Miley Cyrus – 25 Crazy Facts No One Tells You About

miley cyrus facts

From a Disney star to a twerking diva that wrecks balls, this popstar is known to have stirred up a storm with her crazy antics – leaving little to the imagination for her followers. From a young engagement to a confession of her love for ‘marijuana’, the teenage rebel has broken the internet on a regular basis. With a cleaner act, it’s led us to wonder what other side of Miley we have yet to see.

To find out, we’ve done a little digging and discovered some crazy Miley Cyrus facts you probably didn’t know until now – continue scrolling to get the low down!

1. Miley Cyrus was Born ‘Destiny Hope’

Indeed, “Miley Cyrus” isn’t the popstar’s real name! Her birth name was actually Destiny Hope because her famous father, Billy Ray thought that she was born to bring hope into this world (kinda questionable?). How did she come up with her current name? In 2008, the Plastic Hearts singer decided to legally change it to “Miley” after she grew up with the nickname Smiley.

destiny hope cyrus
mileycyrus | Twitter

2. She was Acting well Before Hannah Montana

Miley set out to be a little diva when she appeared in her dad’s TV show, Doc whilst they lived in Toronto. It seems like she was destined (see what we did there?) to be on the big stage from a super young age. Mils was only 8 years-old when she landed this role!

miley cyrus doc
Pebblehut Productions

3. Miley was Forced to be Right-Handed

The Malibu singer may have been born left-handed, but did you know that her dad forced her to play the guitar with her right hand (because using your left is said to be difficult)? With practice, the singer learnt to also write with her right hand. Crazy, right? Miley claims that her terrible handwriting is down to the fact that she’s ambidextrous.

4. She’s a High-School Dropout

It comes as no surprise that Miley got the boot out of her evangelical private school – she’s been a unruly since day 1! It’s been rumored that the naughty hipster told a classmate what French kissing was which led to her expulsion. Once a bad girl, always a bad girl, right?

5. Miley Can’t Drive

The Disney star revealed that she’s a terrible driver and even her ex-boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth didn’t let her take charge of the wheel when they were together. “I am a really awful driver and Liam never lets me forget I should not be allowed to drive,” she told Billboard. Thanks for not putting those “bad woman driver” stereotypes to rest Miley!

miley cyrus cant drive
Touchstone Pictures

6. She’s Bisexual

Miley hasn’t been shy of letting the world know about her interest for both boys and girls. Other than her famous boyfriends like Nick Jonas and Liam Hemsworth, the popstar has also rumored to have hooked up with ladies, too including Stella Maxwell and Kaitlynn Carter!

Stella Maxwell miley cyrus
mileycyrus | Instagram

7. Miley’s a Tattoo Junkie

Other than the occasional pink armpit hair, this truly individual star isn’t shy of a little ink – she has over 30 tattoos that all have a personal meaning. She pays tribute to the legend Michael Jackson, her grandma and her beloved pets that passed away. Miley even has one that represents her strong support for the LGBT community and a shocking tattoo inked on her lips! Go Miley!

miley cyrus tattoos
mileycyrus | Instagram

8. Her Hidden Talent is Art

Miley is more than a triple threat with a hidden talent in art. Not quite the next Picasso, but this gifted girl managed to showcase her art collection, titled “Dirty Hippie” at Jeremy Scott’s runway show at New York Fashion Week in 2014.

miley cyrus artwork
mileycyrus | Instagram

9. She’s Camera Shy

It’s hard to believe that this tongue-wagging superstar is actually a little shy in front of the camera. She told TV host, Ellen DeGeneres that she pulls silly faces in front of the camera to hide her awkwardness. “I really don’t like taking pictures. I feel very uncomfortable taking pictures and so it’s like a nervous habit because it just seems so awkward to take a picture, I don’t know how to do it… it just feels more comfortable” she revealed.

10. She Was a YouTube Amateur

In 2008, Miley and her best pal, Mandy Jeroux hosted their very own YouTube show called “The Miley and Mandy Show” (original right?). In this amateur online show, the girls were spotted hanging out in their room, playing music and goofing around – like any crazy teen. The girls soon gave up their love of filming and editing after producing 30 videos.

The Miley and Mandy Show

11. She Has a Heart-Condition

Before you begin to panic, let’s set the record straight and inform you that it’s not life-threatening. However, Miley Cyrus does suffer from a condition called Tachycardia, which in simple terms means that her heart beats faster than the average Joe.

12. She Isn’t a Fan of ‘Wrecking Ball’

Shocking, right? Whether you love it or hate it, this hit-song can stick in your head all day long. Yet, the popstar revealed that she doesn’t actually like the chart-topping song, but will perform it for her fans. Miley once said, “’Wrecking Ball’…Sorry guys… I’ll do it but I don’t love it. When you are so stoked on something you are so happy then you have to go sing a song that is about a big bummer. And then I can never live down that I licked a sledgehammer.” Miley also revealed that her “worst nightmare” would be to have Wrecking Ball played at her funeral.

