12 Fifty Shades of Grey Gifts Every Fan Will Love

fifty shades grey gifts

Whether it’s for you, a friend, or a lover, there are a handful of gifts to treat any Fifty Shades fan. They may not be as steamy as Mr Grey’s favorite items, but they’re still tempting all the while.

Ladies, it’s time to unleash your Inner Goddess. Men, all your fantasies are about to come true! We’ve listed the best Fifty Shades of Grey gifts to surprise that lover in your life…

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1. Fifty Shades Tote Bag

Add a seductive edge to your everyday life with this super-cute tote bag. Imprinted with the iconic quote from Fifty Shades, this stylish accessory will profess to the world how obsessed you are with the romance movie!

christian grey bag

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2. Mobile Phone Case

If Christian and Ana are your daily inspo, this phone case will remind you just how much you root for the famous couple. The perfect fit for any iPhone model, Redbubble offers this case in a soft, snap or a tough case – your choice!

50 shades mobile case

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3. Fifty Shades Bracelet

If you or someone you know is a super-fan of Fifty Shades, gift them this bracelet with delicate (yet cheeky) charms. Featuring a masquerade mask like Ana’s, handcuffs and a laptop, this item of jewelry is so inspirational, it will remind you to recreate scenes from the books every evening.

50 shades bracelet

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4. Fifty Shades of Chicken Cookbook

Let your lover learn something new in the kitchen by treating them to this parody cookbook! The Fifty Shades of Chicken recipes contain meals that will bring a whole new level of hot and tasty to dinner time!

fifty shades of chicken

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5. Team Grey Shirt

After three novels and three mega-successful movies, it only makes sense that you’re on Team Grey. This simple, yet cosy shirt is a fabulous way to embrace your favorite man and add some neat pop culture to your outfit.

team grey shirt

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6. Fifty Shades Book Trilogy

Here’s some Fifty Shades of Grey merchandise that any fan would love to receive (if they don’t own it already). This special set of the steamy trilogy is enough to let any fan relive the book-turned-movie anytime they want. Great as a birthday or Christmas gift!

fifty shades trilogy

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7. Love Me Like You Do Pillow

Ellie Goulding’s hit from Fifty Shades of Grey will always be a smash song. If this track is one of you’re favorites, get a hold of this awesome pillow. Perfect as a Valentine’s Day gift and a treat for that special person in your life.

love me like you do pillow

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8. Fifty Shades of Grey Game

A fun game that Ana and Christian would be proud of! Pick a card, follow the playful instructions, and turn up the heat by having a go at this game! Giving you thought provoking and intriguing vanilla style questions for you and your friends, this cool game will keep things playful all night long!

fifty shades board game

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9. Future Mrs Grey Shirt

If he’s good enough for Ana, he’s good enough for you! In a fantasy world, Christian Grey is all yours. You can claim that daydream and make it come true by owning this t-shirt. If you don’t get Christian, you’ll get someone similar, we promise!

future mrs grey shirt

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10. Christian Grey Necklace

This is the ideal present for any Fifty Shades fan! A necklace with adorable (yet naughty) items swinging off it including handcuffs, a masquerade mask, and Christian Grey’s iconic tie. It’s a fun treat that Christian and Ana would approve of!

50 shades necklace

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11. Fifty Shades of Grey Mug

Want some Fifty Shades in your life? This mug imprinted with the mysterious Mr Grey is a unique gift idea for any obsessed reader of the popular stories. Let them sip their favorite beverage and get through their day with a touch of Grey always beside them.

fifty shades grey mug

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12. Ana Steele Earrings

Whether you’re a fan of Fifty Shades or not, this cute pair of earrings are suitable for any occasion. Mostly though, they’re the ideal choice for a sultry night-in. Let a friend, wife or girlfriend wear these fashionable studs and own their Inner Goddess. Perfect as an anniversary gift!

anastasia steele earrings

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Our list of Fifty Shades of Grey merch probably contain more treats than Christian Grey’s Red Room – less controversial, of course, but still special all the while. Let us know which gift you will be purchasing by commenting below!

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