35 Best ‘Stranger Things’ Gifts for Fans

stranger things gifts

For years now, the hit Netflix show has been a big part of our geeky lives. From movie references to costumes, hilarious memes to heated debates with your mates around coffee (or shall we say Eggos?), talk about the top TV show has been rife.

Are you looking for some cool merch or memorabilia to offer fans of the show, whether it be a loved one or yourself? Here are some of the best Stranger Things gifts that will make great present ideas for any occasion!

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1. ‘Stranger Things’ Monopoly

It’s widely known that the 80s was the age of board games and strategy. So what could be better than a board game with tokens, cards and aesthetics straight out of Hawkins, Indiana? Featuring cassette tapes to add to locations, Hellfire cards and a race to close the Gates, this board game will remind you of the best aspects of the show.

stranger things monopoly s4

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2. ‘Stranger Things’ Jewelry

Nice accessories for anyone who loves to mix up jewelry and geeky items, here’s a bracelet and necklace ornamented with cute charms representing trinkets straight out of Hawkins – Jonathan’s camera, the number 11, Joyce’s hatchet, the emblematic bike, and many more…

stranger things jewelry set

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3. ‘Hellfire Club’ T-Shirt

It would be an honor…a dream come true…a wish to be part of the Hellfire Club, right? Well, with this t-shirt, you can pretend that you’re a member of this notorious club. Available in various colors and sizes, this t-shirt makes the best gift for a Stranger Things fan.

hellfire club tshirt

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4. ‘Notes from the Upside Down’ Book

Any fan of the show will feel like this is the read they never knew they needed. This is an amazing unofficial guide to the show, filled with useful insights into Eleven & Mike’s world, an essential 80’s music playlist, origin stories, lore, and much more. Indispensable volume on the show, this will perfectly complement your binge-watching and fill all of your geeky cravings.

notes from the upside down

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5. YuMe Character Figure Set

These are easily the cutest items on this list. If you like to have the best Stranger Things characters right by your side, these mini figures are the way to go. Decorate your shelves with love without ripping your wallet apart, and they will make you feel as if you’ve never left Hawkins.

stranger things capsules toys

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6. Eddie Munson Wall Art

No Stranger Things’ aficionado’s life is complete without a poster to decorate their bedroom with. This wall art depicting Eddie Munson in his last moments doesn’t only remind you of one of the greatest moments in Stranger Things, but it’s also breathtakingly beautiful.

eddie munson wall art

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7. Dustin T-Shirt

This perfect Stranger Things t-shirt comes in absolutely all types of clothing – unisex t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, and even dresses! Different colors for the background, different sizes…basically heaven on earth. Little bonus – you can even choose whether you want the print to be on the back or front! Anyone who adores Dustin will love this shirt just as much.

dustin shirt stranger things

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8. ‘Stranger Things’ Socks

These socks are so lovely you will never want to take them off, or else you’ll want to buy one pair for each day of the month! Inspired by different important elements of the show, these socks are just as quirky as they are warm. Even more ideal for the Christmas period!

stranger things socks

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9. ‘In a World Full of Tens’ Mug

This mug is the perfect gift for a brother, sister or bestie who loves the show. Decorated with an awesome Stranger Things quote, this mug is ideal for a topical binge-watch! Why be a ten when you could be an Eleven?

world full of tens be eleven mug

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10. ‘Strange Girl’ Cushion

Coming in four different sizes, this unique cushion is more minimalist, nonetheless fabulous and just as comfortable! Sitting on your couch will make you feel as though the show never truly leaves your living room or bedroom.

stranger girl pillow

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11. Steve ‘Babysitter’ Shirt

We all know Steve is the ultimate babysitter, right? If only we had him to hang out with us when we were teens! Show-off your support for your favorite character by proudly wearing this awesome apparel!

steve babysitter shirt

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12. Special Edition Lite Brite

This special edition Lite Brite is unlike any other and that’s precisely why it’s so amazing. Inspired by Stranger Things and featuring icons and themes from the show, the retro toy will remind you of everything you loved about Eleven (and the Demogorgon) and give your Saturday night with friends a tinge of excitement and fun!

stranger things lite brite

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13. Eleven Funko Figure

With their large heads and cute button eyes, these 3,7 inch Funko Figures are as adorable as they can get. Available to your utmost pleasure, all of your favorite characters from the show. This one is of the legendary Eleven holding onto her very favorite things – Eggos. Start your collection today.

eleven funko figure

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14. Lights Pillow

This pillow has three advantages – it’s comfier than a cloud, it’s as badass as the show, and it suits any household! Any guest who’s a fan of the show will notice this on your bed or sofa immediately!

cool stranger things cushion

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15. ‘Mornings are for Coffee and Contemplation’ Mug

This mug is imprinted with the original font from the show and a quote by Hopper that will resonate with all of us – “Mornings are for Coffee and Contemplation”. A lovely and oh so relatable recipient for your warm beverages.

