22 “The Last Jedi” Easter Eggs Even Jedi Masters Might Miss

the last jedi easter eggs

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is quickly gaining momentum as one of the most controversial directions for the franchise since Jar Jar Binks, but trust us when we say we’re not here to judge whether it can be rightfully called a Star Wars movie. Regardless of reception, it can be said that Rian Johnson and his team did have fun scattering clues and nods to the wider universe throughout the film.

Here are 22 Last Jedi Easter Eggs that even Jedi Masters might miss…

1. “I Have A Bad Feeling About This”

Inserted as an Easter Egg in The Force Awakens and every film before it, this phrase seemed to have been neglected in The Last Jedi – or so it seems. Director Rian Jonson hinted on Twitter that he did indeed hide this classic Star Wars Easter Egg in a really sneaky way. Right before attacking the dreadnought, Poe tells his companion BB-8, “happy beeps here buddy, c’mon.” Guess what BB-8 replies? “I have a bad feeling about this”. Turns out the droid chirped this line in droidspeak.

bb8 and poe

2. Traditional Marvel Nod

In our look into Marvel characters who lose a hand, we mention that it’s a tradition alongside “I have a bad feeling” that someone loses a hand in a Star Wars film. The winner of that honor in The Last Jedi goes to Snoke, who gets a lightsaber blade though his forearm alongside an evisceration.

3. The Original Jedi Mosaic

It’s been something of a drifting idea that the Jedi were once open to exploring the dark and the light. This philosophy appears to be confirmed with the mosaic on the floor in the first temple. The mosaic shows a man in meditation, painted black and white in the contrasting style of the Yin-Yang which represents the intertwined binaries of nature and thus the Force that Rey describes as she reaches out. In short, it depicts the Prime Jedi, the first of the Order.

Prime Jedi mosaic

4. Luke’s Book Shelf

Remember those books that Luke so coveted? They may have been the Journal of the Whills given form. Supposedly, these sacred texts were the foundation of the Jedi Order, the first writings on the Force and how to commune with it. Another little tasty Easter Egg? The Journal of Whills was also a code name for George Lucas’ production notes.

luke books journal

5. A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy, and Money

While not an exact, word-for-word recital of one of Obi-Wan’s lines, Rose’s description of Canto Bight is a close match for describing Mos Eisley Spaceport. The buildings may be grander and the clients classier, but a “wretched hive” is a “wretched hive”.

rose the last jedi

6. Help Me Luke Skywalker; You’re My Only Hope

To convince Luke that he is needed, R2-D2 gives us a lovely piece of legendary history. It’s been over thirty years since we first got it but it seems Artoo still carries Leia’s original message to Obi Wan from A New Hope.

7. D.J the Slicer

Anyone who has grown up with computers knows Hollywood just can’t seem to get hacking right. Except here. Fun fact about Star Wars – D.J.’s method of code-breaking is a visual nod to “slicers,” Star Wars’ term for hackers for their use of thin implements that insert software to ‘slice’ into mainframes.

dj slicer last jedi

8. D.J’s Name Stands For?

We don’t know what “D.J.” stands for, the name of Benicio Del Toro’s mysterious codebreaker. But we can get a clue. Throughout the film he wears a metal band inscribed with Aurbesh that when transcribed into English reads “don’t join” – words he gives to Finn as they had back to save everyone.

dj star wars

9. Leia’s White Gown

Leia’s surprising arrival on the bridge in her white gown to zap Poe unconscious with her pistol might have had extra feeling behind it. Seeing Leia dressed all in white was a nice callback to her introduction in the first ever Star Wars movie. What’s more? The blaster Leia uses against Poe is a DDC Defender sporting blaster – AKA, the one she used in A New Hope.

princess leia DDC blaster

10. “Walk out with a Laser Sword”

If you’ve spoken to someone who might not have much of an interest in Star Wars, they might have referred to the iconic lightsaber as a ‘laser sword.’ It was an early name for the lightsaber which was hilariously nodded to when Luke shoots down Rey’s idealism and says “What do you think? That Luke Skywalker is going to walk out with a laser sword and face down the First Order?”

