Fifty Shades of Grey Gifts for a Naughty Lover

fifty shades grey gifts

Ladies, it’s time to unleash your Inner Goddess. Men, all your fantasies are about to come true! Get ready to add some erotic excitement to the bedroom. We’ve listed 20 Fifty Shades of Grey gifts to surprise that naughty lover in your life…

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1. Wrist Handcuffs

Want some Fifty Shades in your life? These handcuffs will add some sexiness and submission to the bedroom. Put yourself in full control and give your playmate some kinky loving. You can swap turns later! If leather and fur doesn’t do it for you, why not try these metal cuffs instead?

leather handcuffs

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2. Fifty Shades of Grey Wine

Get in the mood! Start the night off by sipping on some tasty wine! You and your partner can indulge in red or white wine before diving in to the night’s activities.

50 shades of grey wine

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3. Leather Whip

Pain never felt so good! Spice up your sex life with some BDSM using this faux leather whip. You’ll be recreating Christian and Ana’s bedroom antics in no time.

50 shades whip

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4. No Peeking Blindfold Set

Add a seductive edge to your evening with this pair of satin blindfolds. Let the darkness envelop your lover as you fulfill all their sexual desires. Official Fifty Shades merchandise, these blindfolds will give you both a wild sensory experience!

fifty shades blindfolds

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5. Ready for Anything Lubricant

This lube has been approved by E.L James, so you know it’s bound to be pleasurably good! Prepare for a sexy (and slippery) night by applying this lube in places for arousing stimulation! Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

fifty shades lube

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6.  “Fifty Shades of Pleasure: Sex Secrets That Hurt So Good”

Let your lover learn something new by treating them to Fifty Shades of Pleasure. This book will be their new “bedside companion” as it enlightens them with sex tips, Karma Sutra excerpts and classic erotica!

fifty shades of pleasure

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7. Candy Bra and G-String

Add a delicious twist to your night by gifting your other half with a Candy Bra and Candy G-String! It’s a fun treat that even Christian and Ana would approve of! It’s a sexy addition every closet needs and every lover craves!

candy underwear

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8. Pinch Nipple Clamps

50 Shades eat your heart out! If nipple clamps sent Ana Steele over the edge, they’re bound to do the same to your lady-love. She’ll be lost in pain and pleasure, making it a night to remember.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Nipple Clamps

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9. Feather Tickler

It’s time to tickle and tease your partner in their erogenous zones! This Fifty Shades of Grey toy is ideal for intimate play and stimulation. The feather tickler promises to taunt your playmate, making them needy for more!

Fifty Shades Tease Feather

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10. Fifty Days of Play Game

A sexy adult game that Ana and Christian would be proud of! Make foreplay fun by having a go at this game! Throw the dice and follow the playful instructions. Giving you “naughty suggestions” and “stimulating scenarios”, this game will keep things playful in the bedroom!

Fifty Days of Play Game

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11. Sensual Candles for Couples

If it’s good enough for Ana, it’s good enough for her! Try your hand at BDSM by dripping the wax from these sensual candles all over your lover’s body (designed not to burn). Turn up the heat and discover a new realm of pleasure!

Sensual Candles for Couples (

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12. Hand Spanking Paddle

This heart-shaped spanking paddle makes the perfect erotic gift, especially for Valentine’s Day! If Christian and Ana’s sex life is anything to go by, this Fifty Shades-inspired item promises a night of naughtiness. Your lover will be spanking you very much!

Hand Spanking Paddle

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13. One-Piece Lingerie

This super sexy one-piece promises a hot and heavy session! Amp up the sex factor by gifting this lingerie to your girl. With several peep holes, this hot bodysuit is everything your lover desires and deserves.

crotchless lingerie

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14. Condoms – The Foil Packet

If Christian Grey inspires you, get your hands (or should we say shaft?) on these condoms inspired by the franchise! You’ll have no struggle diving into your Fifty Shades fantasies by wearing these!

50 shades of grey condoms

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15. Wa Balls for Women

Your lover will feel what Ana felt when she used those Wa Balls for the first time. She can use these to warm up for your night’s adventures. Promising to hit the right spot, these balls guarantee erotic pleasure…

wa balls

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16. Restraint Kit

Turn your bedroom into a bondage playground with this restraint kit! Put yourself in charge or let your lover be the dominant one as you dive into an incredibly indulgent evening. This kinky gift gives you the chance to recreate scenes from the books!

restraint kit

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17. 50 Shades Plug

This 50 Shades toy will bring a whole new level of sexy to the bedroom! It’s a bedtime treat that’s ideal for those who want to sex it up and experiment in new areas. Perfectly sized for beginners, this toy promises seriously sexy times!

50 shades plug

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18. Spreader Bar

Inspired by Christian’s BDSM relationship with Anastasia, this spreader bar will make all your X-rated fantasies come true! It’s time to mix it up in the bedroom and find out just how sexy this 50 Shades product can be!

spreader bar

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19. Vibrating Love Ring

Want a Valentine’s Day gift that’s great for you, too? This vibrating love ring promises to have you both writhing in pleasure. Even Christian Grey would be proud to call this toy his own!

Fifty Shades Love Ring

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20. 50 Shades of Grey Gift Box

If you want the whole shebang, consider buying this gift box for your partner this Valentine’s Day. Including handcuffs, shackles, a blindfold and a whip, you’ll be experimenting with eroticism, submission and explicit fun all night long!

50 Shades gift box

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Our naughty list probably contains more toys than Christian Grey’s Red Room! These sexy gifts guarantee a night that’ll even make Fifty Shades fans blush!

Want to spice things up more? Use Mr Grey’s naughty quotes on your lover to charm them and impress them with raunchy words!

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