Worst to First! 5H’s ‘Fifth Harmony’ Songs Ranked

fifth harmony album ranked

It’s a new and exciting era for Fifth Harmony. They may be down one member, but the girls have proven to stand strong as a quartet without their leading vocalist, Camila Cabello.

Dinah, Ally, Normani and Lauren don’t just slut-drop or shake their booties, ladies and gents. This album showcases their talent in singing, preaching powerful messages and encouraging girl power. So which song is the best on Fifth Harmony’s newest album?

Here’s a list of Fifth Harmony songs ranked from worst to first…

10. Down

Ironically, Fifth Harmony’s lead single off the album is indeed down on our list. Needless to say it’s a decent song, just not as memorable as its fellow tracks. The Gucci-Mane-assisted pop hit is sexy and fierce but it tends to become a bore after a while.

9. Messy

After a great deal of monotonous hip-pop and bubblegum tracks comes the soothing, Messy. The ballad is certainly not messy at all, but rather, clean and complimented by the girls’ angelic vocals. It’s a beautiful song, but it just doesn’t hit the mark like the album’s other tracks do. Kudos to Dinah and Ally, they sound stunning.

8. Deliver

This may not be the best track on 5H’s latest LP but it’s safe to say, the girls delivered. The heavy beat and the girls’ pretty vocals are enough to make Harmonizers proud.

7. He Like That

The girls continue to bring the heat in He Like That. The reggae-inspired track is catchy, full of confidence and it oozes cool vibes. Fans are bound to have this one on repeat. Excuse me as I sing along: Pumps and a bump, Pumps and a bump….

6. Sauced Up

Infectious jam and Pussycat Dolls-inspired track, Sauced Up guarantees to get all Harmonizers on the dance-floor. The girls get a little bit naughtier in this club cut, I can already picture Dinah, Ally, Normani and Lauren busting their sauciest moves.

5. Bridges

The sweet-sounding Bridges comes as a breath of fresh air on an album so full of upbeat tracks. Lauren and Dinah wow with their beautiful vocals and the lyrics are empowering and inspiring. It’s about time the girls’ talent shone. In fact, it glitters and glistens tremendously in this particular track.

4. Angel

Don’t skip this one, it’s a keeper. Fifth Harmony sound confident and badass as they croon along to the Skrillex-assisted track, Angel. The girls channel their inner Rihanna in this trap-infused jam which is bound to be on loop for a while.

3. Make You Mad

5H are wrapping up the summer perfectly with their latest album. Make You Mad, in particular is a catchy, feel-good tropical track that deserves the repeat button to be hit all day, every day. The girls sound sexy, flirtatious and flawless and the beat is irresistibly good. Turn it up.

2. Lonely Night

This track is enough to pick you up and “get your sh*t together” on a lonely night. The song oozes girl power as the band wave bye bye to the foolish guys in their lives. Definitely the best song on the album in terms of lyrics. It’ll be on my playlist for a very long time.

1. Don’t Say You Love Me

Finally, we reach the end of the line. And what a beautiful finish it is. Don’t Say You Love Me is undoubtedly the best song on Fifth Harmony’s newest album. Sounding incredibly similar to their rival group’s track, No More Sad Songs by Little Mix, this mid-tempo track is enough to have your hair standing on end. I love it. I admit it, I almost cried to it.

Who needs Camila Cabello, right? Fifth Harmony did so good on their third studio album, I’m excited to see what’s coming next from their new era as a quartet. What was your favorite song on the album? Tell me in the comments below!



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