18 Cara Delevingne Facts You Didn’t Know Until Today

cara delevingne facts

Since her rise to stardom in the fashion world, Cara Delevingne has become everybody’s favorite it-girl. She’s modeled for Chanel and Burberry, she’s been the face of Topshop and she’s walked for Victoria’s Secret. Heck, she’s even starred in major blockbusters like Suicide Squad and Paper Towns.

Want to know more about the weird and wonderful model? Here are 18 Cara Delevingne facts you probably didn’t know until today…

1. Cara was in Vogue Aged 10

Most models would mark it a major milestone in their career to model for Vogue. Cara, on the other hand sees it as a regular part of her job. She’s been modelling for the fashion magazine since she was 10 years-old! Here she is photographed for the first time by Bruce Weber.

cara delevingne young

2. Cara Delevigne’s Height is Unusual for the Modelling Industry

Cara may have the body and the face, but she doesn’t necessarily have the height to be a model. She’s only 1.78 (5’7) – which is unusually short for model standards. We’re glad that didn’t stop her from walking those runways!

3. Cara’s Got Two Successful Sisters

Cara isn’t the only successful socialite of the family! She’s got two sisters, Poppy and Chloe who are also busy and hardworking women. Poppy is also a model, having worked for the likes of Chanel and Burberry while Chloe, the eldest Delevingne sister stays out of the spotlight and promotes a cause instead – the Gynaecological Cancer Fund.

cara delevingne sisters

4. She Has Royal Connections

That’s right! The British model and actress has royal roots – well kinda. Cara Delevingne’s mother, Pandora, is one of the Duchess of York’s best friends and her grandmother was the lady-in-waiting for Princess Margaret!

5. Cara’s God-Mother is Joan Collins

Her grandmother isn’t the only family member Cara can brag about. She is in fact the god-daughter of the legendary author, Joan Collins! What a lucky girl!

cara delevingne joan collins

6. She was Found by Sarah Doukas

Kate Moss is a close friend of Cara’s. Maybe that’s because they were both found by the same scouter! The founder of Storm, Sarah Doukas was the one who spotted both Kate and Cara and helped them land their modelling careers!

cara delevingne kate moss

7. Cara Can Play the Drums

Little did you know that Cara Delevingne could play the drums! In fact, she’s a pro! Just listen to her play – Cara kills it! It looks like modelling isn’t the only talent she possesses!

8. She Can Sing

She’s modeled for Chanel and Burberry, walked the runway and has perfect eyebrows. What else can she possibly do, right? Just when you thought her modelling and drum-playing skills were crazy-good, wait until you hear her sing! That’s right, Cara has vocals!

9. Cara’s an Actress, Too!

Cara might as well be a superhero – she can do almost anything! Want to Netflix and chill to a Cara Delevingne movie? The model-turned actress has starred in several movies including Suicide Squad, Pan, Paper Towns and Anna Karenina. 

10. She’s an Avid Gamer

Did you think you knew everything about Cara Delevingne? Think again. Can you believe she’s a passionate computer and video game player?! We love her even more now! One of her absolute favorites is Call of Duty and she even starred in the official Black Ops III trailer. This girl doesn’t fail to impress!

11. Cara Almost Became a Singer

She’s a professional model and talented actress. We’ve also heard her sing. What’s stopping Cara from getting a record deal, then? Her name apparently. Cara wrote and recorded two albums and was also offered a record deal. Unfortunately, she turned the offer down because she was told her name would be changed. You go girl!

12. She Wants to Start her own Record Label

The model has spoken about her desire to launch her own record label in the past. She told The Mirror, “If I was rich enough, I would love to launch my own record label. I would love to try and give all my musically talented friends a start in the industry.” It’s official Cara is limitless.

13. Cara Has Written a Novel

She’s worked in fashion, succeeded in cinema and has a passion for music. Now it’s time she delved into the publishing world. Cara Delevingne has teased her first ever novel, Mirror Mirror. The “twisty coming-of-age story” will be published in October 2017. Who’s excited?

cara delevingne book
caradelevingne | Instagram

14. She’s Caused Instagram Controversy

She’s definitely one to cause controversy – especially on Instagram! Cara likes to stir things up with her shocking online photos. Take for example, the one below which shows her aiming a fake firearm. This snap caused quite the cuffuffle online!

cara delevigne holding a gun
caradelevigne | Instagram

15. Cara is a Bisexual

Cara is proud to admit that she is a bisexual. She has been open about dating women including St Vincent and has been spotted with actress Michelle Rodriguez in the past. We love how confident Cara is!

cara delevingne st vincent
canniedlark | Instagram

14. She was Obsessed with Gore as a Kid

One thing we love about Cara is how she’s not afraid to unleash her freaky side. She admitted that as kid, she was obsessed with blood and death –  “This sounds really dark, but my earliest memory is of cutting myself. I was pretending to shave like my dad. One time, I covered my face in shaving foam, and I got his razor and ran it along the bottom of my finger and nearly cut it off.” Weird is the new wonderful, Cara!

15. Cara Suffers From Psoriasis

Poor Cara suffers from psoriasis and it even interfered with her modelling career back in the day. “Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, and I’m sensitive. Kate [Moss] saw me before the Louis Vuitton show at 3am, when I was being painted by people to cover the scabs. She said, ‘This is horrible! Why is this happening? I need to help you.’ She got me a doctor that afternoon.”, Cara told W Magazine in 2013. Cara shockingly revealed to The Times that “People would put on gloves and not want to touch me because they thought it was, like, leprosy or something.”

16. She Swapped Modelling for Acting

People were gutted to learn they’d no longer see the bushy eyebrowed beauty gracing magazine covers anymore. In 2015, Cara announced that she was dropping the modelling industry for a career in acting as she found the profession to be “horrible” and “disgusting”. Talking to The Timesthe Paper Towns star revealed that “Modelling just made me feel a bit hollow after a while. It didn’t make me grow at all as a human being…I am a bit of a feminist and it makes me feel sick. It’s horrible and it’s disgusting. [We’re talking about] young girls. You start when you are really young and you do get subjected to… not great stuff.”

17. She Admitted to Dealing with Depression

After suffering in the model industry, Cara took to Twitter to open up about how the job took a toll on her and how she dealt with depression. She wrote “I suffer from depression and was a model during a particularly rough patch of self hatred” She also spoke to Vogue about her battle, “All of a sudden I was hit with a massive wave of depression and anxiety and self-hatred, where the feelings were so painful that I would slam my head against a tree to try to knock myself out,”.


18. Cara Has 20 Tattoos

She is quite the ink-aholic! Cara Delevingne has at least 20 tattoos all over body including a lion on her knuckle, an elephant on her forearm, a snake at the back of her hand and the word “Bacon” at the sole of her foot!

Cara-Delevingne bacon tattoo
caradelevingne | Instagram

As seen by these facts, Cara isn’t just a pretty face, the 24-year-old is cool, quirky and more talented than you originally thought. That’s what makes her one of the most sought-after ladies in showbiz. Keep doing you, Cara!


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ana perez
5 years ago

I like her. I think she should try to be in politics. Feminists should be in politics and approve laws that would protect more women against poisoning makeup, against fashion that damages our health, and things of that kind. This young woman could be heard … that is what she should do… We need more feminists in leading posts of each country. We need you Care. Keep going …