Deadpool 2: The 50 Best Easter Eggs (And Other Hidden References)

deadpool 2 easter eggs

One of the most popular movies of 2018 was none other than a Marvel movie – duh! While Deadpool 2 brought us all the humor and fun you’d possibly need, it also gave us the chance to go on an Easter Egg hunt!

The Merc with the Mouth has worked extra hard this time to bring us a pop-culture goody bag. Along with various Marvel Easter Eggs we always look for, we’re also going to take a deeper dive into the oodles of references the world’s most medium-aware ninja has crammed into a two-hour time slot. Because golly, did he cram this movie absolutely full of them.

Roast up some chimichangas and put your feet up, because we’ve found 50 Deadpool 2 Easter Eggs and references for you munchkins.

1. Vespa Motor Scooter

This is something Deadpool did in the comics when he asserted a mocking bystander that his Vespa motor scooter is actually a motorbike and thus 100% manly. Fortunately, in the movie, this scenario was more a general need for wheels and wasn’t due to a clumsy idiot in a Rhino onesie, but at least we caught a glimpse of the Marvel hero on the scooter.

deadpool 2 scooter
Marvel Comics | Donners’ Company

2. A-ha: Take on Me

A song about loving someone despite all your shortcomings in life by a-ha. The music video is famous for showing a girl dragged into a comic book world by her romance, much like Deadpool did when he crossed over the other side to find his love, Vanessa.

vanessa deadpool

3. Yukio the Japanese Mutant

Yukio, Negasonic Teenage Warhead‘s girlfriend and a girl who is cute, pink-haired and very bubbly. Fans have compared her to the character in The Wolverine who also goes by the same name but others have suggested Yukio is in fact based on Surge, who appeared in New Mutants #8. Knowing Deadpool though he either likes this cheerful sugary attitude or is curious if there’s a hidden psychotic side.

deadpool yukio
Donners’ Company

4. Headpool

One incarnation of Deadpool is that of a talking zombie head from the comic book, Earth-2149. We catch a glimpse of a body-less Deadpool head when he blows himself up and his head continues to talk.

Donners’ Company

5. Classic Juggernaut

To show off that things are getting serious, Juggernaut rips his sleeves off, embodying his most iconic design from the comics. Why the Ice-Box would deprive all prisoners of everything but allow Cain Marco to keep his gigantic helmet though is a mystery.

deadpool Juggernaut
Donners’ Company

5. Juggernaut and Charles Xavier are Brothers

Juggernaut mentions to Russell that his helmet is designed to keep his half-brother out of his head “but it’s okay because he is in a wheelchair.” While this initially sounds like a rib on how Magneto does something very similar, Cain Marko’s father was actually stepfather to Charles Xavier. Charles really is his step-brother and Cain’s helmet really does do that.

juggernaut Charles Xavier
Donners’ Company

“Smells like Patrick Stewart”

What would a Deadpool-style reference to Xavier be without going all meta? In this case, name-dropping the most famous of the actors to portray Charles, Xavier – Patrick Stewart.

professor x
Twentieth Century Fox

Martha from Batman v Superman?

Among the list of excuses for why he is late to his anniversary, Deadpool mentions he fought a caped badass only to find out the guy’s mother’s name was also Martha. A clear nod at the infamous plot twist of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

batman v superman martha
Warner Bros.

Hope Summers

The daughter Cable mentions is likely none other than Hope Summers, a mutant girl of whom he is almost inseparable (due to a promise with Cyclops to protect her) in future timelines. Any timeline really, the future for the X-Men always seems to suck.

Hope Summers
Marvel Comics

Essex Corp.

When the name of Essex Corp appeared on a suitcase at the end of X-Men: Apocalypse, there were theories abound that we’d see an appearance of Mr. Sinister. In Deadpool 2 however, there’s some highly questionable research into mutant-kind at the Essex House for Mutant Rehabilitation. Could this be a lead-up to Nathanial Essex, the supervillain also known as Mister Sinister?

essex corp deadpool 2
Twentieth Century Fox

Logan’s Death

When Deadpool opens up the film, he is rather annoyed that Wolverine stole his thunder by dying in Logan. The whole scene starts by the playing of a mechanical toy that depicts the moment in which Logan dies; on a log impaled in the chest by a tree branch.

logan death
Twentieth Century Fox

I’m Batman!