11. Luke’s Hand

Look closely when Luke receives his father’s lightsaber and you may notice that his hand still bears the marks of that time he got shot in the hand fighting on Jabba’s sail barge in Return of the Jedi. Ah, memories…

luke hand last jedi

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12. An X-Wing Door?

Luke upholds a peculiarity on his paradise island – he’s the only one in the village to have a proper door. That ‘door’ however is likely one of his old X-wing’s S-foils, probably the only piece of metal long and broad enough to function as a suitable cover.

luke X-wing door last jedi

13. Green Milk Run

The odd milk that Luke takes from the singing alien seals has a childhood significance for our desert-raised farm boy-turned Jedi. Back on Tatooine, Luke is shown to be drinking a blue milk with his family. In the expanded universe “blue milk run” was an idiom for a mundane task or an easy mission.

green milk star wars

14. Close to Nowhere as you Can Get

Luke’s description of Jakku as ‘that is pretty much nowhere’ may hit home for him more than he likes to admit. Back in A New Hope, a young Luke described his homeworld as “If there was a bright centre of the universe, you are on the planet that it’s farthest from.” Which is pretty-much nowhere.

luke skywalker

15. The Imperial Knights

Snoke’s taking notes surrounding himself with Imperial Knights. These were red-armored lightsaber users who swore fealty to the monarch of the Fel Empire, which was pulled together from pieces of the Galactic Empire 40 years after its collapse after Endor.

16. Han Solo’s Dice

Thirty years on and an extra year after Han Solo’s passing, the elaborate dice that hung In the Falcon’s cockpit are still there, as they have been since the first time we saw the cockpit’s interior. These aren’t quite the same dice though, as the original pair were normal dice painted gold and never intended for close-ups. It kinda hit the heart when Luke gifted them to Leia…

a new hope

17. Luke and the Two Suns

As Luke becomes one with the Force at the very end of the film, he looks up to see two suns in the sky. This visual callback brings back memories of when we first met a young and naïve Luke looking into the sky as the two suns of Tatooine watch over him in A New Hope. It’s quite the metaphor for the Skywalker story beginning and ending.

luke sunset

18. Crusader Crystal

Among Luke’s possessions in his hut is a hanging necklace with a red crystal. Unexplained in film, the Visual Dictionary identifies this as a Crusader’s Pendant. In Old Republic era 4,000 years ago, crusaders were the Jedi who defied the council and marched to war under Jedi-later-turned-Sith Revan against the Mandalorians. It might also be a nod to Obi Wan’s mention of Jedi crusades back in A New Hope.


19. Hyperpspace Tracking

We got a pretty juicy list of project names back in Rogue One. The mention of Hyperpsace tracking in The Last Jedi to find the Resistance fleet suggests the First Order cracked what the Empire couldn’t quite (as far as we know) work out, at least not before their entire domain collapsed around them.


20. Raddus’ Shout-Out

Carrie Fisher is not the only one to receive a memorial tribute in The Last Jedi. The Mon Calamari flagship, the Raddus, was named after the Mon Calamari admiral that accepted the transmission from Scarif containing the Death Star plans. Darth Vader cut his life short but a good captain goes down with his ship.


21. Beastie Boys & Joseph Gordan-Levvit

Thanks to his references to them in both his Wars and Trek projects, we know J.J. Abrams is a bit of a Beastie Boys fan. The tendril-headed alien who rats out Finn and Rose in the casino for their park-job is called Slowen Lo, a reference to their 1986 single, Slow-and-Low which is about telling listeners “this feels strange but keep going, you’ll enjoy yourself.” Want to know something else? Slowen Lo was in fact voiced by actor, Joseph Gordan-Levvit!

Slowen Lo last jedi

22. A Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Connection

Ever wondered how Luke managed to find Ahch-To in the first place? Hanging in his hut (along with another Easter egg) is the special compass he recovered from the remains of the Second Death Star in the game, Star Wars: Battlefront 2, which is presumably magnetized with the Force or something.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 compass

Those were the 22 Easter eggs we managed to catch but who knows, our Jedi senses could be missing something as the Force is known to cloud things at times. Did you spot any we missed? Let us know in the comments…

Once you’re done here, check out our next post – we’ve ranked the top Star Wars characters!



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