Who was Negan before the apocalypse? Is there a story that will make us sympathize with the bat-wielding bully? Maybe Negan had a family before the zombie outbreak. Perhaps he had always been a formidable villain who was lucky to rise to power in this broken Walking Dead world.

After watching him bludgeon beloved characters to death and defeat Rick Grimes, we’re desperate to know more about the show’s evil antagonist. Before we get a Negan-centric episode based on his past, we’ve predicted 8 theories about Negan’s backstory that might actually make sense…

His Family’s Deaths Drove Him to Madness

As hard as it is to picture Negan as a loving husband and father, this theory isn’t so far-off the mark. Imagine if Negan and his family took refuge in the Sanctuary when it was under previous owners. If those owners were rapists, who raped his wife, it would explain why he opposes rape so much. Negan’s wife may have been named Lucille. Her eventual death made him lose his mind, so much to the point where he dedicated his beloved weapon to her.

Maybe the owners even killed Negan’s kids, which led him to revolt and kill them. Could it be that Negan’s family’s deaths drove him to madness? Did he lose his humanity and end up becoming a villainous leader himself?


Negan was a Wife Beater

Before the world went to doom, Negan would have been thrown in jail for having as many wives as he does today. Perhaps, like normal people, he had one – but he didn’t really care for her. In fact, he was still a violent villain. As mentioned above, it makes perfect sense that Negan’s wife was named Lucille. But instead of being a loving husband, this theory claims he was an abusive one, with no respect for women. It would explain why he’s such a sexist douchebag. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if Lucille’s first victim was Negan’s wife…

negan wife

He was Already a Douchebag

Other than being a wife-beater, Negan was probably already a douchebag long before the apocalypse happened. You don’t just turn into a confident, cocky creep just like that. Negan must have been every bit the obscene jerk he is in the present day. You can just imagine him bullying and intimidating those around him – only without his wire-barbed bat. It’s probable Negan is just an unhinged bully who got lucky with an apocalypse.

walking dead

Negan Was That Teacher we All Hated

Picture your worst teacher – and then multiply that by ten. Negan might have been a high-school teacher who knew exactly how to “shut that s**t down” and get a rise out of his students. I mean, considering Negan’s quotes and infamous lines, it seems the villain is quite the literary genius. Just imagine – “Mr Negan” they called him, and boy did they fear him…

negan carl

He Was a Keen Sportsman

We’ve seen him play a game of pool at Alexandria and his weapon of choice is a baseball bat after all. Was Negan a sportsman in the past? Maybe he’s just a mean guy who was really into sports. After the apocalypse, Negan lost his mind, turned violent and still had that desire to swing a bat and knock something around – all for fun. Only now he’s not playing for points, he’s playing to kill.

negan spencer

Negan Was in The Military

If this theory was true, it would explain why Negan is such an effortless leader. He’s had experience in controlling a large group of people before – as a military leader. The bat-wielding villain sure knows how to make his people fall in line and he certainly doesn’t take “no” for an answer. Controlling The Saviors comes easy to him and so does taunting people, physically and psychologically…

negan war

He Was a Serial Killer

This assumption doesn’t come as a surprise. Negan takes pleasure in killing people – and he does it in the most gruesome of ways. He’s not afraid to spill blood and he gets a thrill out of torturing and scaring people. These are traits only a serial killer would have, right? Perhaps Negan had always been a murderous asshole. When the apocalypse happened, he discovered a world where he could finally be himself and fully embrace his deadly side…

negan glenn

Negan was a Mob Boss

He may say silly things and he may be a total douchebag but one thing’s for sure – Negan isn’t stupid. Rather, he’s a mastermind – a criminal one to be exact. He’s got the Sanctuary organized to a T and he knows exactly how to crack people like Rick and figure out their plans. Negan must have been involved in the criminal world before the zombie outbreak. That would explain how he learnt to control people and force them to show respect. Those who didn’t obey him – got whacked. In today’s terms however, they’d get Lucille’d.

negan walking dead

Whatever Negan’s job might have been, it’s certain he was a bully while doing it. Perhaps none of our theories are true. Maybe he was the nicest guy going before the apocalypse. So how exactly did Negan become Negan? Let us know your theories in the comments below…



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3 Responses

  1. I theorize a long haul truck driver. Knowing a few personally, they see some crazy messed up $h*t during their travels. Maybe he was on one of those long hauls when the apocalypse started and by the time he made it home, his entire family was turned already and he had to “take them out”… with a certain baseball bat (possibly a defensive weapon he kept in his truck cab to fend off drunks, druggies and robbers during long hauls).

  2. Well we know he wasn’t a wife beater because he hates when other men hurt women, even says so. He also killed that guy for trying to rape Sasha so we know he has respect somewhat for women.

  3. It’s gonna be interesting to see who Negan was but even better to see who FINALLY takes him out

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