Even the Merc with the Mouth gets in on a DC classic. When Cable demands to know who he is, Deadpool puts on a gruff voice and shouts “I’m Batman!” In the style of the 1989 Michael Keaton Caped Crusader.


DC Darkness

Although Cable is about as gruff, serious and jerkish as he is in the comics, that doesn’t stop Deadpool making jabs at him. During their fight in the Ice Box, Deadpool asks him, “You’re so dark, are you sure you’re not from the DC Universe?”. It’s always a laugh hearing anyone poke fun at the DCEU’s infamous visual style under Zack Snyder.

deadpool 2 dc dark
Donners’ Company

Sun’s Getting Real Low

Deadpool has obviously watched every single Marvel movie! Trying to deal with Juggernaut outside Essex House, Deadpool goes meta as usual and tries reciting the lullaby used by Black Widow to calm the Hulk in more recent Avengers movies. Deadpool’s efforts aren’t as successful, however.

suns getting low
Marvel Studios


Yep, this was a real group in the comics. Deadpool’s team even included members of the original roster including Domino, Shatterstar and Cable with hints they were really looking to include Archangel (who would join in later incarnations alongside Deadpool).

Marvel Comics

Deadpool’s Grey Costume

If the way Deadpool’s costume turns a shade of grey after Russell burns him seems peculiar, it’s no accident. While fighting as part of the comic-side X-Force, Deadpool was known for wearing a grey-and-black costume.

Deadpool grey
Marvel Comics

Those After-Credit Scenes

This definitely goes down as one of our favorite post-credit scenes! Among the time-travel escapades Deadpool deals with during the end-credits sequence are shooting his Weapon Eleven self in Origins: Wolverine, and shooting Ryan Reynolds just after the guy’s finished reading the script for the infamous Green Lantern movie.

green lantern ryan reynolds
Warner Bros.

Copying James Bond

When the opening credits roll, viewers are treated to an introduction sequence that is very James Bond-esque. This includes a hit song by Celine Dion, a host of visual displays and a good deal of foreshadowing if you know what to look for.

deadpool opening credits
Donners’ Company

Holy Shi*-Balls

Listen carefully to the music as Russell cuts a fiery path through the Essex House. Normally, this is Latin-sounding vocalization but the production team made it just clear enough that you can hear “holy s**t-balls” repeated over and over as a choir chant.

russell deadpool 2
Donners’ Company

Deadpool’s Love for Canada

Deadpool doesn’t like it when people make fun of Canada and there’s a very good reason why. In fact, there are several Canada references in the movie. This is where the Ice Box prison is located in the comics. Also, atop Dupinder’s taxi is an advert for Alpha Flight. It looks like an airline advert, but Alpha Flight is really a Canadian superhero team (and more reason for Deadpool to not believe Canada is harmless and inferior). 

alpha flight deadpool 2
Donners’ Company

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Reference

In one of the post-credit scenes, Deadpool tries to block a barrage of bullets from Cable in a way similar to how he tried in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Difference is, he pretty much fails after bisecting the first bullet. The only thing that keeps him from collapsing is his healing factor. Still, it was a great nod to the predecessor movie (if that’s what you like to call it).

deadpool x-men origins
20th Century Fox

Meeting Lady Death

Deadpool’s repeated near-death experiences in order to meet his love are a shout-out to another love he’s had in the comics. Namely the time he was brought to the brink of death to meet Lady Death, the cosmic personification of death and girlfriend of Thanos. We cover that in a little bit more detail in our Marvel Facts post.

deadpool thanos death
Marvel Comics

Zip-it, Thanos

Aside from sharing a deadly serious persona, there’s another reason for D-pool to link Cable with the Mad Titan – Josh Brolin provides voice and face for the big guy in Marvel’s Infinity War. It was a great private joke for Marvel fans to hear Deadpool tell Cable, “Zip-it, Thanos”.

zip it thanos

Xavier’s Wheelchair

That’s not any Xavier-style wheelchair Deadpool rides around in when lounging in the X Mansion, it’s actually one of the chairs Patrick Stewart sat in for the later parts of the X-Men trilogy.

