Kylie Jenner Blushes: The Ultimate Dupes List

kylie blush dupes

Kylie Jenner is creating an empire with her Cosmetics line. Thousands have been lucky to get their hands on her products and merchandise but there are others who haven’t stood a chance. The originals either sell out too fast or maybe they’re just a little too pricey for some fans. Have no fear! Whether it’s dupes for Kylie’s Lip Kits or Kyshadows, we’ve found the best beauty products to match!

Lately, Kylie’s blushes are taking the beauty world by storm. If you’re desperate to find an alternative, we’ve tracked down the best dupes for each shade…

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Looking to get your hands on Kylie Jenner blush dupes? If X-Rated is the shade you’ve got your eyes on, look no further than this stunning powder by L’Oreal which will give your skin a similar flawless and apricot-y appearance.

kylie x rated blush dupe

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It doesn’t get more pink and perfect than Kylie’s Barely Legal blusher does it? Yep, there’s a dupe for that, too! This blush by Shany is a close copy to the makeup queen’s product and promises long-lasting wear!

barely legal blush dupe

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Want to achieve a natural hot pink flush? Why struggle to buy Kylie’s Virginity blusher when you can easily snag this dupe by Colourpop. It blends smoothly, has a stunning rich pigmentation and looks fabulous on every girl’s cheekbones!

kylie virginity dupe

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Hot and Bothered

This blusher will certainly get a lot of fans Hot and Bothered. If you’ve taken a fancy to Kylie Jenner’s coral-like blush, opt for the cheaper option by City Color Cosmetics. This beauty item promises to give you that same coral radiance and glow.

hot and bothered kylie blush

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Hopeless Romantic

Fallen hopelessly in love with Kylie’s hot red blusher? If getting your hands on her item is turning out to be a hopeless dream, consider buying this alternative instead. NYX’s Cream Blush is a nearly spot-on dupe for Hopeless Romantic, offering that same ruby radiance…

hopeless romantic blush dupe

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Winter Kissed

Make it look like winter loves you by dusting on some of this blush. It’ll surely look like the cold winds have taken a liking to your cheeks!

kylie winter kissed dupe

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This hot pink blush is only for those who seriously want their cheekbones to stand out. Brighten up the sharpest corners of your face with this product by NYX which is similar to Kylie’s powder in Rosy. 

rosy kylie dupe

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Close to Perfect

You can’t go wrong with a peachy blusher! Whether it’s for a night out on the town or for a casual night in with your girlfriends, this natural hue should be the latest item in your shopping basket! 

close to perfect kylie dupe

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Baddie on the Block

Want your face to be beat like Kylie? Add this product by Maybelline to your basket of makeup and get the same look that Baddie on the Block delivers!

baddie block kylie dupe

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Kitten Baby

Maybelline sure know how to get their shades right! This hue in Coral looks just like Kylie’s powder in Kitten Baby. This perfect apricot color will be the makeup product you can’t do without…

kitten baby kylie dupe

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Pink Power

If you prefer a more paler pinkish tone for a natural, silky and lightweight look, check out this gorgeous shade by L’Oreal that probably inspired Kylie’s blush in Pink Power.

pink power kylie dupe

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We’re Going Shopping

Shopping always needs a subtle, natural makeup look. Why not try out this shade by NYX to achieve that stunning, sun-kissed bronzed effect?

going shopping kylie dupe

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This Valentine’s is all about applying your favorite makeup! Kylie’s Crush blush straight out of her 2019 Valentine’s Collection is without a doubt on your buy list but until you get your hands on it, try out this dupe by Maybelline.

crush blush kylie dupe

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Flutter in Love

Kylie’s Stormi Collection has makeup items everyone wants in their purse. If her blush, Flutter in Love is on your shopping list, but haven’t managed to get it, consider this dupe by PYT Beauty instead!

flutter love kylie dupe

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Runway Blush Stick

If you want your cheeks to stand out like you’re walking the runway, try out this blush stick by Burt’s Bees that’s ever so similar to the Kendall x Kylie item!

runway kylie blush dupe

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Better Half

A cute rosy pink blush is ideal for achieving that perfect, natural flush on the cheeks. If Kylie’s blush, Better Half caught your eye, try out this identical dupe by Han which offers the same hue – and can be painted on your lips, too!

better half kylie dupe

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Max the Reindeer 

Max the Reindeer is the one and only blush from the KYLIE X GRINCH collection and it’s everything a girl (or boy) could want this Christmas. You can try out this dupe by Almay if Kylie’s item has sold out…

max reindeer kylie dupe

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Valentine’s Hey Sugar Blush Stick

Add that gorgeous bright coral flush to your cheeks by using this cosmetic by Maybelline. The sheer blush color contains liquid shimmer pearls that will make you think twice about buying the similar shade by Kylie Cosmetics.

hey sugar kylie dupe

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Valentine’s Make Him Blush Stick

We know all the ways to make him blush this Valentine’s, and one of them includes painting your cheeks with this beautifying blush stick by Wet n Wild which is almost identical to Jenner’s newest blush.

make him blush kylie dupe

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Once you’ve got your cheeks blushing, it’s time to get them glowing! Any one of these beautiful blushes would look even more perfect with these Kylighter dupes. Who ever said you had to buy Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics in order to ace her look? Tell Tales has the best alternatives!


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