Wonder Woman Halloween Costumes for Your Inner Amazon Princess

wonder woman

Being the Princess of the Amazonians can come easier than you think if you look the part. All you need is the right clothes and accessories, plus a touch of Wonder Woman’s belief in the good nature of humankind (sold separately).

You don’t have to be as rich as Wonder Woman to start cashing out! We’ve discovered 17 Halloween outfits and accessories that will make your Wonder Woman costume or cosplay stand out above the rest.

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1. Wonder Woman Costume 2017

Dawn the red, blue, and gold iconic new costume from the 2017 hit film. Dress, tiara, and gauntlets are included in this one-stop shop for everything you need for your outfit. All you need is a pair of boots and you’ll be off strutting your stuff as the princess of the Amazonians.

Wonder Woman Costume 2017

Buy the Costume

2. Adult Deluxe Cape 

Bring justice to earth with this cape replica from Dawn of Justice. Not only will you feel like a goddess as your cape blows behind you in the wind, but you’ll look like one too in this classy addition to any Halloween outfit.

wonder woman cape

Buy the Cape

3. Wonder Woman Wig

Having the gorgeous, always-neat mane of Diana Prince just got easier with this synthetic wig that will be the cherry on top of a perfect costume. Wear it to achieve the perfect Wonder Woman outfit, or just when you’re having a bad hair day and need to cover it up. There’s no wrong way or time to wear it.

wonder woman wig

Buy the Wig

4. Glovelettes, Tiara, Gauntlets & Arm Band

Accessories made simple. Get everything you need in one order. From the crown to the gauntlets and glovettes to the molded arm bands, everything you need for the perfect fancy dress is in one place.

Glovelettes Tiara Gauntlets Arm Band

Buy the Set

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5. Wonder Woman Crown

There’s no better symbol of Wonder Woman than the tiara she dawns on her head. You can’t look the part of the princess of the Paradise Island without the crown of the Amazonians, so get yours now.

wonder woman tiara

Buy the Tiara

6. Sword Costume Accessory 

An authentic replica of the sword from the films, this sword will be sure to the grab attention of everyone in sight. A great and powerful accessory, this weapon replica will make you look just like the wielder.

wonder woman sword

Buy the Sword

7. Light Up Lasso

Find out who is honest or not with your very own lasso of truth. Wrap it around those you believe have ill intentions and see if they’re as honest as they come or a stinking liar. It’s great for discovering villainy or as a great Halloween party trick.

wonder woman lasso

Buy the Lasso

8. Shield Costume Prop

Defend yourself from all the people who will be bombarding you asking about your great outfit by investing in an authentic replica of Wonder Woman’s shield. Not only is it great for blocking strikes from bad guys, but it also makes any superwoman costume 10x tougher and 100x more awesome.

wonder woman shield

Buy the Shield

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9. Original Wonder Woman Costume

Looking for a throwback to the OG outfit? Look no further. This traditional costume is everything you could dream about when it comes to looking like the famous comic book hero.

original wonder woman costume

Buy the Costume

10. Logo Necklace

Bling out while repping your love for Diana Prince with this icon necklace made of metal. Everyone will be able to tell how devoted you are to the fandom as well as remark on how shiny it sparkles. There’s no better way to show your love than by showing off this necklace on a daily basis.

wonder woman necklace

Buy the Necklace

11. Wonder Woman Gloves

Complete your fancy dress outfit with a pair of gauntlets from the DC comics and television show. The iconic pair of gloves will make you look like a vintage warrior from Paradise Island, and shows you really know your DC history.

wonder woman gloves

Buy the Gloves

12. Star Cuffs

No classic costume is complete without a set of cuffs. Use it to defend yourself from sword strikes or just wear them with your everyday outfit. It’s completely up to you.

wonder woman cuffs

Buy the Cuffs

13. Corset With Shorts

There’s no denying the sex appeal of Wonder Woman. It’s time to look sexy and bad ass simultaneously with this item of clothing, complete with shorts, for the perfect look.

corset shorts wonder woman

Buy the Corset

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14. Original Tiara

The classic tiara you know and love from the cartoon and comics are necessary for any traditional costume you wear. Don the famous crown and you’ll have fans everywhere approaching you in envy.

original wonder woman crown

Buy the Tiara

15. Classic Cape

The iconic cape can be yours with the click of a button. Don the red, white, blue, and gold of the cape from DC comics at any Comic Book convention or during your Halloween trick or treating! The possibilities are endless.

classic wonder woman cape

Buy the Cape

16. Wonder Woman Socks

Feel like a cozy crime-fighter with these socks, complete with little capes. Soon, you’ll be running around your house pretending you were the princess herself, but just be sure not to slip.

wonder woman socks

Buy the Socks

17. Knee-High Boots

Command attention with these sexy and iconic Wonder Woman boots. Not only are they stretchy and come in several sizes, but they also don the iconic color that will pair well with any outfit you pick. You can also wear them out to the clubs. You sure can get lot of use out of these boots!

wonder woman boots

Buy the Boots

Go out there and get yourself noticed this Halloween in your Wonder Woman outfit. You’ll look just like the fighter for peace with any of the products above, but just remember to wear her attitude for justice to top it all off.

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