wade professor x chair
Donners’ Company | 20th Century Fox

“M Day” is Near

Talking of an X-Men Avengers crossover, here’s another one! Upon the walls of the Essex House Orphanage are posters saying “M Day is Near.” This is some very disturbing foreshadowing that also delightfully shows what Mister Sinister is trying to do. “M Day” being the infamous X-Men/Avengers crossover arc where with but a whisper of “No more mutants,” Scarlet Witch depowers next to all of the world’s mutants.

m-day xmen
Marvel Comics

A Cure for Blindness

Remember when Deadpool said he hid lots of cocaine and a cure for blindness in the floorboards of Old Al’s apartment in the first movie? Turns out he wasn’t kidding because he went and grabbed the stash in the latest sequel. Although that cure for blindness looked suspiciously like more cocaine.

deadpool cure blindness
Donners’ Company

Basic Instinct Interrogation

Taking advantage of his temporary baby-legs, Wade at one point unfolds his legs to fold the other one over, something Sharon Stone does in the movie, Basic Instinct. Like with Stone, we may or may not have caught a naughty view at the halfway point.

basic instinct

Pryor Trouble

After the rather disastrous ending to the X-Force’s skydive, we see an ice cream truck with the name “Pryor’s Treats” on the side. This movie is teasing Mister Sinister in all but his appearance, as Madelyne Pryor was an evil Jean Grey clone of his creation. She also happens to be Cable’s mother.

Madelyne Pryor
Marvel Studios

Black Tom Cassidy

Poor Tom, he never really did much. In case you missed it, this is the character who threatened Deadpool and was later killed by Cable. Cool fact? Black Tom and Juggernaut are long-time accomplices in the comics.

Black Tom Cassidy
Marvel Comics

Hidden X-Men

Once again, Deadpool complains about how none of the mainline X-Men are available. He says this just as Beast quietly and nervously closes a door to a room full of them that included Charles and Quicksilver. Awk-ward!

beast xmen
20th Century Fox

Say Anything Easter Egg

Deadpool might have the 80’s movie, Say Anything on his guilty pleasures list. Instead of a boombox like we see in Say Anything, Deadpool uses his phone in a boombox phone case to play In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel in a similar fashion to John Cusack in the movie. Instead of playing the song to his girlfriend however, Deadpool plays it to Colossus.

say anything deadpool
Gracie Films | Donners’ Company

Obama’s Portrait

Among the portraits hanging in the X-Mansion are Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Barack Obama. It’s of little surprise, really. All three are historically big fans of egalitarianism, fair play and civil rights. Something Xavier has always wanted for mutants.

deadpool obama
Donners’ Company

Drawing Feet

When complaining about Domino’s power being “luck”, D-pool rants about how it must have been compensation by an artist who was bad at drawing feet. This is a bit of self-depreciative humor as Deadpool’s co-creator, Rob Liefeld was rather notorious for his struggle to draw feet.

ryan reynolds rob liefeld
vancityreynolds | Instagram

Like A Reverse Wolverine

D’s right about Cable being short, as in the comics he’s a bit taller than 5’11”. He’s supposed to be a gigantic 6’8”. This situation is similar to how the tiny 5’3 Wolverine is played by 6’3” Hugh Jackman. Hence, Reverse Wolverine.

cable comics deadpool
Donners’ Company | Marvel Comics

That Terminator Reference

Well, what else would you call a time-travelling apex warrior with a red eye of doom, heavy scars, a penchant for leather and a small armoury in their possession? John Connor, of course. Deadpool makes a clever reference to the Terminator movies as he shouts, “Hands off the kid, John Connor”.

John Connor
Paramount Pictures

Cable’s Terminator-Style Entrance

That’s not all. There was another Terminator reference in Deadpool 2 when Cable almost comes in like the T-800 himself. Appearing via time travel, the first thing Cable does is attack a bunch of rednecks and steal their car, just as Arnold Schwarzenegger did in Terminator: 2 Judgment Day when he took on bikers and stole their motorcycle. Cable’s about as polite about it as the killer robot was, too.

cable terminator
Donners’ Company | Paramount Pictures

Stranger Things Nod

After Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio fix Cable’s time-travel device, Deadpool thanks “Eleven.” A Tony Stark style nod to the mopey, solemn, super-powered girl with a short head of hair from Stranger Things.

negasonic eleven
Donners’ Company | Netflix

Robocop Nod

There’s nothing that goes over Deadpool’s head, not when it comes to movies. Spotting with eagle-eyes when Colossus rips a line straight from 1980’s classic, Robocop. Colossus tells Russell to “Come quietly or there will be trouble,”. Sounds familiar, right?