Mornings Coffee Contemplation mug

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16. ‘Stranger Things’ Coloring Book

You can color 80 pages of your favorite characters and illustrations of the best scenes in this super-fun coloring book. Made for adults and children, this fun activity is officially licensed by Netflix and makes a great gift to wrap and place under the tree this year.

stranger things coloring book

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17. ‘Stranger Things’ Sticker Set

A collection of more than 40 stickers to place anywhere your heart desires. With your favorite faces from the show as well as quotes and iconic memories like Eggos and Palace Arcade, these pieces can be stuck wherever you like, whether it’s on your phone, skateboard or laptop!

stranger things sticker set

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18. Eleven-Inspired Clock

This super-cool clock is a great Stranger Things gift idea to decorate any room in yours or a friend’s place! With Eleven representing the number 11, this funny gift will make a great centerpiece in any home. Not only does it come with clock hands of different color, the frames also comes in different tones!

funny stranger things clock

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19. ‘Bitchin’ Purse

This Bitchin’ purse is both badass and practical. Coming in three different sizes, from small, medium to large, it will do beautifully in any bag and situation, from school to the workplace, college to fun outings.

stranger things bitchin purse

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20. ‘Stranger Things’ Backpack

Know a dedicated fan of the show? Need somewhere to travel all of your belongings? This backpack is as functional as it is stylish. With the faces of your faves, you will be able to carry the show everywhere you go, at any time.

stranger things backpack

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21. Graphic Travel Cup

This travel cup will make your trips, long or short, much more colorful. Imprinted with the signature lights from Joyce’s house, you will be able to show off your Stranger Things love as much as enjoy coffee in the most coolest of ways.

stranger things travel cup

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22. Hawkins Sweater

A warm choice for breezy days, here is a Hawkins Middle School hoodie that will make you feel quite like a Hawkins denizen. Coming in different sizes and colors, from burgundy to blue, this is a lovely idea for a loved one who likes to keep things both comfy and personalized.

hawkins sweater

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23. ‘Stranger Things’ Smartwatch Band

If you have a smartwatch, this band is an absolute must-have. With super-cool illustrations of the Demogorgon as well as Hellfire Club, there’s no better way to profess your love for the show. There will be no getting rid of Stranger Things if it’s always there when you check the time!

stranger things smartwatch

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24. Max Mayfield T-Shirt

Max Mayfield has a special place in every fan’s heart. If her quote means something to you, then this t-shirt should be yours. You can even gift it to a bestie who’s recently gone through a break-up. What a way to move on, hey?

stranger things max shirt

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25. ‘Stranger Things’ Keychain

Hang this detailed keychain on your set of keys and keep Stranger Things close to you at all times. This special little gift is also a great stocking filler for Christmas or a simple ‘just-because’ gift for a loved one. With the Hellfire Club logo, a cassette tape and Eleven’s epic slogan, there’s not much more you could ask for!

stranger things keychain

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26. Demogorgon Night Lamp

We can’t say this is the coziest of night lamps, but it’s definitely the coolest. This 3D lamp depicting the demonizing Demogorgon lets you change its brightness and color and will ward off any incomer or monsters under the bed!

demogorgon lamp

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27. ‘Friends Don’t Lie’ Blanket

If you know someone who enjoys cozying up on their couch, especially during a Stranger Things marathon, let them own this lightweight blanket. With symbols from the show including Eggo waffles, a baseball bat and the tightknit gang together, this throw blanket centered with Eleven’s quote is the ideal gift idea for fans.

stranger things blanket

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28. ‘Stranger Things’ Notebook

If you know someone who likes to doodle, needs a new journal for school or requires a place to jot down their notes, consider opting for this one. Adorned with cute art depicting your favorite gang together, there’s no better stationary to get your hands on this year!

stranger things notebook

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29. ‘Eddie is My Hero’ Bag

If ever there was an true hero on this show, it was Eddie Munson. He wasn’t around for long, but there’s no denying he has a place in our hearts. If he truly is your “hero”, then you should be carrying this bag around with you!

eddie munson merch

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30. Eleven and Max Pouch

Eleven and Max have a friendship like no other – and this zipper pouch says it all. Depicting one of the sweetest moments the girls shared together and emblazoned with the year “1985” on it, this adorable pouch is ideal for storing makeup, pencils or your everyday goods.

eleven max merch

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31. ‘Stranger Things’ Coasters

Simple, yet stylish and totally reminiscent of the show, this coasters will go down a treat for someone who wants to spruce up their home décor. With tiny and minimal silhouettes of the characters, there’s no better way to jazz up a coffee table at home than with these coasters.

stranger things coasters

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32. Eddie Munson Puzzle

Does your brother look up to Eddie? Or maybe your BFF or sister adores the iconic rockstar? Either way, this puzzle representing Eddie during his funniest moments is a brilliant gift idea for the one you love. This jigsaw comes in various sizes, so make sure to pick the one you have most patience for!

stranger things eddie puzzle

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33. Steve and Dustin Mug

Steve and Dustin have one of the best friendships going around. You can now honor their bromance by owning this mug. Or perhaps wrap it up for a friend or family member’s birthday this year. Whatever you choose, just know you’ll be drinking in style.

steve dustin mug

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34. ‘Stranger Things’ Apron

Make cooking that extra bit more special by wearing this apron. A bright and colorful collage representing Stranger Things and of course, Eleven, this apron should strictly be worn by loyal fans who also like to cook!

stranger things apron

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35. The Ultimate DVD Set

This season 1 &2 DVD/Blu-Ray Collector’s Edition Box Set is such an obvious must-have than one shouldn’t even have to mention it. Stylized like a VHS box, this vintage-styled DVD/Blu-Ray set is the ultimate proof of one’s love for the show and will basically become part of the family once it’s on your shelf.

stranger things dvd set

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Whether it be a mug, a t-shirt or a pop figure…these very best Stranger Things gifts are all you need to find the perfect product for a friend or yourself.

Birthday, Christmas present, wedding present, you name it…there’s no misstep with these. So, rush for them before they’re all out of stock, and bring more of Hawkins into a loved one’s life!

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