32 Ariana Grande Gifts For the Arianator in Your Life

ariana grande gifts

Tons of people love Ari’s pop hits, but it takes a true fan to douse themselves and their environment with her image.

Whether it’s for you, a friend, or family member, you won’t be able to get enough of the vocal vixen after getting your hands on one of these super-cute Ariana Grande gifts…

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1. Ariana Coffee Mug

There’s no better way to wake up in the morning than by drinking your favorite hot beverage out of this mug. A perfect gift to wrap up and place under the tree for your girlfriend, best friend or mom! Ariana’s silhouette is imprinted all over, making it an absolute treasure for the most loyal of fans.

ariana coffee mug

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2. R.E.M Perfume

Smell sweet with this sugarlicious Ariana Grande perfume. Leave behind a trail of admirers as they bask in the sultry smell of smash hits and cuteness. No need for cat ears when you smell like the diva herself.

ariana grande rem perfume

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3. The Ultimate Fan Book

Ever had someone question your knowledge about the dainty diva? Well, it’s time to educate yourself on the life and magnificent vocal range of the Dangerous Woman singer. Test your friend’s knowledge of the Victorious star, and gloat when you scored better. It’s the ultimate test to see who’s really Ariana’s #1 fan.

ariana grande fan book 2022

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4. Arianator Bag

Perfect for any occasion, this handbag showcasing your belonging to the team of Arianators is a wonderful gift for every fan of the Positions popstar. Simple, stylish, and sure to get the attention of passersby, this item can be yours with the click of a button.

arianator bag

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5. Ariana Grande Poster

Every blank wall deserves a little spicing up. And there’s nothing spicier than this cute poster of Ariana during her My Everything phase. It’s the perfect gift to showcase anyone’s support for the dainty diva.

ariana grande wall poster

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6. Ariana’s Cat Ears

Sometimes you just need to channel your inner Ari. There’s no better way to do that than by showing off your fierce personality with a cat-ear headband. Great for a costume party or just running daily errands, this headband will get you noticed. Even better – you can experiment with Ariana’s different hairstyles, too!

ariana grande cat ears

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7. ‘Thank U, Next’ Hat

There’s only one way to feel like a Dangerous Woman, and that’s by repping Queen Grande’s lyrics on your cap. This cute hat showcases lyrics to Thank U, Next, giving you the chance to be a stylish and dangerous woman!

ariana grande hat thank u next

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8. Arianator Necklace

Want to show that you’ll be an Arianator forever and always? Dangle it on your neck with this Arianator necklace. Shipped in a gift box, this necklace is already prepared to be the present of the biggest Ariana fan. Don’t miss out on showing your love.

arianator necklace

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9. Ariana Grande Clock

It doesn’t get better than this piece of Ariana Grande merchandise. This clock will show off your support for the singer all the way. If you or someone you know is Team Ariana, this décor makes the ideal gift.

ariana grande clock gift

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10. Ariana Phone Case

Ring, Ring. It’s Ariana, and she loves your phone case. Available for iPhone, this case will be sure to make every other Arianator jealous. Cute and stylish, this item guarantees quality phone protection, perfect for all of life’s conditions. Get yours before they’re gone.

phone case ariana grande

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11. ‘God is a Woman’ Cushion

Need a reminder of Ariana’s greatness, even in your sleep? Feast your eyes on this cushion featuring the Sweetener singer’s iconic lyrics. The right balance of cute and empowering, this pillowcase will surely give you sweet dreams.

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12. Grande Headphones

That’s right! You can listen to all of your favorite Ariana tracks through these epic wireless cat headphones, inspired by the singer herself. Make sure you listen to My Everything, Sweetener or Thank U Next in style and make passers-by jealous of your latest gadget!

ariana grande headphones

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13. Arianator Mug

Need everyone around you to know that you’ve been with Ari since day one – since Victorious, when the singer/actress was playing Cat Valentine and recording covers on YouTube? Well then, let this high-quality, ceramic mug tell your tale and show what and whom you’re about without saying a single word.

arianator mug

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14. Arianator T-Shirt

Whether this item is for you, as a Christmas gift or birthday present, this white and pink “Arianator” T-Shirt is perfect for all Arianators out there who want to tell the world that they’re a serious Ariana-stan.

arianator unisex shirt

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15. 34 + 35 T-Shirt

Need another way to rep the iconic popstar? Try slipping into something comfortable. This t-shirt is stretchy and breathable, complimented by the saucy lyrics to 34 + 35. Ideal for a friend, sister or girlfriend who’s in love with the star.

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16. Ariana Grande Sweater

Want something warmer? Every Arianator knows that Ariana is all about oversized sweaters. Try this one on for size and show off your support for her most popular star. Showcasing Ariana’s soft side, this top will keep you warm while showing your love.

