Worst to First! Camila Cabello’s Album Songs Ranked

camila album songs

Camila has certainly proved her power as a solo artist.

After making a dramatic exit from one of the world’s biggest girlbands in 2016, the little starlet has released her debut album following the ever-growing success of her single, Havana. Camila showcases her status as the queen of Latino music throughout this 10-track record and lets her distinctive vocal shine in other genres too. The ex-Fifth Harmony member has a few hit records under her belt but there are still some that fail to impress as much.

Here’s a list of Camila songs ranked from worst to first…

10. Consequences

For those who thought Camila would only be treating us to salsa-flavored hits, you’re in for a surprise. She can get emotional, deep and sentimental, too. Consequences isn’t a terrible song, it’s just the least best out of the bunch. The 20-year-old starlet tones down her usual saucy sound in this heartfelt and tender track. Unless you’re in a cry me a river-mood, you might want to press the “skip” button on this one.


9. In the Dark

Taylor Swift, is that you? It’s safe to say that In the Dark sounds like a track pulled straight out of ReputationCamila channels her inner pop princess in this dreamy, hypnotic and smooth track. Although it’s not highly ranked on our list, this song is bound to be a fave among Camilazers.

camila cabello

8. Something’s Gotta Give

Harmonizers, you might want to grab a tissue. The lyrics to this emotional record suggest that it could be about Camila’s departure from Fifth Harmony. “No reason to stay is a good reason to go”, she sings. Although an emotional number, Something’s Gotta Give is just a tad bit boring compared to its fellow tracks, is all.

camila fifth harmony

7. Real Friends

Camila sounds vulnerable and wears her heart on her sleeve in this stripped-back track. Singing about the negative side of fame and untrustworthy people in the music industry, the mini-diva almost sounds like Selena Gomez as she croons over an acoustic guitar. It’s reflective, it’s mellow and it’s true-to-life.

camila 2017

6. Inside Out

Camila gives us her signature Latin-vibes in Inside Out, a catchy hit that makes you want to bust your sexiest moves on the dancefloor. Although a bubbly and upbeat track, this one might just grate on you a little with its repetitive chorus. Either way, this one’s definitely got a place on everyone’s playlist.

camila singing

5. All These Years

Fifth Harmony fans will love this one. It’s so similar to a 5H song, we almost expected Dinah or Lauren’s vocals to shine through. Nevertheless, Camila stands out on her own in this poptastic, acoustic track which could pass as a sequel to Bieber’s Love Yourself. 


4. Into It

Beware Selena, Demi and Taylor. Camila might just be the new pop princess in town and this number is all the proof you need. The edgy and vibrant Into It showcases her best skills as a solo artist and in particular, her unique vocal ability. It has a summer hit potential and the lyrics are hot enough to make you want more.

camila 5h

3. Never be the Same

Never Be the Same is the second single to drop off Camila’s album and boy, is it a banger. Camila’s adorable, yet mesmerizing vocal impresses us the most throughout this addictive pop-track. Can we talk about that stunning falsetto? That must be what heaven sounds like. This one’s got us pressing the repeat button.

camila hot

2. She Loves Control

Turn up the heat, make your hips swing and sway and tire your feet on the dancefloor because this track is FIRE. Camila does what she does best in this Latin-influenced record. She done it in Havana and she’s doing it again now. Her impressive vocals reign over the reggaeton beat and she sounds powerful and confident. She Loves Control is a hit that’s going to be playing on our radios and in our local clubs for a long, long time and we won’t be complaining.

camila young

1. Havana

With over 50 weeks as number one on the worldwide iTunes chart, it only makes sense to rank this as the best song on Camila. It does after all, stand out most on this 10-track record. The spicy starlet dedicated this breakthrough hit to her homeland and made a mark on the music industry with its catchy, sexy and sultry rhythm. Alongside Despacito, Camila has popularized the Latin music trend and there’s no wonder why. It looks like Havana is going to be chart-topper for a long time coming.


Excuse us as we practice our best salsa moves. Camila has us wanting to channel our inner Latina more than ever before.

Which song on Camila ranks best in your opinion? Let us know in the comments below…

Camila Cabello - Camila
3.4 5 0 Queen of Latino

Camila has certainly proved her power as a solo artist.

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