Star Wars: May The Best Memes Be With You

star wars memes

Can’t get enough of the galaxy far, far away? Already stuffed your brain with enough Star Wars trivia and hunted for all the hidden Easter Eggs in the saga? Perhaps it’s time for a laugh. It’s not all about lightsaber battles or sassy robots. Sometimes you have to let the force go and let the memes be with you instead. Why not listen to a Jedi’s joke for a change? Or get a load of Darth Vader’s sense of humor?

We’re about to introduce you to a whole different galaxy far, far away – one that’ll make you question Luke and Yoda’s bond and R2-D2’s language as well. Here’s a list of funny Star Wars memes…

1. If Darth Vader had a theme tune, it would probably go like this…

darth vader meme

the-reform-attempt | Tumblr

2. Who knew Yoda and Luke were so…close?

lightsaber pocket its not

KoryAP | Imgur

3. The life of a Stormtrooper…

stormtrooper meme


4. So THAT’s why R2D2 only beeps and boops!

r2d2 swear meme


Rumor has it, R2-D2 actually narrated the entire saga! Read more about this bizarre Star Wars theory!

5. Jabba the Hutt getting in with the times!

jabba meme


6. Now we know who Michael Jackson was singing to!

funny star wars


7. Damn Darth Vader doesn’t do too well after drinking, does he?

darth vader funny

8. We enjoyed the innocence of young Anakin whilst we could…

anakin skywalker meme

oglefro | Reddit

 9. Finn and Poe totally give us #BromanceGoals

finn poe goals

jarjoh | Twitter

10. OMG George Lucas must have put Yoda in charge of the Star Wars timeline!

yoda meme


11. Gee, what a thoughtful gift, Obi-Wan Kenobi!

lightsaber meme

nthensome | Reddit

12. When you open the front camera vs. the back camera…

darth vader camera meme

Distractify | Twitter

13. Obi-Wan Kenobi could have at least WARNED Luke about lightsaber safety…

star wars joke

maxxxl | Reddit

14. Yoda is all of us when the alarm rings in the morning…

force awakens meme


15. Ignorance really is bliss!

luke leia meme


16. No seriously, what’s the point of a Stormtropper’s armou?

storm trooper meme


17. Buns sure do run in the Skywalker family!

star wars buns

Star Wars Math | Imgur

18. We told you Luke had a lot in common with Jaime Lannister!

luke leia jaime cersei


Get your hands on some cool Star Wars stuff including a trivia game and your own BB-8 Droid!

19. If the ocean was filled with Jawas instead…

jawas meme


20. Growing up Han Solo…

solo star wars meme


21. If Yoda was a member of The Beatles…

beatles yoda meme


22. Because Chewie’s worth it…

chewbacca meme


23. When you get stoned and start using different linguistics…

yoda stoned


24. Batman vs. Darth Vader – who wins?

batman darth vader

25. The GIF that keeps on giving…

bb8 meme

26. For the dummies who need an explanation for Rogue One…

rogue one for dummies


27. Stormtroopers will forever and always be useless…

rogue one meme

conrad.ancira.3 | MemeCenter

28. They might as well be Stormpoopers…



29. Anyone else clock the similarities between Jyn and Katniss Everdeen?

rogue one mockingjay


30. First it was Rey, then it was Jyn…

feminist star wars


31. When you want to sound like a Jedi to your haters…

yoda haters


32. Jakku and chill, anyone?

jakku and chill

velikopermsky | Tumblr

33. This one is so accurate…

star wars internet meme

justanaveragecinamonrol | Tumblr

34. A detailed description of Rogue One characters…

star wars meme

director-krenning | Tumblr

35. Turning one of the worst Star Wars movies into the funniest meme…

best star wars meme

fit-live-laugh | Tumblr

36. Someone face-swapped Adam Driver and Keanu Reeves!

adam driver keanu reeves


37. The Last Jedi may have disappointed many but we’re sure this Leia meme won’t!

leia mary poppins

Felt the force of these memes? Bet ya did! In fact, we bet you won’t look at your favorite Star Wars characters in the same way again!

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