Orion Pictures

Kirsten Dunst’s Shout-Out

Who didn’t laugh at Dopinder’s hilarious Kirsten Dunst shout-outs? Or shall we say “Kristen”? Dopinder quotes her character, Claudia from Interview with a Vampire when she says “I want some more”.

Kirsten Dunst interview vampire
Geffen Pictures

Brad Pitt’s Cameo

We only get one brief look at Vanisher’s true face, which is when he dies. The X-Force’s version of the Invisible Man is played by none other than Hollywood megastar Brad Pitt, who interestingly enough starred in Interview with a Vampire, too!

brad pitt vanisher
Donners’ Company

Ace Ventura Gag

When Deadpool bursts out of a coffin near the beginning of the movie, he calls out “Do NOT go in there!” He could be talking about the smell of a dead body, but he could also be echoing Ace Ventura leaving a posh bathroom with shredded trousers and acting like he took one hell of a no. 2 in the iconic 90’s movie.

deadpool 2 coffin
Donners’ Company

John Wick Shout-Out

While it’s really hard to tell who the opening credits are talking about (a parody perhaps to how most opening sequences in movies give names with no hint as to who they’re playing), we can guess this relates to how David Leitch, Deadpool 2’s director, also co-directed John Wick. I’m sure you caught the mid-credits, “Directed by one of the guys who killed the dog in John Wick.”

john wick
Thunder Road Prod

Honoring Annie

In Deadpool’s finest moment, he leaps to save Russell with a rendition of Tomorrow from the hit musical, Annie playing over. A song about being optimistic as no matter how bad today is, tomorrow will surely be better. When you have time travel looking to save the future, this is a given.

annie tomorrow
Columbia Pictures

Flashdance Homage

We’re not entirely sure why one of the moments in the opening montage is in homage to Flashdance but we’ll take it. Maybe Deadpool feels a connection to the song Maniac.

Flashdance deadpool 2
Donners’ Company | Paramount Pictures

Hawkeye Shout-Out

Poor, poor Clint. Even a Deadpool without his immortality is in on the meme that Hawkeye is rather rubbish compared to the other Avengers. Did you catch him throwing shade at the least favorable Avenger? “Give me a bow and arrow and I’m basically Hawkeye”, he said. Cut him some slack, Wade.

Marvel Studios

A Stan Lee Reference

Stan Lee didn’t make a cameo this time around, which is a first. But he’s not completely absent. On the wall of Vanessa and Deadpool’s apartment, among other things, is a poster saying “True Believers” – this is Stan’s name for his Marvel fans.

True Believers deadpool 2
Donners’ Company

Chimichangas on the Menu

Deadpool’s trademark Tex-Mex favorite, Chimichangas take on a prominent role this time around. He’s readying a couple on his way out and every time his microwave goes ‘ping’ something explosive happens. Whether it’s the cue to blow himself up or a signal that time’s up and he has to come back from the brink of death.

deadpool Chimichangas
Donners’ Company

Wish Granted Connor!

Among the names Deadpool thinks of for the possible baby he could have with Vanessa is “Connor.” We feel pretty sure this is in tribute to Connor McGrath, the kid who got to see the first Deadpool movie early as he battled cancer via a promise by the Make a Wish Foundation. Gone but never forgotten, right Ryan?

Connor McGrath

TV Breaks Fourth Wall

Looks like the TV of all things broke the fourth wall. As the first attack on Essex House is reported, one headline in the ticker reads “Christopher Plummer refuses role in Deadpool 2.” If a movie could pout, Deadpool 2 would be doing it.

Christopher Plummer
Imperative Entertainment

Up There with Jesus

In a box office sense anyway. Deadpool 1 is one of the highest-grossing R-rated films in the United States, second only to The Passion of the Christ. Which does indeed get beaten by the Deadpool in the international markets. Funnily enough, Wade points this out during the movie.


That was quite a list, it was coming up to a nod a minute with some of these. There were so many Easter Eggs and hidden references that if you’ve seen any that we didn’t list, let us know in the comments. But first, my chimichangas are ready so let me just—

Oh come on!



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