Kim Kardashian was reportedly held at gunpoint by five armed robbers during her stay in Paris this week. The gunmen who stole more than $10 million worth of jewellery, including her $4 million engagement ring apparently dressed as police officers when they broke into her hotel room, tied her up in her bathtub, and held her at gunpoint.

While many are empathizing with Kim as one should, others are convinced she faked the whole story for publicity. The internet has found several loopholes in the violent account that makes Kim’s story very complex.

Here are 9 reasons why many think the Kim Kardashian robbery was fake:

No Bodyguard or Security Around

People find it strange that someone as important and as wealthy as Kim Kardashian didn’t have a guard outside her hotel room. Kim’s bodyguard has been at hers and Kanye’s side since 2014 so it’s questionable why he wasn’t there when she most needed him on October 3rd. Pascal Duvier is next to Kim in all of her photos and travels with her at all times so it’s led many to wonder why he wasn’t guarding her that night. Coincidentally, he was out taking care of Kourtney and Kendall at a nightclub.

kimye paris fashion week
KimKardashian | Instagram

Kim was staying the Hotel Pourtalès, designed for multi-millionaires. It’s only expected that the general security of the hotel itself would have been a lot stronger than reported. This factor alone has led many to call BS on Kim’s story.

Kim Bragged About Her Bodyguard a Day Before

What makes this whole ordeal even more complex according to some? Kim was bragging about her bodyguard just a day before she was robbed. She posted this photo captioned “This guy is always in my shot!”

kim kardashian pascal
KimKardashian | Twitter

She was also filmed praising his hard work, calling him a “G”.

This is the first time we’ve been forced to pay attention to Kim’s bodyguards – ironic, much? Funny how just hours later, she was robbed in his absence. Pascal has now been accused of not doing his job properly when just a day earlier, Kim was endorsing his efforts. Coincidence or conspiracy?

‘KUWTK’ Addressed Security Threats in July

It was only July when a Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode aired about security threats. The episode explored how revealing your location on Snapchat could be dangerous. Kourtney even said Kylie had been cautioned by the police against sharing her location. The family went on to play a prank on the fashionista in order to “give her a wake-up call”.

kourtney kuwtk

The internet finds it bizarre how Kim had a similar, real-life “wake-up call” just a few months after the episode aired. It’s even crazier to think she also revealed her location on Snapchat just two hours before the gunmen broke in.

This would reinforce people’s claims that the robbery was simply set-up or fabricated to improve ratings on the show. It’s only expected that the Kardashians will address the Paris incident in the upcoming season…

Kim Was Apparently “Locked in the Bathroom”

It’s been reported that Kim was “locked in the bathroom” while the gunmen stole jewelry worth millions of dollars. Many wonder how one can get locked in a bathroom when most bathrooms cannot generally be locked from the outside. Bear in mind this is all hearsay. We still haven’t heard the story straight from the horse’s mouth, so the fact that Kim was locked in a bathroom could have been misinterpreted.

Kim Reportedly Didn’t Protect the Jewelry in a Safe

Not only has it been deemed outrageous that Kim would travel to Paris with jewelry worth $11 million but now she’s being quizzed as to why it wasn’t kept in a safe. Anyone with a right mind would protect valuable items by keeping them in a hotel safe rather than a jewelry box, right? Was Kim really that careless? We’re not talking hundreds and thousands here – we’re talking MILLIONS of dollars! Twitter users claim that some things aren’t adding up.

kim kardashian stolen ring
KimKardashian | Instagram

Kim’s Children Were Noticeably and Thankfully Absent

Some think that the Kardashian kids were absent for a reason. By the looks of recent photos, it seems Kim and Kanye left the children back in the U.S while they attended Paris Fashion Week. Sounds plausible. But some have gone as far as to say it was intentional. If the robbery was staged, people are pretty sure Kim wouldn’t have wanted North and Saint around…

Kim Didn’t Stay for the Investigation

After the incident, Kim immediately fled France on her private jet. The internet has even used this as a reason to debunk her story. If this was a serious case, they’re convinced she would have stayed in the country to help identify the culprits and solve the investigation…

She Heard the Gunmen Saying “Ring Ring”

It’s been reported that Kim didn’t understand what the gunmen were saying as they were talking in French. She did pick up on one word, though – “ring, ring”. It didn’t take long for people online to question why the gunmen would say that word in English, when apparently, they were communicating in French.

Kim Was Previously Attacked in Paris

What else sounds fishy to hundreds of readers online? Kim was attacked by notorious celebrity prankster, Vitalii Sediuk just last week. People have gone so far to say that she fed off the publicity this story gave her – so much to the point that she staged a more dramatic one a week later.

It doesn’t help that the ratings for Keeping Up With the Kardashians are falling. It’s not the first time the Kardashians have been blamed for setting up a publicity stunt. It’s a bit far-fetched to think they’ve arranged or made up this story. But hey, haters will go to all lengths to demonize the family.

There’s no telling whether this story is real or fake. As long as the media feeds off it, I guess we’ll never really know. If it is real, we sincerely feel sad for Kim and pray that she can get through the trauma. What do you think? Are you calling BS on the Kim Kardashian robbery? Leave a comment below:



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4 Responses

  1. Kim Kardashian Thomas Humphries West is an evil, sociopathic grifter & will lie in order to get press until the day she dies (most likely on a plastic surgeon’s operating table).

  2. So I know I’m like a years late but irc. First of all I am not a Kim fan or Kardashian-Jenner fan but I do watch their show bc I’m board in quarantine. We will never know if this was a stunt or if this really did happen. In my opinion there are thing that make sense and things that don’t. One as a previous comment said she had no scratches or bruises which is definitely a red flag. People also said why’d she leave why didn’t she stay. I would of left to my family was robbed and no if hers was real it was nothing to Kim’s. No one was there at my house when the robbery happened, but our police never came and my family couldn’t mentally stay there so we went to a hotel. So I don’t find that weird. I do in fact find the bathroom thing fishy, usually bathrooms lock from the inside so how couldn’t she leave. As for her carrying 11 million dollars of jewelry, well she was going to a fashion show so she needs accessories. And the ring thing I have no idea, but I do know the concierge, hope I spelled right, spoke English so she could help translate. And there are thing called motions and ring is a pretty easy English word. And her kids not being there why would they be she was going to a fashion show that her wouldn’t have gone to. If i was going to a fashion show and had nanny’s that could keep my kids in the US especially if they were as young as hers. Like I said some is fishy some is not in my opinion.

  3. YESSSSSSS IT WAS STAGED FOR SURE , I HAVE A FRIEND WHO LIVES IN PARIS AND SHE SAID MOST PARIS RESIDENTS WANT HER CHARGED FOR lieing to police over there their laws are leniant on this matter which is why she chose paris instead of usa , and you want to FRY JUSSIE SMOLLET THIS BOTCH IS JUST AS BAD , she cant lie to the police and rollerskate and yes she did it for her show just like she divorced kris humphry for the ratings

  4. I think the robbery could have easily been done as a stunt for ratings. I also think it’s interesting that she was tied up and gagged but didn’t have any marks on her face or wrists. She was seen in photographs hours/ days after the ordeal happened and there were no marks on her at all.

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