Game of Thrones ‘The Dragon and the Wolf’ – A Visual Recap

game thrones dragon wolf recap

This is it folks! It’s the grand finale.

There’s a showdown at King’s Landing; the inevitable death of a major player; the beginning of an incestuous love story and the end of another. The only defense Westeros had against the Dead Army also comes to a crashing end. All this and more in my Game of Thrones recap for Season 7, Episode 7, The Dragon and the Wolf.  Prepare accordingly.

game of thrones season 7


So much history between so many people, in such little time.

For the first time in the show’s history, we are treated to a gathering of many beloved (and hated) characters. Daenerys, Jon, the Hound and co have recovered following their trip to winter wonder wightland and are headed to introduce Cersei to Mr Wight – AKA dead man walking – to convince her to join the fight against the white walkers.

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There’s a bittersweet reunion between Bronn, Pod and Tyrion, a small exchange between Brienne and the Hound, and a minor threat made by Houndy to Mounty, and then it’s time for business.

Dany makes her grand entrance atop Drogon. The negotiations get off to a rocky start when Euron tells Theon he has Yara. Apparently she’s still alive after he took her hostage. His opening speech is then cut short by Cersei and Jaime who just want to get shit over with.

game of thrones drogon


cersei daenerys


Team Good Guys present the wight to Cersei. As the dead man sprees towards her, the fear is plainly written across her face.

Is this the first time the Queen has ever looked so frightened in her life?

game of thrones wight


wight cersei


Bit by bit, piece by piece, the wight’s body parts are slashed off, but still he lives, frightening Cersei and Jaime to the core. Finally, Jon lights up his fire sword, takes out his dragon glass and kills the creature.

Euron is all like…

outta here


…and gets TF out of there. He learns that wights and walkers can’t swim and is convinced he’ll be safe on the Iron Islands. Little does he know that the Night King now has a dragon who can wipe his island out in no time.

Finally, Cersei agrees about something. Indeed, the true enemy is the Army of the Dead, but in exchange for her help she wants the North (Jon) to promise to remain there and take no sides in the war.

Jon, being his father’s son (or is he?), stupidly admits he serves another queen (Dany), disappointing Cersei and breaking the deal completely. ARGH, you and your good ways, Jon Snow.

Cue the Brienne and Jaime reunion! It’s less emotional than I thought. Brienne tries to salvage the situation by convincing Jaime to talk to Cersei. “Fuck loyalty”, she tells him but he ignores as Cersei gives her the side-eye.

cersei side eye


Tyrion volunteers to talk with his sister solo. As the little lion walks into the Lion’s Den, the Mountain beside him, there’s the dreadful sense of an ending…

Meanwhile Jon questions the credibility of the prophecy of Mirri Maz-Dur back in season 1 regarding Dany’s inability to have children. Is it just me or was Jon basically saying, “Girl, you can have babies, lemme prove it to you”?

game of thrones dany


In the Lion’s Den, the atmosphere is tense. Brother and sister bicker over dead fathers and children leading Tyrion to urge Cersei to kill him: “If it weren’t for me you’d have a mother, a father, two beautiful children. Do it! Give the order!”.

tyrion dragon wolf



austin powers


But no, Cersei’s maternal instinct kicks in. She spares her brother’s life, he discovers she’s pregnant and what do you know – she returns to the Dragon Pit and announces she’ll send her armies TO FIGHT ALONGSIDE HER ENEMIES!

The confusion on everyone’s face is totally me RN. What made Cersei change her mind so quickly? I know Tyrion has a way with words, but his sister hasn’t always been the kind to fall for them.

The cautious cynic in me sees this act as what it might be – another trick. I mean, this is Cersei we’re talking about. It seems too easy that all these sworn enemies will work everything out so easily and join together for the greater cause…

At Winterfell, Sansa gets word of Jon bending the knee and complains to Littlefinger. She talks about Arya and Baelish seems to persuade Sansa that her sister is plotting to become the Lady of Winterfell after murdering her. SRSLY, how long must we watch Littlefinger try to tear the Stark sisters apart?!

Theon and Jon talk at length, finally. Jon semi-forgives him for invading Winterfell all those years ago and tells him he’s a Greyjoy AND a Stark. Just like Jon is a Targaryan and a Stark (hinting this is how he will deal with his own soon-to-be-disclosed conflict).

Theon sets off to save Yara, with a small setback from the unwilling Greyjoy men. One of these men injures Theon plenty, but Theon keeps getting back up.

game of thrones theon


When he kicks Theon in the nuts he smiles because, well, he has none – therefore does not feel the pain; so FINALLY, Theon strikes back! He knocks the man down, all bloody, washes his face clean and they set sail. Theon, so to speak, gets his balls back!

