Worst to First! Little Mix’s ‘Glory Days’ Songs Ranked

little mix glory days ranked

Shout out to Perrie and Leigh-Anne’s exes, they’ve helped Little Mix release one of the best post-breakup albums of the year!

Little Mix have come together with a real bond for their fourth studio album. It’s pop-driven, it oozes girl power and it has a strong sense of sisterhood. But what is the best song on Glory Days? And which tracks are just meh?

Here’s a list of Glory Days songs ranked from worst to first…

14. Beep Beep

Beep Beep is the ideal sing-a-long song. In fact, you can bet your ass I’ll be singing along to this into my hairbrush with my BFFs tonight! It’s a catchy track, just not as standout as its fellow Glory Days songs…

13. Nobody Like You

The Little Mix girls let us know that it’s okay to cry and miss that former lover sometimes in this emotionally charged ballad. Once you’re done crying though, switch over to a more empowering breakup anthem like Shout Out to My Ex! I love the stripped-back production, but Nobody Like You got me straight up in my feelings. I’d rather listen to the more feel-good hits on the album…

12. Freak

Turn up the HEAT! You can hear the sex, the sass and the sultriness with every vocal and quirky sound in this track. Prepare to hear Perrie and co get freaky and feisty in this hot number! It sure brings out the Freak in me!

11. F.U.

The girls opt for a more mellow sound in the 50’s-inspired track, F.U. At first, I wasn’t too fond of it but it soon became a grower. Are you stuck between “love you” and “f**k you”? This song will be your go-to anthem…

10. Private Show

I always knew Perrie Edwards had a little bit of Christina Aguilera in her but I didn’t think her fellow bandmates did! Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Jade put their umph into this energetic, Xtina-esque hit. That saxophone is addictive!

9. Down & Dirty

We all know that Little Mix like to bust a few moves. They’ll certainly be showing off their best choreography to this! Down & Dirty sounds like something pulled straight out of a Destiny’s Child album. I don’t know about you but the heavy beat, trap chorus and Daenerys shout-out has me fist-pumping!

8. Oops – featuring Charlie Puth

Catch me doo-wopping and whistling along to this super-cute pop number. Oops featuring Charlie Puth is the album’s sweetest song. Oops I think I just pressed the replay button for the 20th time…

7. Nothing Else Matters

Here’s where the girls are in traditional Little Mix territory. Nothing Else Matters is the safest track on Glory Days but it works. I can just picture hundreds of Mixers singing, swaying and waving their arms along to this crowd-pleasing song.

6. Power

Sorry what did you say? I can’t hear you, the volume is on FULL BLAST right now. Little Mix are revving up their engines and warming up their powerful vocals for this standout song. It’s definitely the girls’ strongest track yet. TALK ABOUT POWER!

5. Your Love

Evidenced through their many singles and fantastic covers, Little Mix can sure as hell SANG! But can we just talk about Jade’s beautiful vocals at the start of this beautiful song? YAS GURL YAS! Your Love is the more uplifting hit on Glory Days, promising to make your heart melt – especially if you’re in love right now…

4. You Gotta Not

Skip this song? You gotta not! Boys take note, these Little Mixers are laying down the rules in the relationship! The girl power, sass and fierceness is strong on this song and the girls aren’t letting no guy who dislikes The Weeknd into their lives! The catchy hook has me obsessed already.

3. Shout Out to My Ex

Shout out to Little Mix for helping you get over a breakup! Of course Shout Out To My Ex lands at third place in my ranking! Maybe because it’s such a damn good song! Any girl who’s going through a breakup will make this their go-to anthem thanks to the clapback lyrics, chanting chorus and strong sense of self-belief and confidence. In case you didn’t realise, Zayn – Perrie’s looking right at you!

2. Touch/Touch Acoustic

It’s official. I’m obsessed. Little Mix head down club anthem road for the infectious hit, Touch. It’s fun, it’s upbeat and it’s a great summery track that warms us up during these cold winter months. Banger indeed.

1. No More Sad Songs

We’ve made it Mixers. No More Sad Songs is officially the best song on Glory Days. When a track gives you goose bumps and has you turning up the volume on the first play, you know it’s a good one. This post break-up song and tropical-pop banger is radio-friendly, super-catchy and definitely single-worthy. Sick of sad songs? Hit the play button and turn this one up – loud!

From their flawlessly executed vocals to their perfect harmonizing, the pop princesses have definitely delivered on this album, perhaps more so than their rival girlband Fifth Harmony! Which track was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below…

We’ve also ranked every track on Little Mix’s other albums including LM5 and Confetti– see if you agree with our lists!


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Kwon Yunie
7 years ago

WTF Nobody Like You and Power are the BEST