IT the Clown: Pennywise Halloween Costume Ideas


Clowns aren’t creepy…said no one ever! If you plan on dressing up like Stephen King’s killer clown this Halloween, make sure you’ve got the outfit on point. Whether you’re a fan of the modern Pennywise or the version from 1990, we’ve got a bunch of terrific clown suits, masks and balloons that’ll terrify everyone this Halloween.

Here are a few IT the Clown Pennywise Halloween costume ideas that are bound to make everyone’s nightmares come true…

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1. Pennywise Mask 2017

Scare your friends and family with this mask that almost resembles the terrifying clown from the movie. It captures his high, large forehead, blood-red facepaint and yellow eyes. What’s more? It even features Pennywise’s fluffy red hair…

pennywise mask

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2. Pennywise Costume 2017/19

Channel your inner-killer-clown with this costume that eerily matches Pennywise’s freaky outfit. Don’t forget to be on the lookout for those who fear you most and scare a few kids along the way…

pennywise it costume

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3. IT Clown Shoes 2017

Ready to perform a creepy circus act? Learnt Pennywise’s dance off by heart? Make your performance look accurate to a T with these IT the clown shoes. They’ve even got red fluffy balls on them. If you wear a character costume, at least do it the proper way!

pennywise clown shoesBuy the Shoes

4. White Gloves

All killer clowns need a pair of white gloves to perform their deadly tricks! Make sure you’re wearing Pennywise’s gloves before attending your costume party. You can even splatter some red paint on them to really look the part!

it clown gloves

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5. Red Balloon

You can’t dress up as IT without holding a red balloon – it’s the clown’s ultimate tool! Let everyone know you’ve arrived at the party by letting a few red balloons float around. Just the sight of this balloon makes us feel a bit nervous!

pennywise red balloon

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6. Traditional Pennywise Costume

If you’re more a fan of the 1990 original IT, opt for this traditional outfit. This costume nails the original clown’s outfit so much to the point where every 90’s kid will recognize who you are. Once you look the part, don’t forget to act the part, too!

pennywise 1990 costume

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7. Pennywise 1990 Mask

There’s nothing creepier than the original Pennywise’s face. From his signature scary smile to his yellow, razor-sharp teeth, this mask is an exact copy of the 1990 killer-clown’s face. If you want to go old-school, then get your hands on this mask and prepare to scare all…

it clown 1990 mask

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8. IT Clown Wig

If you plan on painting your face instead of wearing a mask this Halloween, then make sure you’re donning IT’s traditional hair. This wig with a forehead attached to it will be a big hit at your costume party.

pennywise wig

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9. IT Clown Makeup

Are you more of a creative cosplayer? Paint your face like the horror movie’s evil clown with this awesome set of facepaints. In addition to a rubber red nose, you’re even treated to white cream make-up, three make-up sticks and sponge applicator. 

it clown makeup

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10. Pennywise Teeth

How else will you bite into your victim without a pair of fanged yellow teeth? If you’re not wearing a mask this year, slip on these fake teeth that are bound to scare off any person you smile at. Custom-molded to fit your mouth, these IT the clown teeth will make you look the part immediately.

it clown teeth

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11. IT 1990 Gloves

It’s hard to forget those killer claws from the original IT series. Add this set of Pennywise gloves to your outfit and start scaring the heebie-jeebies out of your friends and family.

pennywise gloves

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12. Balloon Set

Complete your IT costume with a set of colorful balloons. You’ll look like you stepped straight out of the 1990 mini-series if you’re holding onto these at your Halloween party. Let a few float around the room and let everyone know the killer clown’s around…

it clown balloon set

Buy the Balloons

Pennywise the Clown is undoubtedly the most frightening character to come out of Hollywood this year and now you can look just like him. There’s nothing like Stephen King’s stalking clown to scare someone this Halloween!

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