Worst to First! Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ Songs Ranked

reputation songs ranked

Taylor Swift’s sixth studio album is here, ladies and gents. She may be crooning about breakups, feuds and relationships, but it’s safe to say Tay’s done a pretty good job with this record. So which track stood out and which one failed to impress?

Here’s a list of Reputation songs ranked from worst to first…

15. Look What You Made Me Do

Look What You Made Me Do is so bad, it reminds me of nails scratching on a chalkboard. Ouch. How this song broke Spotify records, I’ll never know. Throwing shade at her arch-nemesis Katy Perry and bringing up more of Taylor’s enemies, (cough Kanye), Taylor fails to show-off her real talent in this otherwise irritating song. I wish it wasn’t the lead single.

14. So It Goes

It may have a thumping, explosive chorus but unlike its fellow dubstep-infused tracks on the album, So It Goes falls flat. It’s bland, boring and completely forgettable – I doubt it’ll be a fave amongst Swifties.

13. Don’t Blame Me

Singing about “breaking hearts” and “toying with older guys”, Taylor gets personal about her infamous ex-boyfriends in this trappy, electronic-inspired track. It’s not a sound you’d expect from a star that came from a country background but hey ho – Don’t Blame Me if this one doesn’t get many iTunes downloads…

12. Ready for It

Taylor has officially turned to the dark side. She’s no longer crying over a breakup or playing the damsel in distress – at least for now.  This edgy pop hit hears Taylor making the first move, ready to let the games begin. I never thought I’d say this but for the first time, Tay comes across as confident, sexy and badass. I’m not sure it suits her though. I’d much rather hear a sappy love song…

11. This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Sounding very much like a Katy Perry-hit (ironic, right?), Taylor gets brave and ballsy in this track that’s clearly an ode to her other arch-nemesis Kanye West. Bringing up the feud over his Famous lyrics (There I was giving you a second chance / If only you weren’t so shady / But you stabbed me in the back while shaking my hand), Taylor sounds petty, sarcastic and revengeful. Kim, we’re waiting for your comeback.

10. Delicate

Tropical music is so in right now. Taylor smashes it with Delicate, a track that sounds like part 2 of 1989’s Style. It’s a relaxing tune that I can’t wait to hear whilst chilling on the beach with a cocktail. Taylor sounds best when she hasn’t got her back up singing about feuds and breakups. Excuse me as I bop to the beat…

9. King of My Heart

King of My Heart sounds like your traditional Taylor Swift love song but with a pop-EDM twist. It’s a far cry from her country roots and I’m sure it’ll make her original fans raise a few eyebrows but I guess they’ll have to shake it off because this track is somewhat good.

8. I Did Something Bad

If you told me Taylor would turn rockstar back in 2012, I’d never have believed you. Tay gets loud and leary and croons about how she attracts drama in this pop/rock hit. I Did Something Bad isn’t your everyday Tay track but it’s undoubtedly listenable.

7. End Game

Reaching the half-way mark on our ranking is the Ed Sheeran (yay! BFFs finally collaborate) and Future-assisted track, End Game. Once again addressing reputations and relationships, the hip-hop-inspired song hears Taylor rap (yes, rap!) and Ed and Future lend their talent too. End Game is certainly one of the standout tracks on the album and it’s pretty good for a collaboration between three totally different artists.

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6. Gorgeous

Tired of all that trap music? Here’s a nice throwback to the old and sweeter Taylor Swift. Gorgeous is pop perfection, guys. You can’t help but smile and feel like a teen again as you listen to this pleasant pop hit that may be cringe-worthy but still good all round.

5. Call It What You Want

Original Swifties will rejoice whilst hearing this one. Call It What You Want is simply a nice pop song that younger fans can enjoy. It’s not over-produced, it’s lyrically-decent and it’s certainly a sound you’d expect from the pop princess herself. This one will stand the test of time.

4. New Year’s Day

The tear-jerking and sweet New Year’s Day hears Taylor stripped-back and vulnerable with only a piano backing her vocals. Although the soothing ballad comes at the end of the album, finally, Taylor showcases her singing abilities and song-writing skills. If only Ed Sheeran collaborated here instead.

3. Dress

I heard Dress and I was instantly addicted. Sounding like the sequel to Wildest Dreams, Taylor seriously impresses in this sexy love song. With a nice production, sensual beat and hot lyrics, Dress will definitely have an everlasting place on my playlist.

2. Dancing With Our Hands Tied

Taylor may have swapped country for mainstream pop but it’s safe to say she’s absolutely killing the genre right now. Dancing With Our Hands Tied is officially my favorite EDM, trap-infused hit on Reputation. The fun, catchy and energetic anthem will have me straight on the dancefloor with my girlfriends. It’s a keeper, for sure.

1. Getaway Car

Indeed, Getaway Car is the best song on Reputation. The love song is reminiscent of classic Taylor and has all the ingredients for the ultimate pop banger. Like I said earlier, Tay is at her best when she’s not calling out her celebrity rivals. There’s no need for loud dubstep drops or catty comments – when she’s in her comfort zone, Taylor Swift lives up to her pop princess rep. Getaway Car is definitely the crown jewel.

After selling more than 1.05 million copies during Reputation’s first four days of release, becoming 2017’s biggest-selling album in the U.S and being named one of this year’s most talked-about celebrities, it looks like Taylor Swift will continue to hold her position as the one of the top female artists.

What’s your favorite hit on Reputation? Let us know in the comments below…

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1 year ago

My Ranking:
15. New Year’s Day
14. Dress
13. Gorgeous
12. King of My Heart
11. Dancing with Our Hands Tied
10. End Game
9. Call It What You Want
7. Delicate
6. I Did Something Bad
5. Don’t Blame Me
4. So It Goes…
2. …Ready For It?
1. Getaway Car

1 year ago

Your whole article is a piece of sh!t.. seriously? she doesnt need to make songs that calls out her enemy?? she someone who is a literal lyricist, u dont get to call sh!t whatever she feels like doing. this whole article was like being a hater in disguise, this ranking and those sh!t talks u did sounded like u only listened to the album initially or actually never.

2 years ago

Don’t Blame Me is my favorite. Reputation album rocks!

Hazel Packwood
3 years ago

I have been looking around at people who have ranked all of the songs on the reputation album. I have been scrolling through the internet looking for the list that would have Getaway Car as the number one song on the album. You have won! Getaway Car is my favorite song on the album followed by Dancing with our hands tied :). The rest of the ranking doesn’t even matter! Cause those two are the BEST! YOU WIN!

4 years ago

We’re her fans because we like her goddamn music. You don’t like it, so don’t try to go into our shoes without an open opinion and say s**t like ‘I doubt any fans will like it’. Personally, I love the whole album and know one hell of a lot of others who do. Don’t write articles about something you know nothing about.

some guy
5 years ago

what the hell whoever wrote this review clearly doesn’t have a music taste like literally.

Madeline Bowley
6 years ago

I think Getaway Car should be 6 or 7. the pre chorus bothers me lol. but otherwise, good list!