Ariana Grande’s ‘Sweetener’ Songs Ranked – Worst to First!

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The dainty diva with the powerhouse vocals is back, Arianators. Ariana Grande has returned with her fourth studio album, treating listeners with dreamy-like sounds and delightful bubble-gum-pop hits.

Sweetener certainly is sweet as candy at times. Although not half as good as Dangerous Woman, there are songs where Ariana definitely goes Grande. With the exception of Raindrops and Pete Davidson (too short to rank), have a look at my list of Sweetener songs ranked from worst to first and let me know your thoughts…

13. The Light is Coming – feat. Nicki Minaj

You’d have thought another Ariana and Nicki collaboration would have been fire but no. If you’re looking for Side to Side or Get or Your Knees vibes, you’d better give up because Light is Coming is pretty much a disaster. That irritating tropical beat in the background and Nicki’s forgettable verse is completely dominated by the better songs on the album. What a poor attempt girls. Sorry not sorry.

12. Blazed – feat. Pharrell

This Pharrell-assisted song unfortunately doesn’t stand out as much as it should have. Yeah, it’s bouncy and bubbly and a great one to sing along to but it just isn’t worth the replay button. Other than Ariana’s solo part, the song is simply a drag.

11. Successful

Successful is one of the more groovy tracks of the album, making room for some dancing time. The retro Pharrell-produced song is unfortunately one of the records that will drag Sweetener’s success down – it’s pretty much a bore and a little repetitive. No points for this one.

10. Borderline – feat. Missy Elliot

Ariana collaborating with Missy Elliot – brownie points for that one. The result? Underwhelming. Borderline might ooze funk and sass but it’s not worthy enough to land a better ranking on our list. Ari’s vocals are overshadowed by a typical-Pharrell production and Missy’s verse was too short to even take in.

9. Better Off

Ariana is totes talking about her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, here. This ballad hears the superstar sing about unhealthy relationships and bad breakups over a twinkling, dreamy sound. Although not so memorable, this song will definitely help a few Arianators get over their exes.

8. R.E.M

“I don’t want to wake up” – you can say that again, Ariana. R.E.M is indeed a dream to our ears. There’s something about this chill-out, dreamy record that gets you smiling from ear to ear. It’s dazzling, it’s sweet and it’s smooth – it has a place on my playlist for sure.

7. Get Well Soon

An Ariana song with finger-snaps and piano sounds – bingo! Honeymoon Avenue was a dream and now we’re in heaven with Get Well Soon. Singing about her battle with anxiety, this song is sonically pleasing and enveloped in beautiful harmonies. The 40 seconds of silence at the end of the ballad which amount the song to 5:22 long is a nod to the date of the Manchester attack — 5/22. You’re crying, I know.

6. Everytime

Yet another hit dedicated solely to Mac Miller. Crooning about toxic relationships, Ari lets out her talented vocals in this R&B hit that many will relate to. “I get drunk and pretend that I’m over it” – girl, we get you.

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5. Sweetener

Get it, get it, hit it, hit it, flip it, flip it. Sweetener is a fave amongst its 14-fellow tracks. It gives me total Yours Truly vibes – that’s probably why it landed at 5th place on my ranking. Sweetener comes across all cute and well, sweet until you listen to Ariana’s lyrics in depth. She gets explicit but in a moderate way. Yas girl! Does this song make anyone else go oh, oh?

4. Goodnight n Go

Inspired by Imogen Heap’s song of the same name, Goodnight n Go is a smooth and slick song that will make you feel some kind of way. Ari’s breathy and magical vocals throughout this beautiful track are seriously a spoonful of sweet sugar. And that end falsetto – Ariana really did something heavenly there. Excuse us as we float in the clouds…

3. God is a Woman

God is a woman and her name is Ariana. Uh-huh. This stadium anthem not only oozes girl power but sassiness and sexiness too. Ari shows off her signature falsetto and vocal acrobatic skills in this outright masterpiece. With its mesmerizing video alongside its trap bop beat and wowing lyrics, Ari certainly delivered in this track.

2. No Tears Left to Cry

Ariana is picking it up, loving and living with no tears left to cry following the tragic Manchester attack in 2017. There’s no surprise why the diva chose this moving on anthem as the lead single on the album. NTLTC is an upbeat, fun, catchy and proven hit. It’s one to remember forever.

1. Breathin

I don’t know about you but this song has me BREATHIN again! For real though, Ariana truly went in on this one – if only the rest of the album had such bops on it. This uptempo pop banger is one to take you from 0-100 real quick, especially when you’re on the verge of a panic attack. Breathin is one to raise those goosebumps and turn the volume up loud. There’s no denying it’s the best song on Sweetener – would you agree?

I’m sure Arianators will have no tears left to cry after this one. Let us know which track you thought was the best song on Sweetener in the comments below…

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11 months ago

The most popular songs were at top these are not correct get well soon deserves better