13. Her Idol is Pharrell

Miley’s not shy to talk about her admiration for Pharrell Williams – she is super grateful that he was able to see her potential beyond being “just a Disney star”. She has also revealed that she aspires to be like him.

miley cyrus pharrell
mileycyrus | Instagram

14. She has a Famous Godmother

Who knew these celebrities were related? Well, kinda. Miley’s been blessed to grow up around iconic legends – she was baptized by renowned singer, Dolly Parton and even got to share some air time with her when she played her aunt in Hannah Montana. Did you catch their joint performance of Jolene on The Voice?

miley cyrus dolly parton

15. She’s Petrified of Spiders

Miley Cyrus has had many pets over the years, from dogs, to cats and even pigs! One animal (or creepy crawly) that she won’t have in her home, however, are spiders! Indeed, they’re Miley Cyrus’ greatest fear! The quirky celeb has confessed that she’s scared of the crawling creatures and can’t seem to get over her fear. Aren’t we all Miley!

16. Her First Controversy Was at the Age of 15

It didn’t take long to get the press talking after Miley appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair half-naked (surprise, surprise, I know). The teen was captured topless, wrapped in just a silk sheet. It’s safe to say though that photoshoot absolutely doesn’t compare to Miley’s more scandalous moments to come…

miley cyrus vanity fair
Vanity Fair

17. She’s Richer than Billy Ray

With a net worth of over $180 million, the young star is richer than her country singer and actor dad, Billy Ray. This sassy entrepreneur made most of her money through selling out arena tours, appearing in films and TV shows and selling merchandise.

miley cyrus and dad

18. Her First Love was a Jonas Brother

Of course, the scandalous celeb was involved in a bitter love triangle with Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez. When she was just 14, she fell in love with the handsome singer, who loved someone else. She revealed that at the time “she thought she would never be able to get over it”.

miley cyrus nick jonas

19. She has a Serious Rainbow Obsession

This quirky star hasn’t been shy to express her love for the rainbow from dreads, to outfits and colorful manicures. Her rainbow obsession even goes as far as her brekkie with Lucky Charms being her top choice in the morning.

miley cyrus rainbow
mileycyrus | Instagram

20. Her First Job Was Collecting Bras

Here’s an interesting fact about Miley! Not quite the traditional teenage job – Miley was paid $10 by her father to go around and pick up underwear that his fans would throw on stage following his performance. We’ve all gotta start somewhere!

21. She Wasn’t Supposed to be Hannah Montana

The Disney show may be the reason why Miley is famous but did you know that she originally auditioned to play the role of Hannah’s bestie; Lilly Truscott? Later, however, producers of the show encouraged her to go for the lead role instead. After deliberation, they saw something in her and set her on the path to stardom aged just 14.

hannah montana

22. Her First Hook Up Was With a Model

This piece of trivia proves that Miley has been causing controversy from early on. Miley’s first public relationship was with model, Justin Gaston when she was 16 and he was 20. The controversial relationship lasted 9 months but she later revealed that it was nothing serious and that her first true love was Liam.

miley cyrus Justin Gaston

23. She’s Pals with Kanye West

Why does it not surprise us that Miley is friends with the reputable rapper?! They both have a wild imagination and the skill to shock their fans with outrageous acts. The twerking star told Rolling Stone magazine that before she performed at the VMAs, Kanye asked to have a quick chat with her and said: “that there are not a lot of artists [he] believe in more than [her] right now.” She loves him right back, as seen by this hilarious photo she edited and uploaded to her Instagram!

miley cyrus kanye west
mileycyrus | Instagram

24. Her Twerking VMA Performance Broke Records

Miley’s outrageous VMA performance was the most-talked-about event on Twitter beating Beyoncé’s performance at the Superbowl. Her twerking shenanigans generated 360,000 tweets every minute.

25. She has Several Siblings

Thought Miley Cyrus was an only child? Nope! As a matter of fact, the popstar is one of five and one of them is just as talented! Her 18-year-old sister, Noah Cyrus is also a singer while her 28 year-old half-brother Trace Cyrus is the front-man for the band, Metro Station. Miley also has a brother who’s two year’s younger than her, named Braison Cyrus and an older half-sister known as Brandi Cyrus. Finally, Miley also has another half-brother named Christopher Cody Cyrus. Check out a photo of her big family below…

miley cyrus family
mileycyrus | Instagram

Watching Miley grow up in the limelight has been fascinating from seeing an innocent child develop into a rebellious teen. Let us know whether you loved her wild side or her new, tamer persona in the comment section below…


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