s the Skip button?

14. Strip

Clearly inspired by Christina Aguilera and Beyoncé, Strip features lyrics of self-empowerment and it gives listeners a real feel good vibe – for a few seconds. Overall, the song grows a little tiresome on you. I can see the girls busting their best moves to this and the beat is definitely addictive but I don’t think it’ll have a place on everyone’s party playlist. Is it just me or do the girls sound like they’re trying a bit too hard? Leave this to Queen Bey, ladies.

13. Joan of Arc

Yet another song that brings all the finesse and girl power that Mixers needed. Joan of Arc is one to get all the feminists on the dance floor and at first, it’s a decent listen. Except it just doesn’t hit the mark like it’s fellow tracks on the album. The girls’ attempt at hip-hop is pretty poor and it comes across like an odd sequel to Bey’s Flawless. Joan of Arc just won’t get the replay button from me, but its lyrics make for a couple of Instagram captions instead.

12. More Than Words – feat. Kamille

Triumphant, dramatic and the perfect crowd anthem. More Than Words is probably the darkest and most emotional track on the album that hears the girls wear their hearts on their sleeves. It probably would have been more impressive without the auto-tuning effects but hey, ho, the girls’ vocal skills are still audible and it’s still bound to be a fave among fans.

11. Motivate

A pop hit to sing along to with Latino influences that’ll get Mixers showing off some sensual hip action and sexy flairs. Motivate certainly motivates the inner sexuality in fans with its saucy lyrics about sex and love. It may not stand out as much in this 18-song tracklist but it’s a decent record nonetheless.

10. Notice

Notice is a sultry and sexy song that truly lets the Little Mix girls’ vocals shine. Perrie sounds powerful, Jesy’s cute and husky tone compliments the track perfectly and Jade’s falsetto is better than ever.

9. Told You So

Here’s where Little Mix truly showcase what they’re made of – true talent and outstanding vocals. Told You So is an acoustic ballad that unleashes the girls’ emotional side as they comfort their girlfriend who’s just been through a breakup. It’s probably the BFF ballad of the year and it proves how the girls have stayed together in the first place, what with Perrie’s breakup with Zayn, Jesy’s split from Jake, etc. The pain in their voices are clear, the harmonies are perfect and ultimately, it’s a gorgeous song all around.

8. Woman’s World

The girls have really upped their game when it comes to lyrics. Woman’s World is a feminist masterpiece, ladies and (perhaps not so many) gents! Jesy sings about being underpaid, Jade croons about being judged and Perrie and Leigh-Anne sing about waiting for the day “everyone’s treated the same”. This powerful number is raw, it’s deep and it’s one that might just go down in the history of girl power.

7. American Boy

Little Mix really do excel when it comes to cheesy, bubblegum pop hits. American Boy is exactly that, and it works. The lyrics here aren’t as deep as other more meaningful tracks on the album, but that’s not to say it isn’t a banger. It’s a breath of fresh air from all the seriousness and sexiness on LM5, telling us it’s ok to let your hair down once in a while. Excuse me as we move on singin’, singin’ ooh-la-la.

6. Monster in Me

Fans can relate to this heartbreak ballad, especially those who have been in a toxic relationship. Perrie sounds brilliant in this dark, hair-raising and beautiful hit, especially in the last few seconds when she belts out that long-held note. The Monster in Me absolutely loves this track and I’m sure Mixers will be all over it, too.

5. Forget You Not

Bada bang bang. Forget You Not is one of the tracks that made this album worth the wait. The girls sound great, the lyrics are cute and catchy and the beat is a bop that guarantees to stay in your head for days.

4. Love a Girl Right

What.a.banger! Little Mix have gone IN, snatched all wigs and outdone themselves throughout this uptempo R&B-inspired record. A reworking of Sisqo’s Thong Song, Love a Girl Right brings all the 00’s vibes and it’s badass, don’t f*ck with me lyrics make listeners scream YASS GURL, GET IT!

3. Woman Like Me

Before even listening to LM5, I knew Woman Like Me would have a place in the top 3 of this ranking. It’s easily one of the best pop anthems of the year and it’s Little Mix’s bravest, boldest and bestest songs yet. The reggae-pop piece hears the girls’ gifted vocals and it brings all the energy in an otherwise boring pop scene at the moment. And let’s not forget, Nicki Minaj brought the HEAT in this track.

2. The Cure

Little Mix, or shall I say, Little Legends? The Cure might just trigger a few tears with its uplifting and inspiring lyrics and anthemic production. The girls are certainly in their comfort zone throughout this track, it is after all, a cliche song expected from the band. But needless to say, it’s stunning. In fact, it’s my second favorite on the album and it without a doubt has a permanent spot on my playlist.

1. Think About Us

If only this tropical, Latin-inspired hit was released in the summer. Think About Us makes me want to put my feet in the sand and dance under the moonlight with a cocktail in hand. It’s without a doubt, the best best song on LM5 thanks to its addictive beat, sensual lyrics, and overall feel good vibe. Think About Us is massive hit, weldone, girls!

What song on LM5 was your favorite? Is there a track that you would rank as the worst? Let us know in the comments below…

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2 years ago

Why Wasabi and Joan of Arc on bottom?? They so good!

3 years ago

OMG I LOVE WASABI AND JOAN OF ARC! CAN’T BELIEVE HOW MANY OF THE GOOD SONGS ARE AT THE BACK?!? I personally don’t think that love a girl right deserves top 5 there are lots of better songs, but oh well

4 years ago

As a mixer, I feel offensed since you only gave this album 3 stars

5 years ago

Wait… Where’s Only You?

Tah'Mir Lamb
5 years ago

My top 3 are Forget You Not, The Cure, and Think About Us!