15+ Kylie Jenner Gifts Every Fan Deserves to Receive

kylie jenner gifts

Kylie’s transformation from a teenage sweetheart to a cosmetics queen and selfie star has led her to become one of the most admired girls of our generation. Fans obsess over her and makeup lovers worship her, more so than her identical sister, Kim.

When eating, sleeping, and breathing Kylie just isn’t enough, you have to show off your love to the world. Here are 16 Instagram-worthy, Kylie Jenner gifts to help you like, realize stuff this year…

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1. Kylie Orange Hoodie

If you want to look as fire as Kylie, snag this hoodie! Bright and orange, warm and comfy, we promise you won’t look back if you’re wearing this item this winter!

kylie flame hoodie

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2. Rise and Shine Travel Mug

Kylie’s iconic quote will forever live on. If you want to always remember that hilarious moment the star sang “rise and shine” to her daughter, get your hands on this travel mug!

rise and shine kylie mug

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3. Kylie Cosmetics Case

Take a selfie while showing love for the selfie queen! This Lip Kit logo phone case is just the right amount of sultry and spice to fit the Jenner name. Not only will it save your phone from cracks and dings, but it’ll make your love for the Jenner babe so much more evident to the world.

kylie jenner phone case

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4. Kylie Poster

Need a bit of body inspiration to get you through the day? This sexy poster will definitely keep you motivated to go to the gym, and go out and grab a faux fur coat. Complemented by Kylie’s scripted signature, this poster is ready to grace any empty space on your wall or ceiling.

kylie jenner poster

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5. Kylie Hoodie

This fierce hoodie will not only keep you warm, but it’ll make you worthy of being in Kylie’s squad as well. Grab it in a few sizes over, and you’ll look like the queen herself. Just make sure to take a mirror selfie afterward.

kylie jenner hoodie

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6. Meme Pillow

Keep a wonderful reminder that even the most perfect of us have a meme-worthy moment every now and again. Relive Kylie’s day at the Sugar Factory opening with this glorious throw pillow, and make all your guests green with envy.

kylie jenner meme pillow

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7. Kylie Cosmetics Hoodie

If you’re a proud owner of one of Kylie’s Lip Kits, make sure you’ve got this hoodie on to match! Emblazoned with the Kylie Cosmetics’ logo and promising the upmost comfort, this clothing is all you need to complete that badass look. Perfect as a gift for a sister, girlfriend or bestie!

kylie cosmetics hoodie

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8. Kylie Logo Shirt

Want to get your hands on some Kylie merchandise? Send a message to everyone, reminding them that you’re the biggest fan of the Jenner girl. This trendy shirt can be dressed up or down and paired with a fierce necklace for the ultimate, stylish outfit.

kylie logo shirt

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9. Kylie Mug

If Kylie is your favorite from the Kardashian-Jenner family, it’s time to sip some Kylizzle! Keep warm during the winter by drinking your fave tea or coffee from this awesome mug depicting your girl looking pretty damn hot!

kylie jenner mug

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10. Like, Realizing Stuff Case

Looking back on what you did last year, it really was all about like, realizing stuff. Show off your trendy self with the reality TV-star’s infamous quote so that the whole world knows you mean business this year. Created to look exactly like the one available at Kylie’s shop, this phone case is the ideal gift!

like realizing stuff phone case

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11. Kylie Jenner Sweater

Encapsulate the cosmetic queen’s Devil-May-Care attitude by pairing this sweater with your ensemble. We all have those F-it days, and Kylie lets you know when she’s having hers. Let the world know about your attitude and flaunt your style with some cool Kylie apparel!

kylie sweater

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12. Kylie Bag

Who wouldn’t want to walk around with Kylz by their side at all times? Show off with this sexy tote bag and make all your friends jealous of your dedication to the curvaceous cutie.

kylie jenner bag

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13. Kylie T-Shirt

If you’re one to wear big baggy shirts (much like Ariana Grande), try this one on! Not only is it super sexy and stylish, it’s got your fave’s face on it!

kylie jenner shirt

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14. Rise and Shine Hoodie

If you laughed your head off when Kylie sang “rise and shine” to Stormi, buy this unique hoodie, just so you can relive that funny moment everyday! Makes a cute present for any fan!

rise shine kylie hoodie

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15. Stormi World Shirt

If you dreamed of attending Stormi’s epic birthday bash, you can pretend you were there by wearing this cute shirt that comes in any color you want! Ideal as a Christmas gift for that Kylie fan in your life!

stormi world shirt

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16. Lip Kit Hat

Couldn’t get Kylie’s latest lip kit before it sold out online? Pucker up with this Lip Kit cap. In several, seductive colors, you will look like the diva herself and rep the iconic coated lip logo.

kylie cosmetics hat

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No matter what merch you buy, make sure you show off your love for Kylie by decking yourself out in her greatness. Long live the Queen of Selfies!

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