Lady Gaga’s Dating History – A Complete List of Relationships

lady gaga dating history

Lady Gaga (real name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) has been in this ‘love game’ for quite some time but has always managed to keep the details of her love life out of the limelight. What she has been open about is her sexuality, confirming that she has been interested in both sexes in the past.

From one bad romance to another, the pop princess who wows all with her powerful performances and controversial moments has had her fair share of heartbreaks and kissed a number of frogs until she found her new prince, Michael Polansky. To find out which other lucky fellas and ladies dated the superstar, continue reading Lady Gaga’s dating history below…

Ex: Robert Fusari

Who is He? Record Producer

Dated In: 2007

After experiencing sexual assault early on in her music career, Gaga was later linked to the Grammy-award winning record producer. He discovered her when she was still going under her real name ‘Stefani Germanotta’ and claimed to have bagged her a record deal at the age of 23. It was reported that the two were romantically involved whilst Rob was still engaged and living with his fiance. The relationship went sour when Rob tried to sue the popstar in 2010 for “$30 million, claiming he co-wrote some of her most popular hits and even chose her stage name.” He claims she promised him a 20% cut and didn’t deliver. No settlement was reported but Rob dropped the lawsuit later that year. Maybe Gaga sealed a secret deal behind closed doors?

lady gaga rob Fusari

Ex: Tara Savelo

Who is She? Celebrity Make-Up Artist

Dated In: 2009

One of the reasons why we love Lady Gaga so much is her honesty about her bisexuality. It’s rumored that the fashion icon hooked up with her make-up artist after meeting her on the set of the Bad Romance video. The two became inseparable and Tara ended up working for the Haus of Gaga (her personal fashion label). She shortly dropped off the scene as it was reported that she had major health complications and had to go to hospital. The pair haven’t been pictured together since.

lady gaga Tara savelo

Ex: Speedy

Who is He? Model & Entrepreneur

Dated In: 2009

The controversial singer shared a short-lived romance with entrepreneur and bad boy, Speedy after they met on the set for her video Love Game. The pair split later on in the year, leaving Gaga heartbroken. Speaking of her ex-boyfriend, she told the Daily Mail: “Do you know the feeling of your heart being so terribly broken you can feel the blood dripping out? … When you have felt this, only then you know how I’m doing.” Although controversially, her ex-lover claimed that the break up was due to the pop princess’s infidelity when a picture leaked of her kissing another man whilst they were still together. The truth is unknown but what we do know, is that this duo were not suited for each other.

lady gaga Speedy

Ex: Matthew “Dada” Williams

Who is He? Creative Director of Haus of Gaga

Dated In: 2009–2010

The Mother Monster started dating the fashion designer after they randomly met a sushi restaurant. Although they had a strong physical connection, Gaga decided to end their romantic relationship and form a business one when she discovered his unreal talents. After one of her most ‘sane’ breakups, the Joanne singer appointed the creative genius as the director of Haus of Gaga. It seems like the business woman played her cards right in this love match by making the decision to end it before things turned sour.

lady gaga Matthew Williams

Ex: Angelina Jolie

Who is She? Actress and Hollywood Royalty

Dated In: 2010

The pop idol was linked to Hollywood star, Angelina with claims rising that the two had an affair together in 2010. The Tomb Raider star was reportedly “obsessed” with Gaga, leading many to believe she may have cheated on ex-husband, Brad Pitt. Now that would make headlines! A source close to the star told celebrity journalist, Ian Halperin that the wild women had a secret hook-up at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. No comments have been made by either Angelina or Lady Gaga regarding the crazy claims.

lady gaga angelina jolie

Ex: Luc Carl

Who is He? Bar Owner

Dated In: 2005 & 2010

Gaga first found love with bar owner Luc Carl in 2005 before her rise to fame. However, when the Bad Romance singer was exposed to the limelight, a strain was placed on their relationship turning it into a rocky one, forcing them to eventually end things. The two gave their relationship another go in 2010 after the fashion icon openly confessed in an interview with Rolling Stone that: “she’s never really loved anyone like Luc and that their relationship shaped her”. Gaga was later heartbroken once more after learning that he was still seeing his girlfriend and revealed the split on the Graham Norton Show in 2011.

lady gaga Luc Carl
Nic Paone

Ex: Taylor Kinney

Who is He? Actor

Dated In: 2011–2016

The Born this Way singer lived a whirlwind romance with Vampire Diaries star, Taylor Kinney. They first laid eyes on each other on the set for her video You and I where Kinney ironically played Gaga’s sweetheart. The pair seemed inseparable, especially when the actor proposed to her on Valentines Day in 2015 with an enormous heart-shaped engagement ring. Sadly, the engagement didn’t last long when the pair broke up in 2016 while she was filming the movie A Star is Born. The pop princess puts the split down to her blossoming career, claiming that every time she takes one step forward in her profession, her love life takes a hit and results in a broken heart. Poor Gaga!

lady gaga Taylor Kinney

Ex-Fiancé: Christian Carino

Who is He? Talent Agent

Dated In: 2017-2019

A wounded Gaga was laying low in the dating scene – until she secretly accepted a proposal from her agent, Christian Carino. She kept the details of this relationship close to her heart and rarely appeared with him in public. Just when we thought this romance was the real deal for the Just Dance singer, the duo split up in February 2019 after their relationship apparently “just didn’t work out”.

lady gaga Christian Carino

Ex: Dan Horton

Who is He? Music engineer

Dated In: July 2019-October 2019

Just a few months after her split with Christian Carino, Gags was spotted kissing her new beau, Dan Horton. The duo were seen making out on a romantic lunch break, keeping their new fling far from private. It seems the superstar has a thing for colleagues – Dan is Gaga’s music engineer!

Boyfriend: Michael Polansky

Who is He? Tech CEO

Dated In: Dec 2019 – Present

We guess Gaga’s relationship with Horton was a bad romance because there’s a new man on the cards! As seen in her Instagram, the popstar has been cuddling up with Michael Polansky, a tech CEO. A source told E! News that Gaga is “crazy about him” so here’s to hoping Mike’s the man for years and years to come!

Gaga’s list of boyfriends (and girlfriends) has finally come to an end, folks. Even after a number of rocky romances, heartaches and broken engagements, the Haus Labs icon is still struggling to find true love. Did you think Carino was the one? Or do you believe that Kinney will crawl his way back into her life?

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