30+ Walking Dead Memes to Make You Laugh Your Guts Out

walking dead memes

From Glenn’s murder to the death of several other popular Walking Dead characters, this show has been ripping our hearts out for seven whole years. Other than Negan’s funny quotes, there’s rarely a bright moment on this show. If The Walking Dead’s relentless misery has taken its toll on you, a few jokes might do you some good…

You’ve cried your heart out and now it’s time to laugh your guts out. Check out these funny Walking Dead memes…

1. We don’t know whether to laugh or cry…or puke.

glenn meme

2. Richonne have ZERO chemistry…unlike Carol and Daryl…

richonne meme
RickStuff | Instagram

3. Why wasn’t this movie nominated at the Oscars?

negan's land joke

4. This would clarify one of our many Walking Dead ending theories

rick dream meme

5. Remember when Jesus literally took the wheel?

walking dead jesus meme
ForeverDarylsGirl | Tumblr

6. Screw Gabriel and his politically correct ways…

funny walking dead
DailyDoseofDead | Instagram

7. Carol went from 0-100 real quick…

carol king ezekiel meme

8. Throwback to when Rick found out he wasn’t the father (Maury style).

RickandThangs | Twitter

9. The one time we didn’t care who Negan killed…

walking dead spencer meme
TWD Junkie‏ | Twitter

10. If Eugene’s season 7 story turned into a movie…

eugene bring him home
WalkerWyn | Twitter

11. I guess Glenn’s death was more of a hit to the heart for fans…

abraham walking dead meme

12. When The Walking Dead is boring, it’s BORING!

walking dead meme

13. The Sixth Sense kid had nothing on Carl…

carl grimes meme

14. Ladies, this will make you think twice…

daryl dixon joke

15. Is Michonne ever happy?

michonne meme

16. That moment when you realize Hershel was Santa Claus…


17. Rick and erm, Mrs Walker made a great couple…

rick grimes joke

18. Rick was always looking Grimey. Would you tune in to The Washing Dead?

the washing dead

19. Not gonna lie, Carol creeped me out during these episodes…

walking dead carol meme

20. Who else loves the Negan lean?

negan lean back meme

We’ve listed the greatest Walking Dead moments – relive them all!

21. Rick Grimes…Rick cleans…

rick grimes meme

22. You hear that Coral? They’re Shellfish…

walking dead coral

23. If Daryl dies, we riot!

daryl die meme

24. When you realize Negan and Maggie were Batman’s parents in Batman v Superman…

negan maggie

25. So that’s where Dean and Sam’s dad has been all this time…

supernatural negan

26. What’s Glenn’s favorite restaurant? I’ll give you three guesses…

coral meme

27. When you took Glenn and Abraham’s deaths very personal…

glenn abraham meme
chrissyjoniak | Instagram

28. These Carl and Rick dad jokes have turned me into the laughing dead…

norman reedus meme

29. I hope y’all don’t go all Negan on your side-chicks…

negan sidechicks

30. Supernatural warned us about Negan’s antics a long time ago!

negan supernatural
roguewolfone | Tumblr

31. Glenn knows how to #WasteHerTime2016…

glenn maggie meme
kawaiiaoiichigo | Tumblr

32. This Negan meme is SO accurate!

funny negan meme
allsuperheromemes | Tumblr

33. When The Walking Dead starts cutting back on their budget…

walking dead shiva meme
Paul Darke | Pinterest

34. Negan had the shock of his life when he opened that coffin door…

sasha negan meme

35. In the words of Tony the Tiger, Shiva’s GRRREAT!

shiva walking dead meme

36. Some things never change, Rick…

rick death joke

37. Alpha vs Carol – have your say!

alpha carol meme

It can get depressing watching the Grimes gang suffer episode after episode so hopefully these memes and Walking Dead jokes have helped you snap out of it.

If you truly are a fan of the show, check out some great Walking Dead merchandise, they’ll put an even bigger smile on your face…


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Angela, I’m attempting to be not too critical, but #32 is the only one of your posts, with a little humor Maybe you’ll get better next time.