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17. Ariana Grande Blanket

Some people wrap up with any old blanket. But you, you’re different; you’re an Arianator, and you wouldn’t be caught dead with anything less than this cute, blanket. Made for any occasion from bedroom to living room, this stylish blanket should be along for the ride.

ariana blanket gift

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18. Ariana Artwork

This impressive wall-art is enough to make any Grande girl happy. Featuring limited artwork of the popstar in awesome pink silhouette format, this merchandise will compliment any bedroom or office space.

wall art ariana grande

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19. Ariana Duck Toy

Only the silliest and quackiest of fans deserve this fun Ariana Grande gift! CelebriDucks turns the cute animal into various celebs and this one of Ariana in her famous Dangerous Woman gear is the cutest one around.

ariana grande duck toy

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20. Ariana Grande Puzzle

We bet you never knew such a thing existed! Well, now, all of your artistic dreams have come true! Spend hours piecing this beautiful jigsaw together and pat yourself on the back when you finally create this stunning masterpiece!

ariana grande puzzle

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21. Ariana Necklace

Looking for some Ariana-inspired jewelry? Opt for this delicate and dainty name necklace dedicated to the iconic diva. While many people wear this to show of their name, you’ll be wearing it to showcase your support for the star.

ariana gold necklace

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22. ‘Ariana Grande: Your Essential Unofficial Guide to the Superstar’

A cute gift idea for any Arianator! This ‘unofficial’ guide is easy to read with plenty of pictures of the ultimate diva. Whether you decide to treat yourself or gift-wrap it for a fan this Christmas, we promise it’s a purchase you won’t regret!

ariana grande superstar guide

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23. Arianator Zipper Pouch

Keep all your special belongings in this super cute and unique zipper pouch. Black, pink and pretty, this is a great gift for any fan of the dainty diva. Don’t forget to pop your r.e.m Beauty items in there, too!

arianator pouch

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24. Ariana Air Freshener

If you want your car journeys to be all about Ari, then drape this across your rearview mirror and enjoy the fresh smell of lavender. Don’t forget to have her playlist on in the background, too! This accessory is also a perfect stocking filler.

ariana grande air freshener

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25. ‘Yuh’ Coaster Set

Only the nearest and dearest of Ariana Grande followers know what ‘Yuh’ is. Indeed, the singer’s favorite and iconic word can be emblazoned on your coasters by owning this set of 4. Pink and perfect for any fan’s home.

ariana yuh coasters

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26. Ariana Grande T-Shirt

This absolutely adorable t-shirt will instantly improve any look. Whether you choose to buy it in black, pink or any other color for that matter, we know for a fact that Ariana’s cartoon face will make any onlooker say I see it, I want it

ariana grande clothing

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27. Minimal Ariana Grande Pillow

If you know someone who likes to keep their home décor quite minimal yet marvelous, this adorable cushion should be theirs. With a simple but original drawing of Ariana in the center, this item makes a fantastic gift for those looking to zhush up their couches.

ariana grande home decor

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28. Ariana Silhouette Tote Bag

A stylish bag that reps your one and only queen. Whether you take this bag with you shopping, on vacation or to school, we guarantee it’s an accessory that will jazz up any look.

Ariana silhouette Tote Bag

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29. Ariana Grande Notebook

Keep your notes and draw your doodles in this stunning ‘Positions Spiral Notebook’. This item is superb for planning out your week, jotting down a groceries list or even for school and college work. Wrap it in time for Christmas or gift it to a friend for their birthday.

ariana grande notebook

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30. 7 Rings Pillow

Give your home that extra special touch by adding this cozy pillow that you can lounge on. Whether or not 7 Rings is your favorite Ariana song or not, still, the lyrics imprinted on this cushion tells your guests that you mean business.

7 rings merch

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31. Dangerous Woman T-Shirt

This t-shirt will truly catch the eyes of ongoers thanks to its super cute cartoon illustration of Ari during her Dangerous Woman era. Available in different colors and t-shirt styles, this apparel is ideal if you’re looking to gift a fan of the superstar.

ariana dangerous woman shirt

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32. Focus Pullover Sweatshirt

Make Ariana the center of attention by slipping on this totally cozy sweatshirt. Heck, we think you’ll be the focal point if you’re wearing it! Repping Ariana’s pose from her Focus music video, this sweater is available in different colors and sizes for various fans alike!

Focus Pullover Sweatshirt

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It really is time to shop these Ariana Grande gifts while you can. You never know when you’ll feel like being decked out head to toe in everything Grande.

From wall art to what you wear, make sure you rep the powerhouse vocalist all year round.

This article was originally published in November 2017.



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