I’ve never been so proud of you, boy.

theon greyjoy


Back at Winterfell, the great sisterly strife comes to a dramatic end. Sansa, Bran and all the Northerners watch as Arya is brought to the Great Hall, accusing her of “murder and treason”.

dragon wolf



game of thrones dragon wolf


Sansa turns her head towards Littlefinger and Arya grins. MIC DROP! I didn’t see that one coming!

The fastest trial in history begins, as Lady Sansa, Faceless Girl Arya and the All Seeing Bran expose Littlefinger of murdering Lysa, conspiring to poison Jon Arryn, single-handedly causing the strife between Starks and Lannisters, and most importantly: betraying Ned and causing his death.

game of thrones baelish


arya stark


Arya slits his throat, and just like that- he’s dead. No more games, no more lies. Good riddance.

littlefinger death


Back in King’s Landing, Cersei reveals to Jaime she had no intention of helping Jon and Dany. She’d rather have them consume themselves fighting the dead. Smartly, Jaime points out that either winner (the dead or the North) will come killing them if they betray them now.

It is at this point Cersei reveals that Euron didn’t really run away but instead sailed to Essos to bring the Golden Company to help them win the war.

cersei lannister


The feud turns sour when Cersei accuses Jaime of conspiracy to aid their enemies and dang, the Mountain blocks his way.

Jaime tells it like it is to Cersei: he is the only family she has left, her only true ally. She fails to give the order to kill him and he walks away. So much for “no one walks away from me”, huh?

cersei jaime


Finally, Jaime is free (for now)!

As he rides away, snowflakes scatter across the lands. Winter has officially arrived at King’s Landing, and as the shot of the map of Westeros slowly filling with snow suggests, the harshest winter and the Long Night are already here.

game of thrones winter


Sam’s back at Winterfell! His first visit is to Bran. After a few awkward glances, The Three Eyed Raven reveals the truth about Jon Snow.

Bran tells Sam that Jon is the bastard of Lyanna and Rhaegar, but Sam corrects him and informs him about the juicy little detail Gilly discovered a few episodes ago (so he was listening) – Jon is in fact legitimate – cue for Bran to stalk their secret marriage.

Rhaegar looks just like Viserys!

rhaegar lyanna


As I long suspected, Jon’s real name was Aegon, and Robert’s Rebellion was built on a lie: the dragon (Rhaegar) didn’t kidnap the wolf (Lyanna), they were in love…

Aegon targaryen


… Just like Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryan are. Cue to the awkward aunt-nephew sex. They really went all the way! Meanwhile Tyrion stands outside the room, looking nervous or jealous. I can’t quite read it.

jon dany


jon daenerys love


game of thrones tyrion


As we watch aunty and nephew get freaky in the sheets, Bran’s voice-over confirms the theory directly: Jon is not a bastard, he is the heir to the Iron Throne. A long-suspected theory is finally exposed!

game of thrones heir


Whether you ship Jonaerys or not, this relationship seems to be heading towards tragedy… We get it, Dany might get pregnant, but with her record, and the state of affairs at Westeros right now, this is not a cause for celebration. I hope Jon won’t end up like Oedipus!

At Eastwatch, things are heating (or should I say “freezing”?) up. Tormund, Beric and the wildlings watch as the Army of the Dead approach the Wall. Hundreds and thousands of wights march nearer and out of nowhere a dragon lights up the dark sky with bolts of ice fire shooting from its mouth.

tormund finale


The Night King has arrived and he’s riding Viserion – dead Viserion that is – wouldn’t Dany be proud? *worried face*

viserion night king


viserion ice


After standing for thousands of years, the dragon takes down the Wall in a matter of seconds with his blue flame. Eastwatch comes crashing down as Tormund or Beric run for their lives.

white walker dragon


dragon and wolf


The Walkers make it past the Wall, bringing Winter closer than it’s ever been before.

This episode is no match for last week’s rollercoaster, but it had few key events that unfolded and a few major developments. Littlefinger is dead, the Starks are united, Jaime and Cersei parted ways, Jon and Dany made love as Bran and Sam confirm Jon’s status, and the Night King and his army breached the Wall.

We were teased with Cleganebowl (the Hound VS the Mountain), with the prospect of a military showdown between the Lannisters and Dany, with Theon rescuing Yara or learn her death, with Jaime fulfilling the Valonquar prophecy, but none of it came to fruition.

I think an applause is in order for the Lannister trio: Cersei (Lena Headey), Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) and Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldo) who definitely owned each scene, and their chemistry and interaction were among the best in the entire show.

Another great performance was given by Theon (Alfie Allen), who I’m positively relieved was even present at the episode. I’m not sure where his storyline goes from now on, but I’m glad his interesting character doesn’t get ignored completely.

And this is it for season 7!

Farewell Westerosi!

Until then, why not check out these super-cool Game of Thrones easter eggs you never saw coming?

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