10 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Related

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The celebrity world is always full of surprises! We’re not talking scandals or sex tapes! We’re talking relations and connections that prove Hollywood is more interconnected than you originally thought! Who knew Kate Middleton and Ellen DeGeneres were related? Or that Lilly Allen has a brother in Game of Thrones?!

We disclose 10 celebrities you never knew were related…

1. Tom Cruise and William Mapother

Tom Cruise isn’t the only famous personality in his family. William Mapother has become a known actor for his scary or dark movie characters, and he earned the public’s recognition as Ethan Rom from Lost. Tom Cruise and he are first cousins, who not only share a family history but the movies too. They worked together for famous movies, such as Vanilla Sky, Mission Impossible II and Magnolia.

tom cruise William Mapother

HairStyler | Mentalist Wiki

2. Julia Roberts and Emma Roberts

These two fabulous girls are aunt and niece. Emma admits that her aunt has always been an inspiration for her and played a major factor in her decision to become an actress. We then have to thank Julia Roberts for her niece’s impeccable performance in Scream Girls and American Horror Story.

Julia Roberts Emma Roberts


3. Ellen DeGeneres and Kate Middleton

It seems that one of the most beloved American hosts has royal blood in her veins besides a great sense of humor. The Queen of daytime television is related to the future Queen Mother! The Duchess of Cambridge has a wide family tree that also includes the successful comedienne Ellen DeGeneres whose net worth is $200 million – which isn’t far off from the Princess’ net worth (we think!). Ellen and Kate are in actual fact, 14th cousins according to an ancestral tracing company in Boston! “Kate Middleton and I are distant cousins and I don’t know if she thinks I’m joking, but I’m going to confront her,”says Ellen.

ellen degeneres Kate Middleton

P&G | USWeekly

4. Riley Keough and Elvis Presley

Elvis’ granddaughter has never met the King of Rock & Roll, but she seems to have taken his impressive talent to the world of the big screens. Her first appearance to the great public was at a Dolce & Gabbana show. However, the modeling industry was not enough for her, so she entered the Hollywood stage. Playing side by side with Tom Hardy in Mad Max has brought Presley’s granddaughter to the attention of the whole world.

Riley Keough Elvis Presley

Graceland | Purepeople

5. Owen Wilson and Luke Wilson

These two celebrities are not only brothers, but they have both conquered the comedy world. They both appeared together in The Royal Tenenbaums and they love working together. It’s no wonder the movie turned into a big success! Watching their performances, you can feel that these brothers share the same sense of humor. Brotherly love!

Owen Wilson Luke Wilson


6. Lily Allen and Alfie Allen

The Allen family has surely won the jackpot of the most beloved celebrity duo as brother and sister. Lily Allen has conquered the music industry right from her debut, her first production selling over 2.6 million copies which brought her a nomination at Grammy Awards, Brit Awards, and MTV Video Music Awards. As for her brother, Alfie made an impressive worldwide impact with his performance in Game of Thrones as a member of the Greyjoy family with a terrible destiny.

lily alfie allen


7. Al Roker and Lenny Kravitz

Who would have guessed that Lenny Kravitz is related to the American television personality, Al Rocker? Apparently, the two beloved stars are distant cousins, even though they themselves barely knew it.

Al Roker Lenny Kravitz


8. Charlie Sheen And Emilio Estevez

This sibling couple comes as a surprise as the two brothers are living different kinds of lifestyles which makes it hard to see their names even in the same sentence. Estevez is trying to create a role model of his presence so that Charlie can always find his way back to an ideal family.

Charlie Sheen Emilio Estevez


9. Shirley Maclaine and Warren Beatty

The two of the most beloved stars of the 90’s, namely Shirley Maclaine and Warren Beatty are actually brother and sister. The secret was well kept by the two siblings due to their estrangement that kept them apart for many years. Rumor has it that Beatty felt he was shadowed by the Maclaine’s many accomplishments as a Hollywood star. She received three Oscar nominations by the age of 30, while the leading actor from Bonnie and Clyde didn’t enter into the possession of any recognition prize by that time.

Shirley Maclaine Warren Beatty


10. Halle Berry and Sarah Palin

Halle Berry’s performance in Cloud Atlas has just transcended into reality. She found out through unclear sources that she is related to the American politician Sarah Palin. “You want to know who I’m related to? Sarah Palin in some twisted way. Somebody sent me this information that she was my distant [relative]”.

Halle Berry Sarah Palin

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The world, especially the Hollywood one is much smaller than you thought! Which other related celebrities do you know about? Let us know in the comments below…

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