Best Kylighter Dupes to Give You That Gorgeous Glow

kylighter dupes

Once you’ve painted your lips with these lip kit dupes and filled in your eyes with some Kyshadow alternatives, it’s time to shimmer your cheeks with these highlighters. Kylie Jenner has finally unveiled her collection of Kylighters and we’ve been quick enough to find the hottest dupes.

Competing with Kim Kardashian’s contour and highlighter sticks, Kylie’s collection has shades suited for every skin tone and each has a scrumptious name to match. If you’re unable to get your hands on the star’s sold-out powders, check out these Kylighter dupes instead. They promise to give you that same gorgeous glow…

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French Vanilla

Kylie’s French Vanilla Kylighter offers a beautiful, bright beam but guess what else does? This stunning shade by J Cat. Just as soft, icy and gold, J Cat’s powder guarantees to make your cheekbones shine from afar…

french vanilla kylighter dupe

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Cotton Candy Cream

Included in Kylie’s Kylighter collection is Cotton Candy Cream – a light peachy shade. If this is your favorite hue, opt for this alternative by Colourpop. This color flatters and sparkles any skin tone and is your secret weapon for that Kylie Jenner glow…

cotton candy kylighter dupe

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Banana Split

Vibrant, yellow and gold – what a stunning shade! This highlighter by MAD Minerals Makeup is packed with shimmer and pigment and almost gives Kylie’s Banana Split highlighter a run for its money! In fact, its a multi-use product so you can use it on the eyes and your cheeks! Bargain!

banana split kylighter dupe

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Salted Caramel 

Caramelize your skin by applying Colourpop’s Wisp highlighter. If you thought Kylie Jenner’s highlighters were beautiful, wait until you try this. Who said you need to own Salted Caramel in order to ace that warm, bronze glow?

kylighter salted caramel dupe

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Strawberry Shortcake

Draw attention to your favorite features and brighten up those dark places with J.Cat’s highlighter. If you’re looking to snag the Kylie Cosmetics Kylighters, particularly Strawberry Shortcake, then consider purchasing this pretty dupe. Rose gold, pink and perfect – you can’t go wrong!

strawberry shortcake kylighter dupe

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Chocolate Cherry

Kylie’s Kylighters are truly tempting. If you’ve been wowed by Chocolate Cherry, but can’t get your hands on it, replace it with Colourpop’s Might Be highlighter instead. This killer product offers a pigmented bronze shade that immediately rivals Chocolate Cherry.

kylighter chocolate cherry dupe

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Is Fiji on your wish-list? Recreate Kylie’s favorite looks with this highlighter by Colourpop! This dupe will make sure your cheekbones are shimmering and shining this summer!

kylie fiji dupes

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Heading to Santorini this summer? We’ve found the perfect alternative for Kylie’s Vacation highlighter powder! It’s about time your cheeks were shimmering with this stunning silver champagne shade!

kylie vacation santorini dupe

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If Tahiti is more of your go-to shade this summer, get your hands on this identical dupe by Dollup Beauty! Compliment your tanned face with this rose gold hue and get the people talking!

kylie tahiti highlighter dupe

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The Wet Set

Looking for The Wet Set dupe? This collection by will help make your cheekbones shine and illuminate from afar! You can’t go wrong with this bargain – just as beautiful as Kylie’s Vacation set but for an even better price!

kylie wet set dupe

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King Ultra Glow/ Cheers Darling

Customize your own golden glow or get some inspiration from Kylie’s most famous looks with this stunning highlighter powder by Maybelline – Just as shimmery and shiny as Kylie’s Birthday King Ultra Glow highlighter.

kylie king highlighter dupe

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Queen Ultra Glow

Show-off your favorite features by powdering them with this dupe for Kylie’s Birthday Queen Ultra Glow highlighter. It’s time to give your skin a luminous and natural glow with Jessica Liebeskind’s crystal pink powder.

Kylie queen highlighter dupe

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Kylie’s shimmering soft lavender highlighter has the girls going crazy. As part of her Fall Collection, this pretty and purple powder can be found in Colourpop’s gorgeous Over the Moon Highlighter…

kylie Wisteria dupe

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Weather Highlighter Palette

Get Kylie’s complete look by nabbing this gorgeous palette by L’Oreal. It features four distinct and dazzling colors that resemble Kylie Cosmetics’ Cloud 9, Stratus, Daydream and Golden Hour!

weather highlighter dupe

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Lightning Bolt

Need that beautiful golden shine for the coming summer months? Shimmer those cheekbones with this powder by none other than Colourpop in Ruffle My Feathers. It delivers that same shine as Kylie’s Lightning Bolt!

lightening bolt dupe

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Champagne Showers

The goldest highlighter powder of the bunch brings you all the gold and goodness. Believe it or not, Milani’s cheaper alternative embodies an iconic shine all beauty lovers will enjoy.


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Highlighter Quad

Kylie and Jordyn’s highlighter palette is certainly on everyone’s wish-list. If you haven’t managed to nab it, test this dupe by Tanali which includes replicas for each silky-smooth shade.

highlighter quad kylie dupe

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Go Ghost

This glow-giving product by Maybelline will give you that same silvery, luminous shine that Kylie’s Halloween Go Ghost highlighter delivers and more.

go ghost kylie dupe

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Snow Angel

A gold highlighter to compliment your cheekbones during this freezing weather. Even if you’re feeling cold, this product by NYX is a great way to hide any paleness from your face.

kylie snow angel dupe

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Merry Bright

Oh it’s going to be a merry bright holiday if you’re wearing this highlighter by JCat Beauty. Smooth, sexy and super soft, it’s your next best option if you couldn’t get your hands on Kylie’s copper creme Kylighter!

kylie merry bright dupe

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Let it Glow

You heard Kylie – let it glow! This stunning highlighter is the right product for any makeup look and it’s a dead on duplicate for the goldest Kylighter from the holiday collection!

kylie let it glow dupe

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Queen Drip

Add a hint of bronze to lighten and glisten your cheekbones, cupid’s bow and brow bones with this highlighter by Honest Beauty that is a pretty darn good dupe for Queen Drip.

queen drip kylie dupe

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Ice Me Out

Ice Me Out is one of Kylie’s cutest and most natural shades of the bunch. If you’re looking for something similar, try out this product by PYT Beauty! Kylz sure knows how to make a highlighter that delivers.

ice me out kylie dupe

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Dreamin of Diamonds

Dreamin of Diamonds has hints and hues of shimmery gold that will leave you shining from afar. Get your hands on this alternative to truly give your cheekbones that ultimate polish.

dreamin diamonds kylie dupe

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Gold and glorious! Kylie’s highlighter collection features Quartz, a gorgeously icy gold hue that almost resembles Makeup Revolution’s item in Golden Lights!

quartz kylie dupe

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Princess Please

If you’re looking to jazz up your face and give yourself that ultimately pink glowy look, check out this highlighter powder by Colourpop which resembles Kylie’s Princess Please item!

princess please kylie dupe

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True Mama

Soft rose gold is the way to lighten up and glisten those cheekbones. The Koko Collection’s highlighter powder is gorgeous but you can get the exact same hue by purchasing this product by Wet n Wild instead.

true mama kylie dupe

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22 Carats

Make your cheekbones shine with peachy champagne goodness using this jelly illuminator by L.A. Girl Cosmetics. Offering the same bronze hue from Kylie’s Birthday Collection, this highlighter promises a gold gleam worth 22 carats.

22 carats kylie dupe

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Family is Gold

Family really is gold and this highlighter is all the shimmer and shine you’ll need to impress your most beloved family members. This product by L.A Girl Cosmetics paints a dewy glow on your bone structure that lasts for hours on end.

family gold kylie dupe

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Pink Paper

If you prefer to enhance your cheekbones with a pink hue and you’re desperate to get your hands on Kylie’s Pink Paper highlighter, consider this item instead by L.A. Girl Cosmetics which is just as jelly-like and highly pigmented.

pink paper kylie dupe

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Spotlight Kylighter Stick 

Give your cheeks and focal points that sheer shine and illuminating glow by using L’Oreal’s highlighter stick. It promises to put you right in the spotlight like the Kendall x Kylie kylighter!

spotlight kylight dupe

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Doin’ the Most

This gold highlighter provides a super-shine sheen you’ll love! Offering a seamless application just like Kylie’s Kylighter, Doin the Most, L’Oreal’s item is an optional dupe!

doin the most kylie dupe

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Out of this World

Looking to rub in a warm rose gold hue on your cheeks? This highlighter stick by Julep is the way to go! Plus, it just so happens to be an ideal alternative for the Kylie Cosmetics’ Out of This World stick!

out of this world kylie dupe

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Hear Me Roar

This stunning vanilla champagne highlighter powder as part of Kylie’s On The Wild Side collection is ideal for that twinkling shine. Get the closest dupe for it with this product by Physicians Formula!

hear me roar kylie dupe

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Littlest of Whos 

The only Kylighter from the KYLIE X GRINCH collection, Littlest of Whos truly is a gorgeous hue to wear this Christmas. When you don’t manage to buy Kylie’s item, try out this product by NYX instead!

littlest of whos kylie dupe

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Dream About Me

Lighten up your complexion by applying this easy-to-blend highlighter by Wet n Wild. A stunning sheen that resembles Kylie’s latest Valentine’s Dream About Me powder, this dupe will have your cheekbones looking dreamy all night long.

valentines highlighter kylie dupe

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Stassie x Kylie Kylighter

This limited edition illuminating powder by besties Kylie and Stassie is ideal for glowing up your face. If you’ve been looking for a dupe to match this item, consider this product by Revolution, instead!

stassie kylighter dupe

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It’s time to recreate Kylie Jenner’s prettiest looks with these alternatives – they won’t fail in giving you that same gorgeous glow, if not better!

Need some blusher to compliment your look? Guess what? We’ve found dupes for Kylie’s blushes too!


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